seven worlds

Seven Worlds, Seven Dimensions




“The phrase ‘through the seven Worlds of Maya’ refers to the seven globes of the planetary chain and the seven rounds, or the 49 stations of active existence that are before the ‘Spark’ or Monad, at the beginning of every ‘Great Life-Cycle’ or Manvantara. The ‘thread of Fohar’ is the thread of life.

“This relates to the greatest problem of philosophy – the physical an substantial nature of life. …

“’Life, like a dome of many-colored glass, stains the white radiance of Eternity’ – yet it is itself part and parcel of that Eternity, for life alone can understand life.

“What is that ‘Spark’ which ‘hangs from the flame?’ It is JIVA, the MONAD.” ~H. P. Blavatsky (upper case section quoted by her from The Secret Doctrine)

Through the Seven Worlds

While the rising of life through the seven kingdoms described in the quote may be accurate for the physical realm, it is not so for the spiritual. In the spiritual realm, at least since the Great Fall, it moves in the opposite direction. That is not the way it should be, but that is how it is. And frankly, I think if it is so in the spiritual realm, it is probably how it really happens in the physical one also.

The scientists of today generally agree with this description of how life progressed from the nonliving (stone and metal) to plants, animals, and finally man. Nonetheless, they have it wrong, especially when you consider the spiritual side of it.

Think of it this way. If you start out with a big batch of dough and a big batch of cherries, you make seven cherry pies, you cut each pie into quarters, then each quarter into two slices, which came first? Surely not the individual slices. Two slices didn’t become a quarter, four quarters a pie, etc. it happened the other way around. The same with those seven worlds. Continue reading “Seven Worlds, Seven Dimensions”

prince of this world

Prince of This World – The Demiurge

“It is not without a cause that Christ calls the Devil a Prince of this World, for he is so, according to the first Principle, according to the Kingdom of Wrath, and continues so to eternity. But he is not so according to the Kingdom of the four Elements and Stars; for if he had full power in that, then there would be no vegetative [fruit] nor living creatures upon the earth. He cannot master the exit of the four elements, for he is in the original, and there is a whole principle between; only when the constellations awaken the fierce Wrath of the Fire, in the Elementals, as in a tempestuous storm, then he is master juggler [in mischief,] and rejoices himself [therein.] Though indeed he has no power their neither, except it be permitted him from the anger of God then he is Hangman [or Executioner,] and execute the right as a servant, but not as a judge.

“H is Executioner in the Kingdom of this World; the stars are the council, and God is the King of the Land, and whoever departs from God, falls into the council of the stars, which run many upon the sword, … and is the Driver or Executioner.” ~Jacob Boehme

Prince of This World

Why would the devil be considered a prince of “this world”? Because the material world, the material universe, is his creation. As the Gnostic Demiurge, he created it from the realms of spirit created by the true God. But notice that the Devil is called Prince of the world, not King. As king, he could o as he pleases, but as a prince, he is limited to some degree by the laws and controls established by the real God.

Kingdom of Wrath

If you think that the material world is called the Kingdom of Wrath because God sends beings to it when He is angry, you are wrong. It is called the Kingdom of Wrath because, like The Prince of this World, the Demiurge, it is a place full of negative emotions, negative values, negative deeds. It is where anger happens. It is where jealousy happens. Fear and racism live here, and nowhere else. Likewise, death and disease are also exclusive to this dimension, and the second dimension below it which is even more material, more full of fear and wrath. Such things do not exist in the dimensions of spirit, the worlds created by the true God. Continue reading “Prince of This World – The Demiurge”

spiritual dimensions

Spiritual Dimensions of Beauty and Happiness

“Please have mercy on us, generous ruler. The messenger of the father heals souls, draws joy in all of us, and carries away sorrow. Lofty and limitless, where darkness never comes, all the monasteries and the dwelling places are great in beauty, for they are happy in the light and know no pain. Those who enter remain forever. No blow or torture ever reaches them. The clothing they wear no one made by hand. They shine with light, and no ants crawl in them. The green wreathes on their heads never lose color. Their bodies are unfamiliar with dead weight and don’t droop. Their limbs are not paralyzed. Heavy sleep never overtakes their souls, and deceptive dreams and delusions are unknown among them. In that land hunger and anguish are not known. There is no thirst. The waters of all its lakes give out a wondrous fragrance everywhere. No one knows floods and drowning. Their walk is quicker by far than lightning. In their bodies there is no sickness. The actions of all the dark powers leave them completely alone. Fear and horror do not live in those lands, nor does destruction. The trees don’t shake down their fruit. Decay is foreign to their fruit. Within and outdoors it is replete with brilliance, the gardens aromatic and no stray bricks or thorns. Those who ascend to those precincts and have knowledge will extol his manifestation.” ~Parthian Songs

Heals Souls

While it is not an unreasonable thing to say that the messenger of God heals souls, I think it is more accurate to say that he awakens souls. That is to say, he helps us awaken our own souls when we are ready to do so. If we are not ready, to try teaching us how would be a pointless waste of time.

The soul cannot be injured. It cannot be diseased. But it can be dormant and is when we are born into the material world. Why is uncertain, but probably because being sent spiraling down into matter is a traumatic experience. The soul is protected from too much trauma by being in a dormant state, similar to a coma when we fall to Earth.

Joy and Sorrow

The messenger does bring us joy and alleviate sorrow. Those are things of the mind, however, not the soul. By giving us hope, hope in a future world, our sorrow is relieved. By letting us glimpse the truth of the afterlife, we are given joy. Those glimpses often reach only the subconscious mind, yet that is enough to have an effect.

Dwelling Place of Beauty in Spiritual Dimensions

The quote makes it sound like these dwelling places for advanced spiritual people are monasteries in the physical world. While such monasteries may be as close as you can get to such a thing in the physical world, I think the song is referring to something beyond the physical.

The song says this dwelling place is full of beauty. From that alone, it could be a place in the material world. But it goes on to say those who dwell there are happy, in the light, and know no pain. There are no places in the physical realm that meets all of those conditions, all of the time. Only the spiritual dimensions can meet all of those conditions.

We are then told that those who dwell there stay forever. That is definitely not a place of matter. All matter is temporary. All worlds made of matter are temporary. You cannot stay forever in a place that is temporary.

While it is possible, at least from our point of view, for a physical place to have great beauty, it is never as great as that found in spiritual realms. While it is possible to be happy in the physical world, it pales in comparison to the happiness of the spirit and souls in the spiritual dimensions.

Clothed in Light

The clothing worn in this place is, according to the quote, not made by hand. That is a way of saying it is not cloth of matter that such clothing is made from. Spirits are clothed in light. It is not really clothing in the usual sense at all. It is an integral part of what they are. Their bodies are “unfamiliar with dead weight” because spirits have no weight. In spiritual dimensions, we occupy no space, no time. Those things don’t exist there. So you have no weight. You never need to diet! If you wish to change your appearance, you simply think about it.

Dark Powers Leave Them

The dark powers (devils, demons) operate in the realm of matter only. They can only function in the lower four dimensions. They cannot enter the higher spiritual dimensions. They have no control over being in those higher dimensions.

Visiting Spiritual Dimensions

These spiritual dimensions sound so good, it makes some want to go their immediately. There are those who even contemplate suicide so they leave the troubles of this realm, and move up to spiritual dimensions. To do that would be a great mistake. Not because suicide is such a great error, but because premature death is. If we want to go to spiritual dimensions after physical death, we have to prepare for it while still here. We have to live a spiritual life. We have to practice the techniques that allow us to send our soul up into those higher dimensions and bring some of that light and knowledge back with us. Bringing light into the physical world will help transform it. The physical realm is an error that must be corrected. We need to help the higher beings that dwell in spiritual dimensions to do that. Eventually, the physical dimension will become spirit again and become part of the spiritual dimensions as it was before the Great Fall. Then we can all live in beauty, happiness, and without pain.

music of the spheres

Music of the Spheres Singing to the Soul

“Many early instruments had seven strings, and it is generally conceded that Pythagoras was the one who added the eighth string to the lyre of Terpander. …

“The Pythagorans believed that everything which existed had a voice and that all creatures were eternally singing the praise of the creator. Man fails to hear these divine melodies because his soul is enmeshed in the illusion of material existence. When he liberates himself from the bondage of the lower world with its sense limitations, the music of the spheres will again be audible as it was in the Golden Age. Harmony recognizes harmony, and when the human soul regains its true estate it will not only hear the celestial choir but also join with it in an everlasting anthem of praise to that Eternal Good controlling the infinite number of parts and conditions of being.” ~Manly P. Hall

Seven or Eight Strings

Halls gives credit to Pythagoras for added the eighth string to a lyre that had always, like several other stringed instruments, had seven. He gives no reason for doing so, however. Permit me to do it for him.

Hall does say that seven was standard because of the popularity of seven in other things, especially spiritual ones. Seven colors in the rainbow, seven chakras, or energy centers, in the body, and so on. In fact, most people equate the frequent occurrence of seven in the Bible to those seven chakras. But Pythagoras was correct in adding an eighth. There are four energy centers in the spirit. Each is divided into two when the enter the physical body. That gives eight, not seven. So there are eight primary energy centers in the body, not seven. So why do so many believe it is seven? Because when asked to publicly reveal the hidden information in the mystery schools, the masters of those schools always supply incomplete information to those who are not official students.

A Singing All

There is, in a sense, singing everywhere. Singing is just rhythmic vibrations of the right frequencies to register on our ears. There are many sounds in the world that we don’t think of as music or singing. There are sounds that we ignore entirely. We are unaware that many of those sounds even exist. Birds and crickets chirping, tree leaves rustling in the wind and so many other sounds that we generally ignore. But there are other sounds, such as the vibrating of rocks, that happen at frequencies we can’t even hear. Yet they are sometimes rhythmic vibration and therefore singing.

Music of the Spheres

Not only is everything on Earth singing, in a way, but the planet itself sings (or vibrates) as it moves through space. It is accompanied by its brothers and sisters, the other planets of our solar system, to create a celestial choir. Then so must the sun and the other stars sing to themselves and to each other. The whole universe is singing. This is called the Music of the Spheres. Some say that the common chant of “Om” used in meditation and prayer is an imitation f the music of the spheres.

But even beyond these sounds of the physical universe, there must be sounds found only in the spiritual universe. They would be much different than those of the realm of matter. While everything in the spiritual world vibrates, as does matter, there is likely no tension or friction produced in that realm. Perhaps for that reason, the sound of the spiritual realm would be purer, clearer. It would truly be singing to our ears. This is the true music of the spheres.

Some people report that when they are engaging in certain spiritual development techniques to bring them closer to that realm, they can hear beautiful music with no physical source. Others may just sense a beautiful harmony or feel a pleasant vibration without hearing it. They are all lightly touching this true music of the spheres.

I say this is the true music of the spheres because the dimensions of reality are generally depicted as spheres within spheres like the layers of an onion or a nesting doll. I think it can be reasonably assumed that the music of the spheres is at its purest and most beautiful at the highest of the spheres—that which we call heaven—and gets weaker, or less pure, as it drops to lower and lower dimensions. We can assume that at the lowest dimension, where not even matter can exist, there is also no sound, no music of the spheres. So let’s rejoice that we live in the third dimension where is does exist, and we have the ability to slowly climb to higher dimensions, where it is pure.