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Sleeping Soul Must Awaken, and Soon

“Beloved reader, this is no jesting matter; he that accounteth it so, hath not tried it, neither hath he yet passed the Judgment; but his conscience is still asleep; and though it should be deferred to his latter days, which is very dangerous, yet he must pass through the Judgment or fiery trial. Happy is he that passeth through it in the time of his youth, before the Devil buildeth his fort of prey strong; he may afterwards prove a laborer in the heavenly vineyard. … This judgment continues a long while upon many a poor soul; several years, if he doth not earnestly and early put on the Armor of Christ, but stayeth til the judgment of tribulation.” ~Jacob Boehme

Sleeping Soul

Boehme says that in many of us the “conscience” is still sleeping. It is more accurate to say the spirit and soul are still sleeping. Many don’t realize that when we are born on the material plane, our body and mind awakens, but the spirit and soul do not. Our spiritual faculties do not like it here. It isn’t their realm, their land. So an effort must be made to awaken them.

Awaken That Sleeping Soul Now

Boehme further says that deferring your spiritual awakening until you are old and dying is “very dangerous”. It is dangerous because you can die at any age. Deciding to wait until you are old to awaken hose spiritual faculties often means you will never get it done. A second reason to not put it off is that awakening is just the first step on a long path. Your body and mind have to continue to grow and develop after you are born. Your awakened spirit has to continue to grow and develop also.

Mr. Boehme gives the third reason for getting it done. The more time you spend with your spiritual facilities dormant, the more the devil and the dark forces can control you. Boehme uses an excellent allegory when he calls it the Devil’s Fort. This “fort” is the false beliefs and false “knowledge” that you have been filled with by the dark ones and their materialistic agents. These mental filters are well-known to modern psychology. Everything, we see, hear, read, etc. is passed through these filters. Only that which is acceptable to them gets past those fort gates. Clearly, if you can break down the fort before it is tall and strong, the more likely you are to succeed. Continue reading “Sleeping Soul Must Awaken, and Soon”

Devil's Night, Monad and duad War Internal

Devil’s Night and Day of Light

“As in a gloomy black night a fierce wind blows, and stirs and searches and shakes all the plants and seeds, so when man falls under the power of the darkness of the devil’s night, and is in night and darkness, he is agitated by that dreadful wind of sin that blows, and is shaken and stirred, and searched through all his nature, his soul, his thoughts, his understanding; and all the limbs of his body are shaken, and no member of either soul or body escapes free and immune from the sin that dwelleth in us.

“In like manner there is a day of light and a divine wind of the Holy Ghost, which blows and refreshes the souls that are in the day of the light of God. It penetrates all the substance of the soul and its thoughts, and all the being and all the members of the body, refreshing and resting them with a divine, unspeakable rest. This is what the apostle declared when he said, We are not children of the night or of darkness, for ye are all the sons of light and the sons of day.

“And as yonder, in the state of error, the old man put on man as a complete whole, and wears the garment of the kingdom of darkness, the garment of blasphemy, unbelief, unconcern, vainglory, pride, avarice, lust, and all the other trappings of the kingdom of darkness …ragged, unclean, and abominable; … The Lord has clothed them with the clothing of the kingdom of ineffable light, the clothing of faith, hope, charity, of joy, peace, goodness, kindness, and all the other divine and living clothing of the light of life.” ~St. Macarius the Egyptian

Devil’s Night

We may not like to admit it, but we are all a part of the Devil’s Night. The realm of matter being the creation of the fallen angels, everything in it is, to some degree, under their control. Our brain-mind is attuned to this dimension and will be more likely to hear the dark ones speak to us than the angels.

Some of the things that make this the Devil’s Realm and the Devil’s Night include death, disease, greed, hatred, and jealousy. The need to kill and eat other life forms to survive is the mark of the Devil’s Night. Those of God live only on spiritual light (but don’t try to do that while you are trapped in a physical body).

Disease is another one. Many question why God would create such things. The answer is that he didn’t. The things that cause disease are entirely the creations of the Devil’s Night. And mental conditions like worry and shame that weaken our immune system and let the disease agents in re also Satan’s work. The good news is that there is another side to the coin. Continue reading “Devil’s Night and Day of Light”

Touched by God

Touched By God, Ensnared by Satan

“The soul was ensnared by the Devil, and brought into the lust of the flesh, and earthly desires; and so bound as it were with fetters and strong chains that it did not know what to do. It looked back a little into the world and the pleasures thereof, but still felt in itself a hunger after Divine Grace, and would rather enter into repentance and favor with God. For the Hand of God had touched and bruised it, and therefore it could rest nowhere. …
“The Soul being thus heavy and sad, and finding no remedy or rest, began to cast about where it might find a fit place to perform true repentance in, where it might be free from business, cares, and the hindrances of the World.” ~Jacob Boehme

Ensnared by Earthly Desires

The Devil does “ensnare” us and get us caught up in material concerns to keep us away from spiritual development, but one thing Boehme says must be corrected. It is not the soul, but the mind which listens to the Devil and his minions. By doing so, the brain/mind remains in control and the Divine Soul remains dormant (chained). Once the Soul is awakened, it seeks to know only God and to return to heaven (the spiritual realms), but the mind—or more accurately, the ego—doesn’t listen to it. So part of a good spiritual training is to discipline the mind and ego and get them to listen to the Soul. Continue reading “Touched By God, Ensnared by Satan”

Ego Consciousness

Finding God and Christ in You

“But as the devil would (in his fiery source [or property]) fly up above the Heart of God, and yet remains still in the four forms in the eternal nature in the darkness, so it is also with blind reason, which sits in the dark, and seeks God in the darkness.
“If you would find Him, seek Him in His source or property, which is everywhere; all is full of God, and He shines in the darkness; God is in your dark heart, though in another principle; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. The Holy Spirit of God is the key in the center: go out from the desire of the flesh, in a true earnest repentance, and put all of your will, reason, and thoughts into the mercy of God; and so the Word of God (viz. His beloved Heart) will get a form in you: and then you stand before the crib where Jesus is born: and then incline yourself towards the Child, and offer him your heart, and Christ will be born in you.” ~Jacob Boehme

The Devil and Darkness

When Boehme says that the Devil can “fly up above the Heart of God”, it should not be taken literally. It is not possible, in a physical sense, to be above the Heart of God, because Gods Heart is everywhere is physical terms, and is the highest of the high is spiritual terms. What Boehme is saying is that no matter how high Satan climbs, no matter how bright he tries to shine, no matter how hard he tries to pretend to be God, he isn’t God and remains the king of darkness. Boehme than gets to the point of this sentence by telling us that blind reason sits in the dark (with the devil) and therefore cannot find God because it is looking for Him in the wrong “place” or, more accurately, on the wrong level, the wrong frequency. Continue reading “Finding God and Christ in You”