Devil's trickery

Devil’s Trickery Controls Men and Women

The Devil’s Trickery

“When Adam and Eve (after the biting of the ‘apple’) beheld themselves, then they perceived the monstrous image and bestial form, and they felt in themselves the wrath of God, and the fierceness of the stars and elements, for they took notice of the stomach and guts, into which they had stuffed their earthly fruit which begun to take effect, and the saw their bestial shame; and then they lifted their minds towards Paradise, but they found it not, they ran trembling with fear. … Then came the voice of God, and called Adam, and said; ‘Adam, where art thou?’ And Adam said, ‘Here I am: and I am afraid, for I am naked.’ And the Lord said, ‘Who hath told thee that thou art naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I said unto thee, that thou shouldst not eat thereof?’ And he said, ‘The woman gave to me, and I did eat.’ And God said to unto the Woman, ‘Why hast thou done so?’ and she said, ‘The Serpent beguiled me, so that I did eat.

“Here it may be seen very plainly, that the devil has lost his angelic image; and comes now in the form of a serpent, with his murderous lying, and beguiles the Woman. Because he had not been able to overthrow Adam wholly, therefore, he set upon the Woman, and promises her wisdom and riches. The Devil mingled lies and truth together, and said, ‘She shall be as God;‘ but he meant, according to the kingdom of the world, … but Eve understood it to mean that she should continue in Paradise, in the Divine and pleasant Joy.” ~Jacob Boehme

The Fall of Adam and Eve

It is unfortunate that so many people interpret allegorical tales in the Bible and elsewhere in a literal way. In actual fact, it never says in the Bible that the forbidden fruit is an apple. If that were the case, why do apples not have such powers now? But it wasn’t an apple, pear, or even a pomegranate. It wasn’t any specific fruit that they ate. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is anything physical, anything part of the material world. So it simply means that they ate matter and thus began turning into matter and descended automatically into the world of matter (angels chasing them out of Paradise is another allegory meaning that the power of God’s Law pushed them down from Paradise into the fallen realm of matter created by the Devil’s Trickery. Exactly what type of matter they ate is irrelevant. They ate matter and so they became matter. You are what you eat.

Monstrous Image

Most of us know that after eating from the tree, Adam and Eve became aware that they were naked and his themselves with fig leaves. This is almost always interpreted as meaning they covered their genitals, just as most of us are required to do today. Yet Boehme and others of a more spiritual bend interpret it differently. Adam and eve were appalled at their “monstrous image and bestial form.” All of it, not just one small part. Boehm specifically mentions the stomach and gut. Those internal organs were new to them. When they were spirits, they had no use for a digestive system. When you live on God’s Light, you just absorb it and use it, you don’t have to digest it first. They found their new need to digest matter appalling.

Wrath of God

This is another expression taken way too literally. God didn’t get angry with Adam and Eve. God doesn’t get angry. He may have been disappointed, but not angry. Again, it was simply the automatic reaction of God’s Law that pushed them out of Paradise, and it is actually a good thing that it did, not a punishment. When they ate matter, they could no longer survive in a purely spiritual realm. Their fall into the world of matter saved their lives and gave them the possibility of redeeming themselves.

They Found it Not

Adam and Eve turned their minds to Paradise, but could no longer communicate with it. That is because they now had to rely on their physical brain-mind instead of their immortal Soul to guide them. It isn’t that they lost their Souls, but when they descended into matter, their spiritual faculties became dormant. These dormant faculties can be awakened, but one must make an effort to do so, and, of course, know how.

Lost His Angelic Image

Boehme says that the Devil lost his “Angelic Image” and now appeared as a serpent. While this is true in this case, it is also true that at times, the Devil can make himself look angelic and has appeared to many as an angel, as Jesus, or as Mary, and used his trickery to get them to do evil things because they thought they were listening to an angel or a saint. It is easy for the devil to trick those caught up in matter, but those who awaken spiritually can see through the Devil’s trickery.

Beguiles the Woman

Boehme says the Devil found he could not Control Adam with his Devil’s trickery as much as he wanted to, so he decided to try it on the woman. He found that his Devil’s trickery worked better on her than on Adam. Many interpret this to mean that women are weak-willed and need men to guide them, if not outright control them. But simply because the Devil’s trickery worked better on one particular woman than on one particular man does not mean that is true of all women, or even the majority. Neither does it mean that all men can successfully resist the Devil’s trickery. We see in the world today many men who have fallen deeply into the Devil’s trickery in the form of greed. We once knew that greed was one of the “deadly sins.” Know most think it is a mark of success. If we fill our houses with old newspapers, magazines, or china dolls, we are labeled hoarders and need psychiatric help, but if we hoard money, we are heroes. It seems the Devil’s trickery is alive and doing quite well in the modern world. Hopefully, that will change soon.


Beautiful Daughter, the Lion and the Dragon

“ The lion took my beautiful daughter. He seized her, dragged her into his lair with his great dragon. When she was in the pit, the lion screamed. His companions gathered. The dragon whistled and hissed. All the beasts gathered near him and roared. They hid from my daughter, roaring elsewhere, lest their powers diminish. So my cry calls up to the mighty one, who excels among the powers. I the son ask my father. My garment hangs on the universe, saying, if I have wronged the great lion, let him eat me now in his lair. If I’ve wronged the great dragon, let him swallow me here. But if I haven’t wronged the lion here in his midst, let me escape his lair and take my daughter from him. Father of us all . . . place the garment over us all. I pounded their nets; I cracked open their lair. I cast stones on it. I seized the great dragon and his consort I enmeshed them in a trap. I took my daughter from them and placed her high above them all. I hurled stones at their wheel till it collapsed under them, and my daughter and I destroyed all their nets. We drove the great lion and the dragon out of the cosmos, and we came to the village land of the just. They know it too. From the heart of a second lair I took my daughter into the land. They now are also happy. And it will happen soon just as the bride enters the bridal chamber.” ~The Coptic Manichaean Songbook

Lion and Dragon

This tale is definitely not meant to be taken literally. It is a pure allegory and filled with fairly obvious symbols. The lion, dragon, and beasts of the pit represent the Devil and demons of hell. The lair of the lion and dragon is hell.

The Beautiful Daughter

While on one level, the beautiful daughter could represent an innocent person, I think the symbol here is more specific. What the speaker is calling his Beautiful Daughter is symbolic of his Divine Soul. It is, after all, souls that the Devil wants to drag into the pits of hell (which is also allegorical). The Soul is beautiful because it is innocent and pure. It is spirit, not infected with matter and materialism. It has no desire for wealth or fame, but only to reunite with God. Continue reading “Beautiful Daughter, the Lion and the Dragon”

prince of this world

Prince of This World – The Demiurge

“It is not without a cause that Christ calls the Devil a Prince of this World, for he is so, according to the first Principle, according to the Kingdom of Wrath, and continues so to eternity. But he is not so according to the Kingdom of the four Elements and Stars; for if he had full power in that, then there would be no vegetative [fruit] nor living creatures upon the earth. He cannot master the exit of the four elements, for he is in the original, and there is a whole principle between; only when the constellations awaken the fierce Wrath of the Fire, in the Elementals, as in a tempestuous storm, then he is master juggler [in mischief,] and rejoices himself [therein.] Though indeed he has no power their neither, except it be permitted him from the anger of God then he is Hangman [or Executioner,] and execute the right as a servant, but not as a judge.

“H is Executioner in the Kingdom of this World; the stars are the council, and God is the King of the Land, and whoever departs from God, falls into the council of the stars, which run many upon the sword, … and is the Driver or Executioner.” ~Jacob Boehme

Prince of This World

Why would the devil be considered a prince of “this world”? Because the material world, the material universe, is his creation. As the Gnostic Demiurge, he created it from the realms of spirit created by the true God. But notice that the Devil is called Prince of the world, not King. As king, he could o as he pleases, but as a prince, he is limited to some degree by the laws and controls established by the real God.

Kingdom of Wrath

If you think that the material world is called the Kingdom of Wrath because God sends beings to it when He is angry, you are wrong. It is called the Kingdom of Wrath because, like The Prince of this World, the Demiurge, it is a place full of negative emotions, negative values, negative deeds. It is where anger happens. It is where jealousy happens. Fear and racism live here, and nowhere else. Likewise, death and disease are also exclusive to this dimension, and the second dimension below it which is even more material, more full of fear and wrath. Such things do not exist in the dimensions of spirit, the worlds created by the true God. Continue reading “Prince of This World – The Demiurge”

seed of evil

Seed of Evil Will Be Uprooted

“As long as the seed of evil is hidden, wickedness is ineffectual, but it has not yet been removed from the midst of the seed of the holy spirit. Everyone is a slave of evil. But when the seed is revealed, the perfect light will flow out on everyone. And all those who are in the light will receive the chrism. Then the slaves will be free and the captives ransomed.

“Every plant that my heavenly father has not planted will be uprooted. Those who are separated will be joined and filled. Everyone who enters the bridal chamber will kindle the light, for it burns just as in marriages performed, though they happen at night. That fire burns only at night and is put out. Yet the mysteries of this marriage are perfected rather in the day and the light. Neither that day nor its light ever sets.

“If you become an attendant of the bridal chamber, you will receive the light. If you do not receive it while in those places, you cannot receive it in the other place. You who receive the light will not be seen nor detained. And no one will be able to torment you even while you live in the world. And when you leave the world you have already received the truth in the images. The world has become the eternal realm,90 because the eternal realm is fullness for you. This is the way it is. It is revealed to you alone, not hidden in the darkness and the night but in a perfect day and a holy light.” ~Gospel of Philip

Seed of Evil

The seed of evil could be the Devil or Demiurge, the creator of the realm of matter and illusion. It could also be said that the seed of evil is ignorance because when we truly know God and the Universe, we know that doing evil deeds always harms us more than others, even when it doesn’t seem so at the time. I don’t understand why the Gospel says that “ wickedness is ineffectual” when the seed is hidden. I think this line was probably mistranslated. The work of the Devil and the demons is most effective when they are hidden or when people do not believe in them. It is like being trapped in an invisible cage. You think you are free when you are completely being manipulated. At least those who believe in the seed of evil can question where dome ideas are coming from and refuse to act when they realize it is a demon.

Slaves of Evil

We are slaves of evil only because most of us do not even realize the evil one, the seed of evil, is manipulating us, individually or as groups. Even those who are aware are restricted in what they can do by the vast majority who are enslaved so, to a lesser degree, even they are slaves of evil. For example, you get hired to do a job. You know, as a somewhat awakened person, that what is important is that you do your job to best serve man and God. Your employer, however, is only concerned with maximizing profit, and directs you accordingly.

Plants not Planted

What could Philip mean by this? Does it mean that God only wants wild plants? Does that mean that planting gardens is wrong, part of the seed of evil? No, that’s no it, though I’m sure many would interpret it that way.

The plants not planted by God is everything that was not created by God. That means the entire physical universe which was created by the Demiurge. That is why the realm of matter is defective; full of death, disease, and destruction.

So the physical universe will be “uprooted”. That process is already underway. But it doesn’t mean the physical world will be destroyed, unless you look at it with the view of a materialist. The physical dimension will be gradually raised to higher and higher frequencies until it becomes spiritual, as it was before the Demiurge changed it. He didn’t truly create the physical realm but converted some of the spiritual dimensions into physical matter. We can be agents of the seed of evil and try to stop or delay that process, or we can be agents of God and help the process. The choice is ours.

Attendant of the Bridal Chamber

Gnostic and other spiritual literature often refers to this conversion of the realm of matter, as well as the awakening of the soul, as entering a bridal chamber. This does not mean it is related to sex. It means it is a rejoining with God. The seed of evil doesn’t want us to do that. We should anyway.

Becoming an attendant of the bridal chamber means that we are among those helping God in His Great Plan to reclaim the physical universe and bring it back into the fold. This is not something that will happen overnight, but the process will be faster and smoother if a large percent of us cooperate. That is why we should be attendants in that bridal chamber.

The light comes only to those who are attendants, who aid God and not the seed of evil. This is not ordinary light the quote refers to, but spiritual light. This spiritual light come to us through the spiritual sun and is the light that awakens and nourishes the soul. So naturally, that light is sent to those who aid God, but not those who side with the seed of evil.