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Prince of This World – The Demiurge

“It is not without a cause that Christ calls the Devil a Prince of this World, for he is so, according to the first Principle, according to the Kingdom of Wrath, and continues so to eternity. But he is not so according to the Kingdom of the four Elements and Stars; for if he had full power in that, then there would be no vegetative [fruit] nor living creatures upon the earth. He cannot master the exit of the four elements, for he is in the original, and there is a whole principle between; only when the constellations awaken the fierce Wrath of the Fire, in the Elementals, as in a tempestuous storm, then he is master juggler [in mischief,] and rejoices himself [therein.] Though indeed he has no power their neither, except it be permitted him from the anger of God then he is Hangman [or Executioner,] and execute the right as a servant, but not as a judge.

“H is Executioner in the Kingdom of this World; the stars are the council, and God is the King of the Land, and whoever departs from God, falls into the council of the stars, which run many upon the sword, … and is the Driver or Executioner.” ~Jacob Boehme

Prince of This World

Why would the devil be considered a prince of “this world”? Because the material world, the material universe, is his creation. As the Gnostic Demiurge, he created it from the realms of spirit created by the true God. But notice that the Devil is called Prince of the world, not King. As king, he could o as he pleases, but as a prince, he is limited to some degree by the laws and controls established by the real God.

Kingdom of Wrath

If you think that the material world is called the Kingdom of Wrath because God sends beings to it when He is angry, you are wrong. It is called the Kingdom of Wrath because, like The Prince of this World, the Demiurge, it is a place full of negative emotions, negative values, negative deeds. It is where anger happens. It is where jealousy happens. Fear and racism live here, and nowhere else. Likewise, death and disease are also exclusive to this dimension, and the second dimension below it which is even more material, more full of fear and wrath. Such things do not exist in the dimensions of spirit, the worlds created by the true God. Continue reading “Prince of This World – The Demiurge”

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Seed of Evil Will Be Uprooted

“As long as the seed of evil is hidden, wickedness is ineffectual, but it has not yet been removed from the midst of the seed of the holy spirit. Everyone is a slave of evil. But when the seed is revealed, the perfect light will flow out on everyone. And all those who are in the light will receive the chrism. Then the slaves will be free and the captives ransomed.

“Every plant that my heavenly father has not planted will be uprooted. Those who are separated will be joined and filled. Everyone who enters the bridal chamber will kindle the light, for it burns just as in marriages performed, though they happen at night. That fire burns only at night and is put out. Yet the mysteries of this marriage are perfected rather in the day and the light. Neither that day nor its light ever sets.

“If you become an attendant of the bridal chamber, you will receive the light. If you do not receive it while in those places, you cannot receive it in the other place. You who receive the light will not be seen nor detained. And no one will be able to torment you even while you live in the world. And when you leave the world you have already received the truth in the images. The world has become the eternal realm,90 because the eternal realm is fullness for you. This is the way it is. It is revealed to you alone, not hidden in the darkness and the night but in a perfect day and a holy light.” ~Gospel of Philip

Seed of Evil

The seed of evil could be the Devil or Demiurge, the creator of the realm of matter and illusion. It could also be said that the seed of evil is ignorance because when we truly know God and the Universe, we know that doing evil deeds always harms us more than others, even when it doesn’t seem so at the time. I don’t understand why the Gospel says that “ wickedness is ineffectual” when the seed is hidden. I think this line was probably mistranslated. The work of the Devil and the demons is most effective when they are hidden or when people do not believe in them. It is like being trapped in an invisible cage. You think you are free when you are completely being manipulated. At least those who believe in the seed of evil can question where dome ideas are coming from and refuse to act when they realize it is a demon.

Slaves of Evil

We are slaves of evil only because most of us do not even realize the evil one, the seed of evil, is manipulating us, individually or as groups. Even those who are aware are restricted in what they can do by the vast majority who are enslaved so, to a lesser degree, even they are slaves of evil. For example, you get hired to do a job. You know, as a somewhat awakened person, that what is important is that you do your job to best serve man and God. Your employer, however, is only concerned with maximizing profit, and directs you accordingly.

Plants not Planted

What could Philip mean by this? Does it mean that God only wants wild plants? Does that mean that planting gardens is wrong, part of the seed of evil? No, that’s no it, though I’m sure many would interpret it that way.

The plants not planted by God is everything that was not created by God. That means the entire physical universe which was created by the Demiurge. That is why the realm of matter is defective; full of death, disease, and destruction.

So the physical universe will be “uprooted”. That process is already underway. But it doesn’t mean the physical world will be destroyed, unless you look at it with the view of a materialist. The physical dimension will be gradually raised to higher and higher frequencies until it becomes spiritual, as it was before the Demiurge changed it. He didn’t truly create the physical realm but converted some of the spiritual dimensions into physical matter. We can be agents of the seed of evil and try to stop or delay that process, or we can be agents of God and help the process. The choice is ours.

Attendant of the Bridal Chamber

Gnostic and other spiritual literature often refers to this conversion of the realm of matter, as well as the awakening of the soul, as entering a bridal chamber. This does not mean it is related to sex. It means it is a rejoining with God. The seed of evil doesn’t want us to do that. We should anyway.

Becoming an attendant of the bridal chamber means that we are among those helping God in His Great Plan to reclaim the physical universe and bring it back into the fold. This is not something that will happen overnight, but the process will be faster and smoother if a large percent of us cooperate. That is why we should be attendants in that bridal chamber.

The light comes only to those who are attendants, who aid God and not the seed of evil. This is not ordinary light the quote refers to, but spiritual light. This spiritual light come to us through the spiritual sun and is the light that awakens and nourishes the soul. So naturally, that light is sent to those who aid God, but not those who side with the seed of evil.

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The Matrix of Matter Matters Less Than Spirit

“If the Devil had been created out of the wrathful matrix, for and in Hell, and had not had the Divine Essence, he could have no pain in hell. But he, being created for and in Heaven, and yet having stirred up the Source or Property of Darkness in himself, and thereby brought himself totally into Darkness, therefore the Light is now a pain to him; that is, it causes an everlasting Despair of God’s Grace, and a continual Enmity to God; because God cannot endure him in Himself, but hath cast him out.

“Therefore, the Devil is angry and wrathful against his own Mother, of those essence and substance he hath his original, viz. Eternal Nature. … And seeing he would not bear his part in promoting the Divine Joy, in and for which he was created, therefore he must now do the contrary, and be an enemy to all goodness.” ~Jacob Boehme

Wrathful Matrix of Matter

We have nearly all hear of the Matrix. If not the spiritual version, then at least the movie version starring Keanu Reeves. But what is the wrathful matrix of matter? Boehme gives it that name out of the idea that it was created by the wrath of God. But it wasn’t created by God’s anger, but by a violation of God’s Law. When you stick your hand in fire, you get burned. That is not because the fire is angry with you.

Perhaps what Boehme meant is that the world created by the fallen angels is a world of wrath because of the horrors that happen in it. We are talking, of course, about the world of matter. A world of death, disease, and a dog-eat-dog attitude is indeed a wrathful one.

The Devil’s Creation

Boehme is saying that the devil, having been created in Heaven, is angry now that he has been banished from that realm. If Lucifer had been created on Earth, in the Wrathful Matrix of matter, he wouldn’t be so angry about not being in Heaven anymore. He would have no reason to miss heaven because he would not remember what being there was like. Satan is a different story. He is actually the son of Lucifer, not another name for the same being. And having never been to heaven, Satan has no great desire to go there.

The Times Are Changing

Boehme says “the Devil”, that is Lucifer, lives in “ everlasting Despair of God’s Grace”. That was true for a great many years. Satan has no wish to return to heaven since he has no memory of ever being there. His father, Lucifer is a different story.

It didn’t take long after The Fall for Lucifer to regret his actions in causing it and getting kicked out of Heaven as a result. For many centuries, he dreamed of returning to heaven, but couldn’t face the karmic debt he would have to pay to do so. We are now in the End Times and that has changes. Lucifer has decided the karmic debt is worth paying if it gets him back into heaven. He has, therefore, began paying that debt so he can live in Heaven again. But that doesn’t leave us without a Devil. Satan has that role, and he is worse than his father since he has no regrets about not being in heaven.

Not a History Lesson

But Jacob Boehme is not a historian. He doesn’t wish to give us lessons in the history of creation. He tells this story as a cautionary tale. It is a warning for us to not make the same mistakes Lucifer made, and the ongoing mistakes of his son, Satan.

We are in the matrix of matter. That is something we cannot deny. We just have to make the best of it. But making the best of it doesn’t mean rejection the spiritual entirely and becoming complete materialists. That is, in essence, hat Satan has done. We have to function in the physical world, but we don’t have to embrace it like a lover. Our spirits and souls are the real Us, the eternal Us. We need to embrace them and work on their development while still trapped in the world of matter. You don’t become an expert mountain climber by learning how to swim. You don’t prepare for heaven by learning materialism.

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Element of Spirit in a World of Matter

“Adam was created out of the Element, out of the attracting of the Heart of God, which is the Will of the Father, and therein is the Virgin of the divine Virtue. … The Fierceness of the Devil would fain have dwelt in the Heart of God and have domineered over it, and have opened a Center there, which the Fierceness without the Light cannot do; for every center was generated and opened with the Kindling of the Light. …

“And when the Light of the Sun appeared in the fierce Harshness, then the Harshness became thin and sweet, even Water, and the Fierceness in the fire-flash was extinguished, …Thus the evil Child pants after the Mother, and would get to be in the Mother in the Element, and yet cannot reach her. … The Spirit of the Stars and Elements would continually get again into the Element; for in the element there is Meekness.” ~Jacob Boehme

The Element

The Element of Jacob Boehme is not earth, air, water or fire. It isn’t even the allegorical meaning of those elements on the material plane: solid, liquid, gas, energy. Adam was not a being of matter until the Great Fall. God created him as a spiritual being. Therefore, the Element Boehme speaks of is spiritual in nature. We can call it the creative force of God, the thoughts of God, or the imagination of God. The important thing to understand is that it is spiritual.

Divine Virgin

Here again Boehme is saying something that doesn’t match conventional Christian thought. The virgin here is not Mary, the mother of Jesus. It is another reference to that creative power of God. Since God creates beings without he use of sex, the creative power can be called the Divine Virgin. It can also be a reference to Sophia, the Gnostic Goddess of Wisdom which is not a separate being from God, but a part of Him.

The Fierceness and Harshness

The Fierceness of Boehme might be called the ego of the Devil. The Devil was Jealous of God’s creative power and wanted to be able to use it. He wanted to get into the Heart of God. But he really couldn’t He didn’t have the most important ingredient for creation: the Light. So without light, what he created became the Harshness, the realm of matter.

Matter is harsh because in it things, suffer, grow old, and die. In the realm of matter, beings must kill and eat other beings to survive. That is about as much harshness as possible. That is the realm of Satan. Continue reading “Element of Spirit in a World of Matter”