Nature creator

Nature Creator, the Demiurge, or Fohat

Fohat is closely related to the ‘ONE LIFE,’ from the Unknown One, the Infinite Totality, the manifested One, … and this is the Universal Mind, which, separated from its Fountain-Source, is the Demiurgos or the creative Logos of the Western Kabalists, and the four-faced Brahma of the Hindu religion. … In its totality, viewed from the standpoint of manifested Divine Thought in the esoteric doctrine, it represents the Hosts of the higher creative Dhyan Chohans. …

“The Solar System, brought into existence by these agencies,consists of Seven Principles, like everything else within these centers. Such is the teaching of the trans-Himalayan Esotericism. …

“Fohat, then, is the personified electric vital power, the transcendental binding Unity, … The action of which resembles that of a living force created by Will.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

The Nature Creator

In the quoted passage, Fohat is the creator of Nature, or the physical universe. Blavatky is correct in associating this Force-Being with the Demiurge. The Logos, however, is something else. Reading the description, it is hard to tell if she is describing God, or the false god called the Demiurge. That is not surprising. The Demiurge has many of the same powers of the real God, but not all. That is why his creation, the physical universe, is seriously flawed.

In the realms of the real God, there is no death, no disease, no hate, no darkness, no time or space. Those things do exist in the realm of the Demiurge because it is flawed. It is like a cancer growing on the realms of God that needs to be removed or cured.

Whether you call this being Demiurge or Fohat doesn’t matter. What matters is that you understand that he is not the true God. Continue reading “Nature Creator, the Demiurge, or Fohat”


Demiurge and the Gnostics

“The Gnostics were divided in their opinions concerning the Demiurgus, or creator of the lower worlds.

He established the terrestrial universe with the aid of six sons, or manations (possibly, the planetary Angels) which he formed out of, and yet within, himself. As stated before, the Demiurgus was individualized as the lowest creation out of the substance called pleroma. One group of the Gnostics was of the opinion that the Demiurgus was the cause of all misery and was an evil creature, who by building this lower world had separated the souls of men from truth by encasing them in mortal vehicles. The other sect viewed the Demiurgus as being divinely inspired and merely fulfilling the dictates of the invisible Lord. Some Gnostics were of the opinion that the Jewish God, Jehovah, was the Demiurgus.” ~Manly P. Hall

Gnostics and the Demiurge

It is possible that different Gnostic groups had different beliefs about the nature of the Demiurge. It is also possible that historians have misunderstood the teachings since they admit that most knowledge of such groups was destroyed by the state-approved Christian church.

In any case, it seems that they all agreed that this Demiurge who created the lower realms or realms of matter is not the true God, but a lower level being. Not much lower, obviously, if e had the power to create an entire universe of matter, but still not the real God. Continue reading “Demiurge and the Gnostics”

Universal agent, Sun Quality, Heaven's Key

Sun Quality Giving Life to Body and Spirit

“They think only how to fill themselves and multiply, that their lie may subsist; and we also receive no more from the Spirit of the Stars and the Elements. And therefore also our children are naked and bare, with great inability, and without understanding, and now if the Spirit of this World had absolute power over the Essences of the child, then he would easily put his rough garment upon it also but he must let them alone: and he must leave the Essences in the first and second principle, to man’s own choosing, to bind and yield himself to which principle he will. …

“Our life in the Mother’s Body has its beginning wholly … in the quality of the Sun and the Stars, where then, with the kindling of the Light, a center springs up again, where instantly the noble tincture thus generates itself out of the Light.” ~Jacob Boehme

Spirit of the Stars

We think of humans and animals as having spirits, but not things like planets and stars. The Native Americans have it right when they say that everything has a spirit.

When Boehme says materialistic people no longer receive from the Spirit of the Stars, he means that we have cut ourselves off from those great spiritual powers and sources of energy. If we open ourselves up to the spiritual energy, it will flow in us again. It is not that the energy isn’t there anymore. We are the ones refusing to tune into it.

And when talking about the energy and the spirit of the stars, do not forget that from our location, the greatest and most important star is the sun. So if we wish to take in that energy we must take in the Light of the spiritual Sun. That light is the only thing that can awaken our dormant spirits and souls.

Our Naked Children

Boehme is not saying that our children are literally naked and bare. Not that there is anything wrong with being nude, but that isn’t what he means. They are naked not because they lack clothing, but because they lack an awakened spirit and soul. In the opinion of Boehme, trying to live in the world “naked” of spirit and soul is like being physically nude in the dead of winter. It is generally not a wise thing to do, at least not all the time. We might get away with being outside in the snow like some Spartan athlete for a short while, but we will eventually freeze to death. And the person who is spiritually nude will also survive only one short physical life, then be gone. The person who “dresses” in an awakened spirit and soul survives way beyond the death of the physical body. Continue reading “Sun Quality Giving Life to Body and Spirit”

afterthought, manifest, twofold constitution, Creation

Creation of Light, Creation of Matter and Death

“About creation, I wish to confess that our Lord God is the creator and author, but not of all elements of the world, which are impotent and empty, and as Paul said in Galatians, ‘how can you now turn back to the impotent and empty elements under which you suffer a new slavery?’ …
“Even less can we admit that our lord is the creator and author of death, and of the things that are, by their essence, in death, because, as it is written in the book of Wisdom, ‘God has not made death, and he does not rejoice at the loss of the living.’ There exists, then, with no doubt whatsoever, another creature of factor, who is the principle and cause of death.” ~The Book of the Two Principles

Creation of Matter

If a miner takes iron ore out of the ground and later that iron is used to make a gun, would the miner be considered a murderer if that gun was used to kill? Of course not. If a child pornographer makes photos using a Canon camera, is Canon guilty of child pornography? Certainly not.

Yet many say that since God created the raw materials of the Cosmos, He is therefore creator of all. God is, by their logic, responsible for all that happens with that raw material. They say there can be no evil, for that would make God the creator of evil. There can be no sin, for that would make God the creator of sin.

But God didn’t create sin, evil, or matter. He created the spiritual worlds and the spiritual Light. There is no evil in that Light. There is no sin in that Light. There is no death in that Light.

It was another who created matter, and all the evils that come with it. Whether you call this being Lucifer, Satan, or the Demiurge doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you understand that this lesser being, this self-acclaimed god, is the creator of matter. As the creator of matter, this so-called god is also creator of disease, strife, and death. The real God is not. Continue reading “Creation of Light, Creation of Matter and Death”