Archons and the Demiurge

“In his arrogance, Yaldeboath decides that he is the most powerful being in the universe and he declares himself to be the only God. The Demiurge then goes on to create the physical world, together with various archons, heavens and powers. Some of these are thought to belong to the 365 days of the year and others to the seven days of the week. Yet others seem to be more personal, for they deal with emotional and mystic forces.

“The Apocryphon is incredibly detailed as to the creation of man. The Archons, as we have seen elsewhere, attempt to creat a man, They fail to give him life, however, since they cannot make him move until Sophia tricks Yaldeboath into breathing his essence of the Light into man, allowing him to become a living being. Finally comes the creation story of Genesis with its episode in the garden: Adam and Eve eat of the “Tree of Knowledge” and are cast out.

“It is an interesting exercise to deconstruct the myth simply to understand the culture and thinking which gave birth to it. …

“First we have Unity in the Light; then duality in the pairing; recognition of the Three in the Trinity; four within the creative soup and so on. If we allow it to, this can take us into the hidden significance of numbers.” ~Bernard Simon

The Demiurge Declares Himself God

This is the start of everything going wrong. Whether you think of the Demiurge as a single being, or as a group name for the fallen angels led by Lucifer makes little difference. When he/they decided in their arrogance that they were equal to the true God, they crossed a line that should never have been crossed. The decision that they were equal to God meant that they had no reason to operate within the Laws of God, but could make up their own rules. They then decide that they could create a universe of their own, with their laws, and where they ruled. That is the start of the physical universe of death, disease, and destruction. Yaldabaoth, the Demiurge, is the jealous god, the angry,destructive god. He is not the real God, not the God that Jesus called Father.

Archons, Heavens, and Powers

Simon says that, according to the Gnostic “myth,” the Demiurge created Archons, heavens, and powers. This is being put into the language that people of the distant path could understand. Today we might say that with the creation of the physical universe, Yaldeboath also created various forces, energies, and powers. Some of these forces do good, others are destructive. In Cosolargy, we recognize that there are forces that tend to pull us further down into matter and complete materialism. But there are also forces that try to pull us up to the higher levels of being, the spiritual levels. We can just be like a piece of driftwood being pulled hither and yon by those forces, or we can choose to help those forces that we want to pull on us. Hopefully, that is the spiritual forces trying to save us, and not the destructive forces trying to destroy us. As the old Native American legend of the Two Wolves says, the wolf you feed is the one that wins.

Creation of Man

I think the Apocryphal creation of man as given in the quote is intended to be allegorical, not literal. Either way, I don’t think it is accurate. We know that man existed before the fall into matter, otherwise, there would have been nothing to fall. What the Archons and the Demiurge created was a physical body for man. But we existed long before that as purely spiritual beings. In any case, this tells us that not only was the physical universe a creation of the Demiurge and his Archons, so was man in his physical form. Fortunately, however, we are not just physical beings. We have a spirit and soul. That gives us the power, should we choose to use it, to reverse the process and become beings of pure spirit again.

Tree of Knowledge

There is much misunderstanding with regard to Adam and Eve and the eating of the forbidden “fruit”. I really don’t know how so many jumped to the conclusion that this forbidden fruit was a simple apple, yet today many believe that is what it was. Why should a simple apple have been the forbidden fruit?

First, the full name of the tree was the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. It is important that the full name is used if we are to understand why it was forbidden. Knowledge is a great thing, but knowledge of evil is not. You don’t teach people how to make bombs with the expectation that doing so will make them peaceful. You don’t teach people how to use a sword with the idea that they will ten grow flowers. You teach such things so they become warriors. And learning knowledge of good and evil meant that some would become evil. That is why it was forbidden. Not because a dictatorial God liked to create arbitrary restrictions.

This Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was the source of physical light, a sun much like the one we have now. That light carried knowledge just as light now carries knowledge. And that light triggered the process that made Adam and Eve become physical beings. This was the gift of the Demiurge and his Archons.

treader upon the serpent

Treader Upon the Serpent of Materialism

“Now then, if we consider the miserable Fall of Adam and Eve, we need not to run long after the mad Antichrist, to learn wisdom from him; he has none. Let us only consider ourselves, and compare the heavenly and earthly images one with the other, and so we shall see the whole root and ground thereof: We have no need of a Doctor, nor of any strange language about it, it stands written in our Body and Soul; and when we see it, it terrifies us so much, that we tremble at it, As Eve and Adam did in their Fall.

“And if we do not come to know the Treader upon the Serpent in the mark of the partition, in the gate of the deep, between the world and the kingdom of hell, then we see nothing else but misery and death, which might well awaken us from sleep.

“Do not behold thyself, thou blind mind, and consider thyself, where is thy angelic form in thee? Why are thou so angry, stern, and malicious? Wherefore does thou elevate thyself in thy wickedness, in pride, in might, and pomp, and boasts thyself a brave and potent beast? … Wherefore hast thou let the spirit of this world into thee, which seduces thee into high mindedness, into proud stoutness, into covetousness and lying, into falsehood and treachery?” ~Jacob Boehme

The Miserable Fall

The fall of Adam and Eve is not specific to them. They represent all of humanity. We have all fallen into the dimension of matter. This dimension was not created by the true God, the God of Spirit and Light, but by the fallen angels, the Demiurge of Gnostic scripture.

Albert Einstein said we cannot solve a problem using the same mentality that created it. So Boehme correctly advises us that we cannot expect help from the Antichrist (Demiurge) in gaining the wisdom we need to get out of this prison of matter. The owner and operator of the prison doesn’t help the prisoners escape. Turning to the Demiurge for spiritual advice is like turning to a prairie dog in the desert for swimming lessons. What that all means is that if we want to escape the prison of matter and climb up to the dimensions of spirit, we need to get advice from spiritual beings that are in those higher dimensions. We start by looking within ourselves and awakening our sleeping soul. Continue reading “Treader Upon the Serpent of Materialism”

two Gods

Two Gods of Gnosticism, the Real and the False

“The personal creator who appears in genesis does not possess the characteristics of the ultimate, transcendental ‘ground of being’ of which many mystics of man religions speak. If the God of Genesis has any reality at all, it must be a severely limited reality, one characterized by at least some measure of foolishness and blindness. While the concept of two Gods is horrifying to the monotheistically conditioned mind, it is not illogical or improbable. Modern theologians, particularly Paul Tillich, have boldly referred to ‘the God above God’. Tillich introduced the term ‘ground of being’ as alternative language to express the divine. The ideas of the old Gnostics seem not so outdated after all.

“The noted scholar of Gnosticism, G. Filoramo, wrote: Jung’s reflections had long been immersed in the thought of the ancient Gnostics to such an extent that he considered them the virtual discoverers of ‘depth psychology’. …

“In the light of such recognition one may ask: ‘Is Gnosticism a religion or a psychology?’ The answer is that it may very well be both.” ~Stephan Hoeller

The God of Genesis

It has long been a problem for many Christians that the God of Genesis seems to be nothing like the loving “Father” described by Jesus. They generally get the answer that God is very complex and beyond human understanding. This is unsatisfying to many, but others accept it.

But then those Christian who actually read and contemplate what the Bible says find that the differences between the old testament and the new are so profound that they wonder why both are in one book. The God of the Old Testament demands sacrifice, gets, jealous, throws tantrums like a spoiled child, etc. This is not at all like the loving, forgiving, and tolerant Father God Jesus taught of.

Two Gods of Gnosticism

The Gnostics have a solution to this dilemma. In my opinion, the only solution that works and is logical. That solution is this: The God of the material world described in Genesis is not the same being as the God of the spiritual worlds that Jesus, Buddha, and other great spiritual teachers taught about. The Gnostics call this lower God, or false god, the Demiurge. This lower god is also the group of fallen angels led by Lucifer. The realm of matter is not true creation, it is just a distortion of the permanent realms of spirit. The “god” that created it is not the real God.

The real God does not get jealous. What would He get jealous of? Only the false god gets jealous? The real God is pure spirit and stays out of the realm of matter to avoid pollution of His purity. Yet he still holds sway in this dimension and doesn’t allow the Demiurge a completely free hand. He is patient, but His patience is not limitless. Many believe that it is, but they are wrong. Continue reading “Two Gods of Gnosticism, the Real and the False”

God is good

God is Good, and Only Good

“It follows that the true God is called all powerful by the sages, in everything he does, has done, or will do in the future, but that those who think accurately cannot call him all powerful with regard to his supposed power that he might have to exert and that he has never exerted, that he never will exert, with regard to creating a god of evil. As for the argument that says that if he does not do it …

“Since God is not powerful in evil, nor has the power to appear to be evil, we must believe firmly that there is another principle, which is he who is powerful in evil. From him come all evils that have been, that are, and that will be. About him David surely wanted to speak when he said, ‘Why do you glorify yourself in your malice, you who are powerful only for committing an iniquity? Your language has contemplated injustice. You have sharpened your razor to let trickery sneak in. You have more evil than good, and you have preferred a language of iniquity to that of justice.’ And Saint John says in Revelation: The great dragon, the ancient snake, who is called devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole, lived in the world and was flung down to earth. And Christ in the Gospel of Luke has said: The seed is the word of God. The ones on the side of the road are those who heard. Then comes the devil, who takes away the word from their heart” ~The Book of the Two Principles

God is Good

It seems obvious to say that God is good, yet some people don’t seem to know that. Their confusion is understandable. They wonder how God could be good when there is obviously much evil in the world. The Gnostics seem to be the only ones who have a logical answer, yet they have been largely ignored. God is good and only good. He can’t be sometimes good and sometimes evil. While it is true that humans who are considered good can still have a bit of evil in them, such is not true when we get to the level of God or even angels and Beings of Light. God must be either all good, all the time, or not really good at all. At that level of being, it is all or nothing. But again, there is clearly evil in the world.

The answer is that the worlds of matter are not the creation of God. They are created by a lesser being known to Gnostics as the Demiurge.

Demiurge Is Not All Evil

One might think that following the same logic, if the real God is pure good, then the false god must be pure evil. But that isn’t the case. The Demiurge is a lesser being, not at the same level as God. The absolutes of God don’t apply at the lower level. So while we understandably see the Demiurge as evil, he isn’t pure evil. In fact, I don’t think he ever intended to do evil.

When the Demiurge created the dimension of matter, I don’t believe he thought of it as evil. It was only after the mistake was made that he realized what a mess he had created. A land of beings and things that are constantly being destroyed and replaced by others. A land where beings have to survive by eating other beings. This was a complete horror to him. It wasn’t his intention at all. It happened that way only because he wasn’t truly God, and so his creations had unintended flaws.

Yet just as the courts of today say that ignorance of the law is no excuse, ignorance of defying the laws of God doesn’t forgive what the Demiurge did. He created a place full of evil, thus making him the god of evil whether he intended that or not.

Another Principle

The quote says this god of evil is “another principle”. Not another being, another principle. I think the point it is trying to make is that if God is good and only good, he could not have intentionally created an evil being. God had to create the fallen angels, who became the Demiurge, as good beings. A force, a power, or principle outside of God, affected them and made them into a being of evil. Since we are not gods, it is hard to understand this. A force of evil had to exist in the realm of God because God had free will, therefore the beings he created had to have some degree of free will also. And in order for free will to have any meaning at all, there had to be alternatives to choose from. Thus this force or principle of evil had to exist. And it exists to this day and on the physical level as well. Some let this force control them. Others resist successfully. But even those who fall for the force of evil are beginning to understand that serving the true God of good is the best choice to make.

Illustration by Karin Henseler.