shine, Sun of Righteousness

Shine With the Sun of Righteousness

“When the Lords of Wisdom begin to stream forth their etheric body, the Sun, previously dark, begins to shine. At the same time the first appearances of inner activity are seen in the human germ; life has begun. What had to be described as a semblance of life on Saturn now becomes actual life. The influx lasts for a certain time, at the end of which an import and change for the human germ sets in—that is to say, it organizes itself into two parts. Whereas up to this point the physical and etheric bodies formed an intimately connected whole, the physical body now begins to detach itself as a separate part. Yet even that separated physical body is still pervaded by the etheric body. Therefore we have now to do with a human being composed of two principles. One portion is a physical body permeated by an etheric body; the other is an etheric body and nothing else. This separation comes to pass, however, during a period of rest in the Sun life. During this pause the shining, which had begun to appear, dies away. The separation takes place during a ‘cosmic night,’ as it were.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Sun Begins to Shine

Wait a minute. Doesn’t the sun always shine? Yes and no. Steiner is not talking about the physical light of the physical sun. He is talking about the spiritual light of the spiritual sun. so what Steiner is saying in an allegorical way is that the sun doesn’t truly shine until it shines with the eternal light of spirit.

The spiritual sun has been shining for quite a long time, so exactly when it started to shine doesn’t really matter to us. What does matter is why it shines.

To Whom it May Concern

If we were purely material beings, it would not matter at all if the spiritual sun shines. But we are not purely material beings. We are just as much spiritual beings, if not more. And the plants and animals have spirits as well. And spirits are not nourished by the physical sun. They need the spiritual light of the spiritual sun.

The spiritual sun is not always the same. We are fortunate enough to be living in the time of a special version of the spiritual sun called the Sun of Righteousness. This is the sun the Old Testament prophet Malachi wrote about. It is brighter than the previous spiritual sun and continues to get brighter all the time. This sun can awaken the dormant spirits and souls or humans more easily than the previous sun. Still, we have to try if that is to happen to us. The sun is not going too pull us out of bed, shake us, and shout “Wake Up!” At us. It sends more subtle signals to us that are gradually waking up some of us. And as more and more of us are awakened, it becomes easier for others to follow.

Split Man

At the beginning of the fall into matter, Steiner says man split into two parts. One part being pure spirit, or what he calls “etheric”. The other part being almost pure matter, with only a bit of spirit left in it. This makes sense when we consider what we know about our energy centers. Each of our spiritual energy centers forms two centers on the psychic and physical levels of being.

Yet there are some who disagree with Steiner. They say that man, as a total, descended from spirit into matter. That prior to the fall, man had no matter in him at all. In fact, matter didn’t exist until the fall, when it was created by the error of the Demiurge. That seems to be more accurate to me. Perhaps Steiner meant his version to be more allegorical than literal.

Cosmic Night and a New Dawn

Steiner says this separation of man takes place during a period of darkness he labels the Cosmic Night. Of course, darkness here is a relative term and refers primarily to a lack of spiritual light. The physical sun still shines, but the spiritual sun is dim.

But as already noted, that time is over. The Sun of Righteousness has arrived and we are at the dawn of a new Golden Age. What happens next depends as much on us as on God and the angels. We can work hard to transform ourselves into more and more spiritual beings until we become pure spirits once again. God will help, of course, but He won’t do it for us. Because He gave us a certain degree of free will, we must make the decision to change and work at it. If we do this, Earth and everything on it will transform to spirit as well. If we don’t, we will fall even further into matter and be lost forever.

Sun's Impact

Heaven’s Daughter and a New Dawn

“These Dawns have raised their banner; in the eastern half of the mid-air they spread abroad their shining light. …Creating light for all the world of life, the Dawn hath laid the darkness open as the cow does the stall.
“We have beheld the brightness of her shining; it spreads and drives away the darksome monster. Like tints that deck the Post at sacrifices, Heaven’s Daughter hath attained her wondrous splendor. We have o’erpast the limit of this darkness; Dawn breaking forth again brings clear perception.
“She like a flatterer smiles in light for glory, and fair of face hath wakened to rejoice us. … O thou who shinest forth in wondrous glory, urged onward by they strength, auspicious Lady, Dawn, may I gain that wealth …” ~The Rig Veda

Heaven’s Daughter

It is, I think, unusual for the sun to be considered female. Not that it matters since male and female are things of Earth and matter, not spirit. Of course, the physical sun is a thing of matter, but that is not the sun of interest here. The sun which carries the Light of God is the spiritual sun, not the physical.

Light of Life

This Dawn brings the “light of life” into the world. But there are many kinds of life. The physical sun certainly brings life to plants. It is not so obvious that it gives life to animals, yet it does. The light, the vibrations, from the physical sun brings life to all of the world of matter. But the sun of matter does little on the spiritual level. Continue reading “Heaven’s Daughter and a New Dawn”

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Dawn of Illumination, Dawn of a Golden Age

The ‘I’ consciousness, even in its highest stages, is but a preliminary step toward what is called ‘illumination’ and which signifies the awakening of the initiate to a realization of his actual connection with and relationship to the Whole. … The candidate, once he enters fully into the ‘I’ consciousness, becomes an ‘initiate.’ And the initiate who enters into the dawn of illumination takes his first step upon the road to Mastery. The initiation is the awakening of the soul to a knowledge of its real existence—the illumination is the revelation of the real nature of the soul, and of its relationship with the Whole.” ~William Walker Atkinson

Dawn of Illumination

While it is certainly true that we are in dark times with materialism run amok, with entertainers and sports figures being considered the great heroes of our world worthy of salaries a thousand times those of average people, it is also a time of enlightenment. It may be an old cliche to say that “it is always darkest before the dawn,” but that doesn’t mean the statement isn’t true. While we do see much darkness, much ignorance, much materialism around us, we are also seeing an increased interest in spirituality, mysticism, and soul development. These “lost” arts—which were never truly lost, but only hidden for protection—are making a comeback and we are indeed at the dawn of a new golden age, a dawn of illumination, a dawn of enlightenment. Continue reading “Dawn of Illumination, Dawn of a Golden Age”