two forces

Two Forces Attract, Repel, and Eventually Unite

“The idea of two forces – opposites or polarities – coming together is an idea that permeates most religions which are not wholly monotheistic. For Gnosticism in particular, the union of opposites comes up over and over again. As we have seen, emanations that are essentially balanced emerge from the union between God and His Protonnoia. Some instances of where balance is needed are : First Man is the union of two fires, the light and the dark; Adam must find his partner; and the physical world is evil while the spiritual world id good but the two must be brought together. All these idea demonstrate that out of duality must come unity. This union or marriage is now becoming evident in very subtle ways in today’s world. …

“Women have realized that they are powerful in their own right, but they also have to learn not to abuse that power. Gnostic texts in the early Christian era do give women their rightful place in the scheme of things but in the modern day they must also appreciate that they should not emasculate their men folk.” ~Bernard Simon

Two Forces

Whatever you may think of duality, you have to admit that it exists. To deny it is to be living in a fantasy. Hot and cold, light and dark, male and female, the two forces are everywhere. But they can also be deceptive.

Most of us know that an electric circuit consists of a positive side and a negative side, and when the two are connected together with a conductor, electricity flows. But the positive pole and the negative pole are not true opposites. It is simply that one pole has more than the normal amount of electrons, while the other has less. When the two sides are connected by a conductor such as copper wire, electrons flow from one side to the other until equality is achieved. Once that happens, the flow stops. So electrical devices must be designed to prevent that from happening. With a battery, for example, chemicals in the battery make sure that the two poles remain opposites. Yet you can see from this example that nature is trying to bring about that union of opposites that Mr. Simon mentions.


A similar example is lightning. Many think that a bolt of lightning simply shoots from a cloud to the ground and that is it. In reality, the bolt usually shoots back and forth between the cloud and the ground until the positive and negative sides are reasonably balanced. Another union of opposites. But at the same time, natural forces in the cloud and ground and building up those electrical forces again until the difference becomes enough for another bolt of lightning. So part of nature is creating duality while another part seeks the union of opposites. Continue reading “Two Forces Attract, Repel, and Eventually Unite”

Sun's Impact

Heaven’s Daughter and a New Dawn

“These Dawns have raised their banner; in the eastern half of the mid-air they spread abroad their shining light. …Creating light for all the world of life, the Dawn hath laid the darkness open as the cow does the stall.
“We have beheld the brightness of her shining; it spreads and drives away the darksome monster. Like tints that deck the Post at sacrifices, Heaven’s Daughter hath attained her wondrous splendor. We have o’erpast the limit of this darkness; Dawn breaking forth again brings clear perception.
“She like a flatterer smiles in light for glory, and fair of face hath wakened to rejoice us. … O thou who shinest forth in wondrous glory, urged onward by they strength, auspicious Lady, Dawn, may I gain that wealth …” ~The Rig Veda

Heaven’s Daughter

It is, I think, unusual for the sun to be considered female. Not that it matters since male and female are things of Earth and matter, not spirit. Of course, the physical sun is a thing of matter, but that is not the sun of interest here. The sun which carries the Light of God is the spiritual sun, not the physical.

Light of Life

This Dawn brings the “light of life” into the world. But there are many kinds of life. The physical sun certainly brings life to plants. It is not so obvious that it gives life to animals, yet it does. The light, the vibrations, from the physical sun brings life to all of the world of matter. But the sun of matter does little on the spiritual level. Continue reading “Heaven’s Daughter and a New Dawn”

Magic vs Mystic

Divine Soul, Animal Soul, Trick or Treat

“It is comparatively easy to learn the trick of spells and the methods of using the subtler, but still material, forces of physical nature: the powers of the animal soul,in man are soon awakened, the forces which his love, his hate, his passion, can call into operation, are readily developed. But this is Black Magic—Sorcery. For it is the motive, and the motive alone, which makes any exercise of power become black, malignant, or white, beneficent Magic. It is impossible to employ spiritual forces if there is the slightest tinge of selfishness remaining in the operator. For unless the intention is entirely unalloyed, the spiritual will transform into the psychic, act on the astral plane, and dire results may be produced by it. … The powers and forces of spirit lend themselves only to the perfectly pure in heart—and this is DIVINE MAGIC.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

Powers of the Animal Soul

Spiritual writers and spiritual schools often oppose Blavatsky believing that she was not really spiritual, but more into magic, and possibly black magic. The above quote indicates otherwise and I think a bit of synchronicity may have been involved in my finding this quote as I explored her writings on my Kindle just a few days before Halloween—a day in which people tend to pay more attention then usual to magic, even if it is just to make fun of it.

There is an incredible amount of spiritual and esoteric knowledge found in the quote, so lets start studying it.

When Blavatsky warns against using “spells” or “Tricks” of magic to get what we want, she warns that by doing so we awaken the powers of the “animal soul.” This is the same soul that I call the “mundane soul” and it is not the same as the Divine Soul. When spiritual schools like Cosolargy ask you to develop “your soul,” it means the Divine Soul, not the mundane or animal soul. And as Ms. Blavatsky says, it is by your intent that we know which you are working on and working from.

When you try to control matter, to use magic to win the lottery, to control others, to make a red light turn green, and so no, you are invoking the powers of the animal soul.

Powers of the Divine Soul

The Divine Soul, or Spiritual Soul is not that much different from the animal or mundane, but operates on a very different level. Because of that, its goals are very different. While the animal soul is primarily concerned with matter and with controlling it, collecting it, making money with it, the Divine Soul wants only to transform it. The Divine Soul wants to be in a spiritual world, not one if matter. It is like a fish out of water on the material plane. So once it is awakened, it visits the spiritual realms regularly and tries to reconnect with them. In doing so, it is also working on God’s Plan to convert the entire universe of matter back into its original spiritual state. This is a power far greater than that of picking winning numbers or changing a traffic light (a dangerous thing to do, by the way).

The Power of Attraction has become a popular buzz phrase in recent years, but what you attract needs to be considered wisely. We also need to consider the price of using such powers because nothing is free on the material plane. So go ahead and use the power of attraction, but use it to become more spiritual, not more materialistic; use it to satisfy need, not greed.

Trick or Treat

The powers of darkness love to trick us and confuse us with regard to what is spiritual and what isn’t. It really isn’t that complicated, however. If its purpose is material benefit or psychic development, it is from the mundane soul and is not spiritual. This does not necessarily mean it is evil since we all have to survive on this level while we strive to reach a higher one, but if we get into it too deeply, especially if they succeed in making us believe we are becoming spiritual by developing such abilities, we become lost in it and may never truly develop our spiritual side. So don’t be tricked by the promises of treats that are superficial and temporary. Go for the real treat which is permanent spiritual life through development of the Divine Soul.

Imagination in the dark

Imagination – Don’t Let it Keep You in the Dark

“As the rope which cannot be perceived distinctly in the dark, is changed by imagination into various forms, such as a serpent, or a streak of water, so is the Self, Atma, changed by imagination into various forms. …
“The Self is imagined to take the forms of the life-breaths and numberless other forms; this is the magical glamor of the God, whereby Himself is concealed from view. Those who believe in the Life see Him as Life; … those who believe in the Nature-powers see Him as the Nature powers; those who believe in the forms of matter, see Him as the forms of matter. Those who see the four degrees of consciousness, perceive Him as the four stages of consciousness; … Those who believe in sacrifices, see Him in sacrifices; … Those who think of time, see Him in Time; those who think of space, see Him in space; … those who dwell on thought, think of Him as pure thought; …” ~Mandukya Upanishad

In The Dark

It is hard to see in the dark, and the dark allows our imaginations to run amok. The demons and devils are knows as creatures of the dark mainly because they lack God’s Light, but also because the dark is their playground, especially the dark of ignorance.

We have probably all seen pictures of primitive people worshiping their image of a flying god that was actually a small airplane flying over them for the first time. We have also heard about the Native Americans who actually could not see the ships of Columbus when he landed because their imaginations dis not allow for such huge boats to exist (I wonder what they would thing of a modern cruise ship!)

We see only what we believe is possible, and we see things not as they actually are, but as we think they should be. Continue reading “Imagination – Don’t Let it Keep You in the Dark”