Three-Year, Four-Year, Seven-Year Cycles


“The hierarchy of creative powers is divided into seven (or 4 and 3) esoteric, within the twelve great Orders, recorded in the twelve signs of the Zodiac, the seven of the manifesting scale being connected, moreover, with the seven planets. All this is subdivided into numberless groups of divine Spiritual, semi-Spiritual, and ethereal Beings.

“The Chief Hierarchies among these are hinted at in the great Quaternary, or the ‘four bodies and the three faculties’ of Brahma exoterically. … The highest group is composed of the divine Flames, so-called, also spoken of as the ‘Fiery Lions’. ~H. P. Blavatsky

Beginning of Sentient Life

First, I need to explain the format of the quote. I have stayed with that used in Blavatsky’s own book. The portion in all caps represents her quoting from an ancient Hindu book called the Secret Doctrine. The rest is her commenting on the quote.

The quote says that in the creation of sentient life, the Divine came first, then the spiritual, and on downward through the semi-spiritual, the mostly material and the material. This is the opposite of what material science like to believe. The ancients had it correct. Sentient life didn’t evolve from one-celled animals. It devolved from divine beings. At the present time, man has sunk about as far into matter as possible, while still retaining a dull glimmer of spirit. If we fall another step, we will be pure matter and nonredeemable. The good news is that we can still turn around, and some are doing so. A growing number of us are taking that path less traveled the more difficult path, back to our Divine origins. Hopefully, you are one of those taking the path of redemption, otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this.

Three then Four

There are many interpretations of the significance of the three and four. More than one may be correct. That is the beauty and mystery of spiritual allegory.

Three by itself is one of the most significant. We have the trilogy of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in Christianity. Others say, Father, Mother, and Child. This division of the One God into three primary aspects is common. Blavatsky refers to the three and four as a hierarchy of creative powers. It can be that also. Together, they make seven, and we all know that in religious and spiritual writing, that number appears so often that it can’t be ignored. Blavatsky mentions seven planets. To me, that seems like a less important interpretation. They also represent the seven major energy centers (chakras) as taught in most schools, especially the Hindu and Buddhist. Here is a new meaning for most of you.

The sun, as it moves through its annual course above us, has many cycles connected with it. We won’t delve into all of them here. The important ones for this post are the three-year and four-year cycles. These are cycles that to us are those of growth and non-growth. In other words, a three-year period of growth will be followed by a four-year period of non-growth. Or it may be a four-year period of growth, then a three-year one of non-growth. Even if we don’t know when all of these periods start or end, it helps us to know that they exist. If you have been successful in some activity for two years, then have an inexplicable down-turn, it may be that you have entered a period of non-growth. During such periods, growth is nearly impossible. It is usually better to concentrate on holding your ground during those periods until a new growth period starts, then push ahead.

Spiritual Cycles

This applies to spiritual growth as well as material matters. If you felt you were making great progress for a time, then suddenly become stuck, don’t give up. You may simply have entered a three-year non-growth cycle. Continue to practice and don’t worry if you don’t seem to be getting results. It will be to your favor when the next growth cycle happens.

Just as a farmer knows that certain crops should be planted in the spring, and others in the fall, certain spiritual practices should begin at the beginning of a growth cycle if you want good results. If you start during a non-growth period, you will probably not accomplish much. The good news is that if you just finished a four-year cycle of growth, you only have a three-year one of non-growth to get through.

numbers even and odd

Pythagorean Mathematics, Numbers and Cycles

“The foundation of Pythagorean Mathematics was as follows: The first natural division of Numbers is into EVEN and ODD. …

“They also noted that every number is one half of the total of the numbers about it, in the natural series; thus 5 is half of 6 and 4. And also of the sum of the numbers again above and below this pair; thus 5 is also half of 7 and 3, and so on till unity is reached; for the monad alone has not two terms, one below and one above; it has one above it only, and hence it is said to be the ‘source of all multitude.’

“‘Evenly even’ is another term applied anciently to one sort of even numbers. Such are those which divide into two equal parts, and each part divides evenly, and the even division is continued until unity is reached; such a number is 64. These numbers form a series, in a duple ratio from unity; thus 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32.” ~William Wynn Westcott

Odds Get Even

There is nothing strange or esoteric about dividing numbers first into odd and even. It is curious that some people consider one group to be better than the other for some reason. According to one psychological study, most people like odd numbers better than even ones. When asked to pick a favorite number between one and ten, nearly half chose seven. One study concluded that while even numbers feel calmer and more friendly, odd numbers are more exciting, more interesting.

Side by Side

That each number is half the sum of the two numbers closest to it is an interesting fact I had never noticed before. It is perfectly logical, of course. So in the number group 10, 11, 12; if you add en and twelve, you get 22. Half of 22 is eleven. Another thing to note here is that the companions of an odd number are even, while those of an even number are odd.

Evenly Even

The “Evenly Even” numbers are those which can be divided by two over and over until the result is one. The example given is “1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32”. This sequence is more recognized today as the binary sequence used in modern computers. The quote is from an old book, so it is not surprising that it doesn’t mention this. Continue reading “Pythagorean Mathematics, Numbers and Cycles”

energy flow

Energy Flow: Physical and Spiritual

“Many of the creatures, which live in the physical world, are in a low development phase as a result of which they draw power from those creatures which are at a higher level than them. If you get on their road, they will draw from you and you will feel powerless. In order for you to restore the spent power, you shall contact the sublime and draw energy from there. Whatever you do, you cannot get rid of the influence of the lower world. Hence, at one place they will draw from you, at another place you will draw. In other words, while man is connected to the Earth, he always loses his energies. When he contacts the Sun, he draws from its energies and renovates himself.” ~Beinsa Douno

Cycles and Circles of Energy

Lower lifeforms do sometimes take energy from us. Usually, this is only the dark and demonic life forms. Most plants and animals don’t steal energy from other beings. But they may exchange energy when the opportunity presents itself.

Energy exchange may seem pointless, but it isn’t. Different types of beings learn a lot about each other by doing this. And even if the energy exchange leaves both with the exact same amount of energy as before, the fact that the energy exchange happened seems to have a refreshing kind of effect on both.

Energy Flow

You might wonder why you should bother to take in energy at all if lower beings are going to take if from you anyway. It is partly because you can, if you work at it, take in more than they can steal. It is also because energy works more like a circle than a simple one-way street. Being A sends energy to being B. B shares it with C. C gives come to D. D sends some back to being A. That’s a simplifies example. A real one might involve hundreds o beings of all kinds.

There is also energy cycles to deal with. When one being is on the low side of the cycle, he can get energy from others to help. Then when they are on the low end of their cycle, he can return the favor. So the compete exchange of energy doesn’t always happen at one time.

Universal Energy Flow

This energy exchanging and energy cycles isn’t limited to planet Earth and the lifeforms on it. Planets exchange energy with each other. Stars exchange energy with other stars including our sun. Galaxies exchange energy with other galaxies. There are even energy flows from the realms of spirit down to the lower levels of matter. It is possible that similar energy circles exist in spiritual beings.
Continue reading “Energy Flow: Physical and Spiritual”

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Truth Stages, Spiritual and Physical

“It was the 19th-century German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer who said that all truth passes through three distinct stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
“When the notion that the Earth is round was first put forth at a time when it was generally considered to be flat, at first the idea was mocked. … When more scientific proof emerged, however, violent opposition arose. People literally lost their lives for holding such an ‘insane’ belief. … Of course, the truth can only be held back for so long, and eventually it became accepted as self-evident that the Earth is indeed round.
“The same stages are occurring in the world today regarding the ultimate nature of reality. … The material world is far different than we think it is—it is an illusion in every sense of the word.” ~Ziad Masri

Truth Stages

While the three major changes of acceptance of truth proposed by Schopenhauer are usually true, there are some exceptions. When a new truth is revealed that fits in well with what people already believe, they may accept it very easily. But when it forces them to reconsider long-held beliefs, they will likely oppose it with the three truth stages.

Today we have another issue that may be even worse. Now we have lies being accepted as truth with virtually no evidence to back them up. Politician excel at this. They say things they know are false, but make sure they are repeated often. Once the lie is repeated enough, it is accepted as truth. Or at least it is accepted as truth by those who want it to be true. Corporations give products names like “Healthy Good Stuff” with little justification. Yet when repeated enough, people start accepting that it is true. And the national media even gets in on the spreading and promotion of lies. Hear is a clue to watch for. When a media outlet is constantly calling others lairs, it is almost certain that they are the true liars.

Spiritual Truth Stages

When it comes to spiritual truth, we seem to go in cycles rather than linear truth stages. Thousands of years ago, the priest or shaman was one of the most important individuals in most communities. Sometimes, the most important. Several hundred years ago, we went through an age where all of this spiritual stuff was pushed to the background and the physical sciences became king. Now with greater and nearly instantaneous communication, we are seeing that those gods of science are not infallible. One day they insist adamantly that something is absolutely true. The next, they find evidence to the contrary and admit they were wrong. Now, partially because of that change in the status of science, we are looking at spiritual truth and spiritual development again. And that is a good thing. Continue reading “Truth Stages, Spiritual and Physical”