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Random Thoughts 7-5-2015

I remember riding in my father’s car in the 1950s and he, like all drivers, had to drive with an open window so he could stick his arm out to signal turns. And you had to do it or you would get a ticket. Everyone was so happy when the car companies added electronic signals. Now you just had to push a little lever to signal, and you could close the Window! turns1


Now people seem to find it too difficult to just push that little lever. Maybe they should have to try doing these old signals for a year or two and see how quickly they would decide they would rather use that little lever.


I here various experts telling us why shark attacks are high this summer in the waters off the Carolinas and not one of them ever suggests that nature might be fighting back after centuries of abuse. They should consider the possibility because it is what’s happening.


California has passed its mandatory vaccination law and parents will no longer be able to make a personal choice to not take the drugs. Regardless of what side you are on in the ongoing debate about the safety of vaccines, you should be concerned that the door has been opened to allow the states to dictate medical treatments and, of course, the treatments they will start requiring will be those made by the big corporation that own the politicians.

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Random Thoughts 6-28-2015

ConfedFlagNotTo me, the ruling by the Supreme Court on GayFlaggay marriage is about more than marriage, it’s about recognizing gay people as real people with the same rights as other people. And it happened in the same week when people are pushing to get the Confederate Flag removed from state buildings and other public places. It was just not a good week for bigots. Anyone care to guess how many millions they will spend in the next few years to try and make progress go away?


Bristol Palin has proudly announced that she, being totally heterosexual, is pregnant again. And she thinks she knows who the father is!


A lot of people are writing about Twitter and what to do about it’s fading away. I haven’t heard any of them say why most older people, especially writers and those with an education, don’t like Twitter. It’s because of their strongly encouraging people to speak in gibberish with no punctuation because it take up those very limited spaces allowed. It’s curios that when the average novel length is over 400 pages, the Twits are insisting on one line communication “cuz we all need to get dumber and dumber,” right?


I have to laugh at this one. Scientists trying to study sea stars (erroneously called starfish) have been finding it difficult. It seems that if you insert one of those tiny tracking chips into one of the critters, within a day or two its body pushes it out and discards it. Apparently, they don’t like to be spied on.


So after just about everyone shared the story about a rat in a bucket of KFC chicken and commented on the horror of it all, it turns out it was just an odd shaped piece of chicken that someone thought resembled a rat and then the brilliance of the internet took over.



When we transcend ourselves and become in our ascent toward God so simple that the bare supreme Love can lay hold of us, then we cease, and we and all our selfhood die in God. And in his death we become the hidden children of God, and find a new life within us.” ~Jan van Ruysbroeck



Robot vs Row Butt. Don’t get them confused.




Row Butt

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Random Thoughts 6-21-2015

I can’t believe that Dylann Roof grew up in an environment of racial acceptance and became a white supremacist all on his own. I think a close look at his family will show a good bit of racism there, even if not of a violent type. Things like being told the reason he couldn’t find a job was because the blacks were getting all the good jobs, it had nothing to do with his own lack of education, drive, or ambition.


Wow! Not only did the Pope encourage people to do there best to stop global warming, but also to make an effort to help the poor. The right-wingers must be going nuts.


For those who use a GPS App, you can now get one that speaks with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator voice. I think I’ll stick with the pleasant female one, thanks.


I’m glad to hear that Americans are kicking the diet junk food habit and turning to eating healthy real foods, often organic, instead. That is exactly what I emphasize in my latest book.

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Random Thoughts 6-14-2015

The parents scoff at speed limits and run stop signs with the kids in the car. They allow them to have a drink or two at age fourteen or fifteen. They cheat on their taxes. They park illegally. And then they wonder what went wrong when those kids grow up to be criminals.


In this highly intelligent and knowledgeable world we live in, we heard this week a politician in California blame the drought on abortion, and in Malasia, a small group of people caught sunbathing in the nude was blamed for an earthquake. Actually, I do think human thoughts and behavior affect nature, but if anything is going to cause negative events like droughts, floods, and earthquakes, it’s the haters and bigots. Continue reading “Random Thoughts 6-14-2015”