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Random Thoughts 6-21-2015

I can’t believe that Dylann Roof grew up in an environment of racial acceptance and became a white supremacist all on his own. I think a close look at his family will show a good bit of racism there, even if not of a violent type. Things like being told the reason he couldn’t find a job was because the blacks were getting all the good jobs, it had nothing to do with his own lack of education, drive, or ambition.


Wow! Not only did the Pope encourage people to do there best to stop global warming, but also to make an effort to help the poor. The right-wingers must be going nuts.


For those who use a GPS App, you can now get one that speaks with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator voice. I think I’ll stick with the pleasant female one, thanks.


I’m glad to hear that Americans are kicking the diet junk food habit and turning to eating healthy real foods, often organic, instead. That is exactly what I emphasize in my latest book.

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New thought, opinions, thought power, impassioned images

Random Thoughts 6-14-2015

The parents scoff at speed limits and run stop signs with the kids in the car. They allow them to have a drink or two at age fourteen or fifteen. They cheat on their taxes. They park illegally. And then they wonder what went wrong when those kids grow up to be criminals.


In this highly intelligent and knowledgeable world we live in, we heard this week a politician in California blame the drought on abortion, and in Malasia, a small group of people caught sunbathing in the nude was blamed for an earthquake. Actually, I do think human thoughts and behavior affect nature, but if anything is going to cause negative events like droughts, floods, and earthquakes, it’s the haters and bigots. Continue reading “Random Thoughts 6-14-2015”

New thought, opinions, thought power, impassioned images

Random Thoughts 3-29-2015

The United States military likes to exaggerate time for some reason so 2 o’clock becomes 2 hundred hours, 3 o’clock becomes 3 hundred hours, etc. Vladimir Putin heard about this recently and decided the Russian military would have to go one better than ours, so in their army 2 o’clock is 2 thousand hours, 3 is three thousand hours, and so on. Now Vlad’s new buddy in North Korea, Kim Jong-un is going even further. In North Korea, 2 o’clock will now be 2 million hours, 3 o’clock becomes 3 million hours.


I recently saw a Facebook post that suggested that the strangeness of Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz can be explained by the availability of lead paint when they were children. That might also explain Ted Nugent, Rush Limbaugh and several other darlings of the extreme right.


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Random Thoughts 12-7-2014

I have been warning for over a year that the greed of the one percent would lead to a revolution if it wasn’t stopped soon. I think the riots and demonstrations we are now seeing may well be the start of it. They may seem to be all about the way police treat blacks, but at a deeper level it is about the frustrations of the ninety-eight percent who can’t make any progress because of the greed of the top two percent, and especially the one percent who have completely taken over control of the politicians, and therefore the police who have largely become the protectors of the one percent rather than the protectors of all of us.


Stephen Hawkins is correct in worrying that the artificial intelligence in out technology could reach a level where the machines take over. This is, in fact, something spiritual people have been warning us about for a long time. Yet fools keep embracing all technical advances with the notion that somehow all our problems will be solved by it, though there is little evidence of it.


Many people are shocked by a video that shows a fifteen-foot tiger shark being petted by a SCUBA diver like a puppy and loving it. The fact is, any animal and any species can become friendly, but it depends mostly on us. Our thoughts and our behavior paves the paths that the animals follow.


So the CDC actually admits that if you get the flu shot this year, it probably won’t do any good. The arguments for and against vaccinations in general aside, I find myself wondering why anyone needs a yearly flu shot. There are not that many different flu strains so getting a shot for three or four years in a row should make you immune for life. Why doesn’t it?


DietJAnother study has found that the Mediterranean diet can help you live longer. Not to mention slimmer and healthier. The main aspects of this diet is plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and lean meats, olive oil and moderate amounts of wine. In fact, a study done several years ago on a Greek island where the people live unusually long found that they ate mostly fresh foods grown in their own gardens. And organic I s always best, especially in this day of GMO monstrosities.



“The world today hangs on a single thread, and that thread is the psyche of man.” ~C. G. Jung



Better than pepper spray: A women escaped from a would-be purse-snatcher by vomiting on him. He had his hand on her throat and was trying to grab the purse with the other, but when she vomited, he let go and ran off.

A funeral was nearly canceled in Australia because a guy stole the hearse with an occupied casket in it. And when the brother of the dead guy called the police, he confused them by saying his dead brother was in the hearse and made them think they were chasing a murderer.

Board games gone wild: A young women in New Hampshire was arrested for hitting her boyfriend during a game of Monopoly (no details on exactly what he did) and a guy in Utah was jailed for getting into a fight over a game of Battleship.

A man in Washington state switched his furniture for the better stuff his neighbor had while they were away. When caught, he gave the excuse that he thought the couple had moved and abandoned the furniture.

In Michigan, someone actually stole a forty foot, 5000 pound bridge made of wood and steel off private property. The bridge was found twenty miles away but they still don’t know who took it or why.