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Fire and Light and the Creative Trinity

“All things such as we see are in their interior fire and light, wherin is hidden the essence of the spirit. All things are a trinity of fire, light, and air. In other words, ‘Spirit,‘ the ‘Father,‘ is a divine superessential light; the ‘son,’ the light having become manifest; the ‘holy spirit,’ a divine superessential air and motion. The fire resides within the heart and sends its rays through the whole body of man, causing it to live; but no light is born from the fire without the presence of the spirit of holiness.

“To express this in other words we may say—All things are made of thought, and exist in the universal mind (the astral light), and within each is latent the will, by whose action they may become developed and their powers unfolded. This takes place under favorable circumstances by the slow and unconscious action of the universal will acting in nature, and may be accomplished in a very short time by the aid of the conscious will of the alchemist; but before the will of a person can accomplish such wonders in external substances, his will must first become self-conscious within itself; the light that shines from the center of his own heart, must become living and bright before it can act upon those substances with which the alchemist deals.He in whom this divine light of the Christ (the atma) has not awakened to life, is virtually asleep in the spirit, and can act upon spiritual things no more than a man can deal with material substances while he sleeps.” ~Franz Hartmann

All Things Fire and Light

While it is true that the ancient holy ones often said that we all are “fire and light” within, it must be understood that this should not be taken too literally. To them, “fire” often meant energy of any kind, so they were really saying that we are actually energy and light.

Essence of Spirit

The essence of spirit is found in energy and, more specifically, Light. But not just any light, spiritual light. You won’t find it in a fluorescent light bulb, a sodium street lamp, or even a neon sign. Spirit light must have a spiritual source, and the primary source of spiritual light on Earth is the Spiritual Sun.

In fact, since the human spirit and soul are pure spirit, and not matter at all, they are made of spiritual light and they live on spiritual light. And if humanity transforms as God wants us too, we will one day exist entirely on Light and not have to kill and eat other beings to survive. Continue reading “Fire and Light and the Creative Trinity”

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God Manifests Himself and Man in Spirit Form

“God manifests Himself according to His eternal Will, in His eternal wisdom of the noble Virgin, in the Element, which in Paradise stands in the Sharpness of the divine Virtue [or power]. And the Fiat created Man out of the Element in Paradise, for it attracted to it out of he quintessence of the Sun,Stars, and Elements in Paradise, … He created Man in the Image of God (that is, in the similitude of God) and breathed into him the element of the Body (which was nothing else but paradisaical Virtue); … and there Man became a living Soul, and the Image of God in Paradise.

“And the wisdom of God, the pleasant Virgin, discovered herself in him, and with the discovery opened Adam’s center, to thousands and thousands, which should proceed out of this fountain.” ~Jacob Boehme

God Manifests Himself

I have noticed that a number of people are asking the same odd question on social media lately. Specifically, “Who created God?”. Sometimes adding, “If God created everything, who created God?”. To me, the answer is obvious. God is not a creation in the normal sense. He has no beginning and no end. With no beginning, He cannot be created at all. That would mean that at some point there was no God. Since that cannot be true, God cannot be created.

When Boehme says that God “manifests” Himself, he isn’t saying that God is creating Himself. He can’t create Himself if He already exists. What he is saying is that God is manifesting as a being. Prior to that, He was more like a force, a great thought, with no form. He manifests Himself as Supreme Being, which is not t all some old man sitting on a cloud. The form of God is not at all human.

Created Man

Boehme says that God then created Man out of “the Element in Paradise”. What is that Element? It has been called Grace, Divine Light, or the Breath of God. It is a spiritual thing, so this Man that God created was spirit. Pure spirit, nothing else.

Boehme adds that the energy or force God used to create that Man came out of the “Sun, Stars, and Elements in Paradise”. We could add that it mostly came from the sun. Specifically, the spiritual sun. which is why we advise those who wish to return to that life of spirit turn to the spiritual sun.

Image of God

This is one of the most misunderstood phrases in the Bible. God created man in His Image. But he created man as pure spirit, just as God is pure spirit. So this original Man does not look at all like physical man, and neither does God. It’s more like looking up at the bright sun after being locked in the dark for a time. Continue reading “God Manifests Himself and Man in Spirit Form”

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Supreme Being and the Power to Create

“The existence of a Supreme Being is not just something to accept, believe in and ignore. A belief, faith alone, cannot be ends in themselves, for nothing exists without purpose. Simple belief in a Supreme Being is not enough; we must know the purpose or intention of the Being. If we believe this Supreme Being created us, however this was brought about, we must seek to discover the purpose behind our creation. If we were created to serve some purpose, … we must do it or earn our Creator’s displeasure. …

“Therefore, we who are brothers, were taught not only to believe in a Supreme Being,but also in our similarity to Him. The Supreme Spirit is not a stranger beyond our ken; the powers of the Supreme Spirit infuse every fiber of our bodies.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SOF:19:4-5)

Supreme Being

Whether we call he Supreme Being God, or the All, Ultimate Consciousness doesn’t matter. What matters is first our recognition that He exists. And I say “He” not because God is male, but because “He” is also neutral, neither male nor female, just as God is. We also have to understand that this Supreme Being does not have a physical body. He is pure spirit. And in the dimension where He dwells, only other pure spirits can exist because the Godhead cannot be polluted.

More Than Belief

There are many people who say they believe in God, therefore they are saved. Others say Jesus or Buddha instead of God, but the idea is the same. Just by saying they believe, they think they are saved. That is like saying that my meal will be cooked by magic just because I say I believe in fire. Try it and see what happens. Your meal is not going to cook itself just because you believe in fire. You are not going to be saved or enlightened simply because you believe in God.

You need to go beyond belief to ask what God wants of you, what is your mission, and then doing it. This requires that you first awaken your spiritual faculties so you can learn through them what that mission is. Your brain-mind simply does not know. Continue reading “Supreme Being and the Power to Create”


Co-Creating, Cooperating, and Competing in a Spiritual World

“I stand us, and this one of me turns into a hundred of me. They say I circle around you. Nonsense. I circle around me.” ~Rumi

“We’re so used to the idea of competing and winning—of needing to be ‘the best.’ But that’s not the way the collective-self consciousness works. We can only become our ‘personal best’ when we are also cooperating and co-creating with others. It is others who bring out our best, and if we could look at competition as cooperation to bring out everyone’s personal best, instead of as an experience of putting others behind us, society would shoot forward into conscious evolution. …
“With linear perception, we ‘belong’ in relationships and groups, but with spherical-holographic perception, we become them. … A new phenomenon is occurring—the Convening—where people of like vibration are beginning to ‘show up’ in each others’ fields and lives to work together.” ~Penney Peirce

The Back-flow of Competition

We live in a world where competition has become highly valued. We worship those who are “good” at it. We pay huge sums of money to the top competitors in sports, business, and even entertainment. We are encourages to compete with others at an early age, and that push to compete continues forever. But as Ms. Peirce notes, hen we are constantly pushing others back by trying to get ahead of them, we are all, to some degree, moving back instead of forward. Continue reading “Co-Creating, Cooperating, and Competing in a Spiritual World”