Cooperation with God and Man

“KJT: I think we all have that as a lesson. In fact, in ‘Cayce’s Twelve Lessons in Personal Spirituality,’ that’s lesson number seven. It’s one that we all ultimately have to go through.

“SHM: What are some of the others?

“ KJT: The first one is cooperation. How they developed was in 1931, when the Edgar Cayce Hospital closed, a group of Cayce’s friends rallied around him. They really wanted readings on how they could become more psychic themselves, and Cayce began the first reading and suggested that the goal wasn’t really to become psychic. The goal was to become more spiritual, and as we became more spiritual, we would become more psychic as a byproduct. And so the first lesson was cooperation. Right away, when we hear the word cooperation, we think we know what it means, and we assume we know how to cooperate, or we don’t. But from Cayce’s perspective, it’s not so much with other people, but rather, it’s cooperating with God –– that somehow we set aside our beliefs of how something needs to be done, or what somebody should be doing [for us], or maybe our personal agendas, and we set ourselves aside and allow the Creator to speak to us, or to be guided in a certain way, or to look for synchronicities, or to just be open to whomever the universe might send our way. And that’s cooperating with the universe –– cooperating with the universal forces.” ~ Stephen Hawley Martin

Cooperation is Lesson One

We all know that cooperation is important, yet most of us seem to avoid it as much as possible. Can you imagine what a mess a modern assembly line would be if each station on the assembly line did whatever they felt like doing instead of the assigned task for that station? Or if each player on a football team decided to play whatever part he felt like playing that day? It would be a fiasco. Yet for many other things, we run our lives as if cooperation didn’t matter.

Cooperation with God Above Man

While you can see from the examples above that cooperation with our fellow man can be important, it is not as important as cooperating with God. This is the point Edgar Cayce was trying to make when he made cooperation the first of his Twelve Lessons. If you can get this one right, the others may be pointless. But here there is another problem. The problem is how do we cooperate with God when we don’t know what God wants? The answer to that sounds simple, but can be quite complex and difficult to do.

Knowing What God Wants

Out mind is connected to the physical world, not the spiritual. Since God and the Angels are spirits, the mind has no way to communicate with them. Only our spirit and soul can communicate with spiritual beings. But those spiritual faculties must be awakened first. Then once you know what God wants, you can cooperate.

Spiritual not Psychic

Edgar Cayce made it clear that the goal of his twelve lessons was to become spiritual, not psychic. Today, many still don’t know the difference and think that if they have developed some psychic ability, they have become spiritual. On social media, we see people talking all the time about their spiritual “gifts” when what they really mean is psychic abilities. There is nothing wrong with having those abilities, but it isn’t spiritual. The psychic level of being and consciousness is between the material and the spiritual. If you stop there and get comfortable with being there, you will probably never bother to move up one more level to the spiritual, and that is unfortunate. If you want to cooperate with Gid, then your goal has to be the spiritual, not the psychic.

Set Aside Our Beliefs

The first thing to do if we want to cooperate with God is to set aside our own beliefs and habits. These mental filters prevent us from seeing truth and from seeing the true path. It’s like when people are visited by an angel, but because of their religious beliefs, they see Jesus or Mary rather than an angel. It may be harmless but it isn’t truth. The visitation is real, but the interpretation of it is altered by your beliefs. To truly cooperate with God, we have to work on having an open mind and getting rid of unproven beliefs that are blocking us from seeing the truth.


Cooperation for Peace and Harmony

“Doth either the sun take upon him to do that which belongs to the rain? Or his son Aesculapius that which unto the earth doth properly belong? How is it with every one of the stars in particular? Though they all differ one from another, and have their several charges and functions by themselves, do they not all nevertheless concur and cooperate to one end?

“If so be that the gods have deliberated in particular of those things that should happen unto me, I must stand to their deliberation, as discrete and wise. For that a god should be an imprudent god, is a thing hard even to conceive: and why should they resolve to do me hurt? For what profit either unto them or the universe (which they specially take care for) could arise from it? But if so be that they have not deliberated of me in particular, certainly they have of the whole in general, and those things which in consequences and coherence of this general deliberation happen unto me in particular, I am bound to embrace and accept.” ~Marcus Aurelius

Sun and Rain in Cooperation

Aurelius is correct in saying that the sun doesn’t try to do the job of the rain. Neither does winter try to do the job of summer. Frogs do not injure themselves trying to fly and squirrels don’t try to swim underwater like fish. Each thing has its own purpose and its own environment to live in. When they try to usurp that of another species, chaos ensues. Fortunately, that rarely happens.

While the point Aurelius is making is true, there is one thing he misses. The sun is more involved in the activities of other forces and beings than he thinks. Studies in modern times have shown that patterns of sunspots and other cycles on the sun can be used to predict such things as earthquakes and hurricanes. So you might say that while it is true that the sun doesn’t do the job of the rain, the sun may often act as a kind of supervisor directed the rain and the wind, the sky and the earth.

For Everything There is a Purpose

Everything has its own purpose and there is nothing that does not have a purpose. It may be that the only purpose of some things is to irritate and annoy us humans, or make us sick, but that is still a purpose. Sometimes, we need to be taught humility. The important thing is that each thing, each being, must serve its own purpose and not try to do the job of another.

Just take your physical body as an example. If your liver suddenly decided it wanted to do the job of the heart, and the heart wanted to do the job of the stomach, you wouldn’t last long. Your heart is not equipped to digest food and your liver can’t pump blood like the heart does. When each part does its own job and all of them work together in harmony you live a long and healthy life. When your body parts don’t do their job, or try to do something else, you end up getting cancer or having a heart attack. So it is not only important for each thing to do its job, it also has to do it in cooperation and harmony with the other parts.

Universal Body

That need isn’t limited to our physical bodies. Our planet is a physical body. The universe of matter is a physical body. On all levels, that cooperation and coordination must happen to keep things going smoothly. When one species on Earth does whatever it wants with no regard for others, disasters happen. When one planet get out of harmony with the universe, it has to be stopped. Either something will be done to get the planet back in line, or it will be destroyed. The overall health and harmony of the universe is more important than and one planet or star.

The Physical and the Spiritual

There also has to be harmony and cooperation between the spiritual and physical levels of reality. Even though the physical universe is an error created by the Demiurge, the fallen angels, it must function with the other levels. It does that to a large degree, but not as much as necessary. That is why it must be changed back into spirit. Spirit always stays in harmony, matter doesn’t. Matter doesn’t accept the superiority of the spiritual universe so it doesn’t cooperate with it any more than it has to.

Adult Supervision

One reason why cooperation and harmony doesn’t always work well is because there are so many things and beings to cooperate with. This is where a hierarchal structure comes into play. It is where a supervisor is needed. God is he ultimate supervisor of all of it. He may give some such powers to his angels, but God Himself still remains in charge. It was only when the fallen angels decided to do things on their own that the aberration of the physical universe happened. If they had stayed within God’s law, everything would have remained in harmony and we wouldn’t have death and disease. But that cooperation and harmony must be maintained. For that reason, the physical universe must be repaired.

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