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Ego Needs to be Leashed, Not Killed

“Here is the original cause, that the Creature of the Darkness wills to be above the Deity, as the Devil does; and here is the origin of Self-Pride;for such as the Source in the Creature is, such also is the Creature. For the Creature is proceeded … out of the eternal will of the dark Mind.

“And this will is not the Will of God,neither is it God but the reconceived Will, … which stands in the center of the Birth in the Sharpness. … And to generate the Virtue of eternal Omniscience and Wisdom in the Love that is God; and the procedure from Him, is His Willing.” ~Jacob Boehme

Beginning of Ego

While the archaic language of Boehme is difficult to follow, it seems clear to me that the “Creature” he is talking about is either Ego, or man under control of Ego. If you have read any spiritual writings at all, you are probably not surprised that he looks upon ego as something negative. He actually says that it can be traced back to the Devil and the Darkness and stems from the desire to be above God(Deity).

In Gnostic spirituality, we say that it is this desire to be above God, or belief that you are as great as God, that led the fallen angels or Demiurge to try to create like God. The result was the seriously flawed creation of the material universe. And since our physical bodies and minds are part of that creation of the Demiurge, we have that ego in us as well.

Birth in Sharpness

I believe that the “birth in the Sharpness” Boehme references is simply birth into the dimension of matter. When we are born at this level, we are born with an ego, with the Creature within us. It is unavoidable.

At the same time, we are born with spiritual faculties that are dormant since they are not of this realm. We can survive on the physical level without ever awakening those spiritual faculties. But our physical body will die one day. To survive beyond that, we must awaken those spiritual faculties before it happens. You can’t wait until the flood has happened to build a boat. Continue reading “Ego Needs to be Leashed, Not Killed”

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Fear Power and Controlling It

“The thought current of fear is everywhere. All humanity fears something –disease, death, loss of fortune, loss of friends, loss of something. Everyone has his or her pet fear. It extends to the most trivial details of life. … The more sensitive you are to the impress of thought, the more liable are you to be affected by this thought current of fear until your spirit, by constant demand of the Supreme Power, builds up for itself an armor of thought positive to this current, and one which will deny it access. …

“Everyone has some pet fear, some disease they may never have had, but always dreaded something they are in special fear of losing. Some trifle, even but a word or sentence uttered by another, brings this pet fear to the mind. Instantly through long habit the mind reverts to this fear. Instantly it opens to it, and the whole thought, volume and current rushes to and acts on them. It acts and vibrates on that particular chord of your nature, which for years has sounded your pet weakness. Then in some way the body is affected disagreeably. …

“Place yourself in a house where there has recently been a panic or scare, though you may know nothing of it. You were well and strong the day before. You arise in the morning, and soon this whole train of disagreeable sensations affects you, because the house or place is saturated with a thought current of fear. Put a fear on city, town or country of some deadly epidemic or some great calamity, and hundreds of the more sensitive who may have no fear of that epidemic or calamity are still affected by it disagreeably.” ~Prentice Mulford

Fear Power

If you ask people what the most powerful weapon in the world, they will probably say the atomic bomb or nuclear missiles. The correct answer is fear. Without fear there would be no atomic bombs. Fear is the only reason we have nuclear missiles. We have armies and navies because of fear. Our doors have locks because of fear. We wear coats for fear of getting cold. So much of our lives are governed by fear that few even realize it.

Some of our fears are rational and logical, but many are not. Very often there is something that we should only be mildly afraid of, and exaggerate it to the point of being ridiculous. This is often caused by the media seeking a good story. Sometimes, though, we have only ourselves to blame. Other fears are obviously illogical and we call them phobias.

Fear Power and Death

Probably the greatest fear of all is the fear of death and the fear of the unknown. We fear death because what happens after death is unknown, so it is really a fear of the unknown also. If we truly knew what the afterlife is like, we would not fear it. If we really understood the power of our thoughts, especially when accompanied by strong emotions like fear, we would make more effort to free ourselves of unnecessary fears. And if we understood that what happens to us after our physical body dies is largely a matter of what we do now, we would instead be working for the best afterlife instead of fearing it.

Fear Power in Government

While there are some situations where fear is appropriate, it is never a good idea for a government to be run based almost entirely on fear. Such a government will use tax money in ways that do not actually benefit the people, but simply alleviate there fears to some degree. And in some cases, governments intentionally build fear in people so they can better control them. The most common reason for this is that the government is being controlled by the wealthy corporations and individuals rather than by the general population. Some corporations love people to live in fear as it gets them to buy more of their products and services. The wealthy love it because when you get people to fear Ebola, or ISIS, or whatever this months boogieman is, then they are not turning against the greedy people who are robbing them blind and causing their death.

A Cure for Fear Power

While psychiatrists may be able to help people get rid of some fears, they can’t rid them of all fear. There is really only one power that does that. It is the power of spiritual development. An awakened spirit doesn’t fear people who speak a different language. The awakened soul doesn’t fear death, which it sees as illusion. Jesus, Buddha, and Martin Luther King, Jr. didn’t give in to fears. Nor did other highly developed spiritual individuals. Spiritual Power overcomes Fear Power every time. So to rid yourself of fear, awaken your spiritual faculties.


Let Them Eat Fear

fear2It is really very sad, if not downright horrifying, when those of us who have achieved some level f spiritual awakening look around us and see how so many people live constantly in fear. If you ask them directly, they will, of course, deny it, but their actions say otherwise. They will lock themselves in the house at night out of fear of a burglar breaking in. When you ask what will happen if you wake up and find the house on fire and can’t get out they will be totally confused: you have now filled them with conflicting fears, so which one do they let drag them around by the nose?

Why do so many of us live in constant fear and, in most cases, are not even aware of it? One word: M-A-N-I-P-U-L-A-T-I-O-N. We are being manipulated by governments, controlled by the big corporations and pitted against each other by the super-wealthy so we will be too busy fighting each other to bother with them. Even the most benign governments and corporations that exist do this to some degree because it’s just the way things are done, so they don’t even think about it. They feed your fear of illness to get you to buy drugs and insurance. The politicians (or their wealthy backers) get you to vote for them by convincing you that something terrible will happen if you don’t, or if you vote for the other guy. They convince you to carry a loaded gun to keep away the zombies and vampires until a five-year-old picks up the gun and shoots someone. They convince you to spray poisons in your yard to keep away weeds because we all know that the weeds are plotting to strangle us in our sleep. They convince you to feed your pets a poison that will kill heart worms if they actually get them, and the poison give the pet cancer. Continue reading “Let Them Eat Fear”