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Spiritual Beings Before Matter Existed

“When all was as yet Chaos three spiritual beings appeared on the stage of future creation: (1) Ame no ani naki nushi no Kami, ‘Divine Monarch of the Central Heaven’; (2) Taka mi onosubi no Kami, ‘Exalted, Imperial Divine offspring of Heaven and the Earth’; and (3) Kamu mi musibi no kami, ‘Offspring of the Gods,’ simply.

“These were without form or substance (our arupa triad), as neither the celestial nor the terrestrial substance had yet differentiated, ‘nor had the essence of anything been formed.’

“In the Zohar, which, as now arranged and reedited by Moses de Leon, with the help of Syrian and Chaldean Christian Gnostics in the XII century, and corrected ad revised still later by many Christian hands, is only a little less exoteric than the Bible itself. …

“Ain-Soph, the ABSOLUTE ENDLESS NO-THING, uses also the form of the ONE, the manifested ‘Heavenly Man’ (the First Cause) as its chariot or vehicle to descend into, and manifest through, in the phenomenal world. But the Kabalists neither make it plain how the ABSOLUTE can use anything, or exercise any attribute whatever, since, as the absolute, it is devoid of attributes; nor do they explain that in reality it is the First Cause (Plato’s Logos) the original and eternal IDEA, that manifests through Adam Kadmon, the second Logos, so to speak.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

When All Was Chaos?

According to Merriam-Webster, Chaos is a state of utter confusion. Business Dictionary says it is random and unpredictable. I don’t think such a state was ever found in the All. Before there were forms, before there were beings, there was organization. It wasn’t random. It was intelligent, pure consciousness. It would be more accurate to say it was unformed or undifferentiated rather than calling it chaos.

Three Spiritual Beings

The Total Consciousness that most of us call God is so complex that we attempt to understand it better by looking at parts or aspects of Him, rather than the whole. Most of us know the Christian trilogy of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In the quote, Blavatsky is giving an example of an older, yet similar, triad. Others have more than three gods that are actually just aspects of the one God, or false gods. We can easily equate the three spiritual beings given in the Secret Doctrine to the Christian Trilogy. Divine Monarch is clearly the Father. Imperial Divine Offspring is the son (or child). But how does “Offspring of the Gods” relate to the Holy Spirit?

It may be that “offspring of the Gods” is not accurate. It is more accurate to say this “being” is the power that creates the offspring of the Gods. The Holy Spirit is the power of creation.

Spiritual Beings Without Form

Blavatsky says these three spiritual beings were without form or substance. This sounds impossible to most of us, but it is true nonetheless. God originally existed without a form. It makes sense, therefore, that the three spiritual beings that are aspects of God also were without form or substance. They were like nodes of consciousness, concentrated areas of thought energy. Over time, they condensed into actual forms and substances. Spiritual form and substance, not matter. Spirits do have a form, though it is much more flexible than a physical one. It is something like a liquid that takes the shape of the container it is in. A spirit can take the shape and size of the entire universe or any part of it. But at the same time, spirits do not take up any space or time.

Absolute No-Thing

While the three spiritual beings eventually took form, the original Absolute with no form or substance remains at the highest level of reality. Blavatsky finds it confusing that this absolute could “use anything”. I can’t see why that is a problem. Perhaps she hadn’t yet realized that the absolute is Consciousness, all consciousness. The Absolute merely had to think of something and the appropriate spiritual being would do it. It isn’t like the absolute had to pass its desires on to them. The absolute consciousness and the nearly absolute consciousness of the triad are completely linked. When you decide to pick up an object, your arm doesn’t have to be talked into moving, it just does. The same idea applies here.

Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness and the Spiritual Sun

“It is imperative that human beings regain our reverence of the Christ consciousness, at least part of which is the Sun and the light coming from the Sun. We need to turn ourselves away from darkness and toward the Light of Christ again in every way that we can. One thing the Father God has expressed to me is that “time is short”; I don’t know how long that is in God’s years, but it was made clear to me that dark spiritual forces are doing everything they can to overrun the positive, loving nature of Christ, whose body contains the Sun and the Light emanating from it. Most of the time we take the daytime and sunlight for granted, and things like moon phases and eclipses may seem somehow exotic and interesting to us. However, the moon has no light and can only reflect, and astronomic bodies that have no light have nowhere near the loving nature of our star, apparently; though some are benevolent, many are not. It is a mistake to worship any planet or planetary satellite. …

“I only know that Christ and God are in charge of things, loving humanity and seeking to guide us during our soul’s journey on this planet, hopefully back to the heavenly realms to be with them after we pass from this life. They are the guides that humanity should seek to follow.” ~Kerry Wells

Reverence of Christ Consciousness

It is interesting that Ms. Wells says we need reverence of Christ Consciousness. She doesn’t say Christ or Jesus, although she often refers to both, but Christ Consciousness. It is that highest level of consciousness that we need to revere and seek for ourselves, not worship of Jesus or Christ. Christ is the source of Christ Consciousness and Jesus achieved that level of awareness and became a Christ. Nonetheless, we should not worship Jesus or Christ, but instead, seek to achieve higher levels of consciousness until we also achieve that level.

Sun and Sunlight

In a sense, it is true that Christ Consciousness can be found in the sun. More specifically, it can be found in the light of the spiritual sun. Of course, Christ Consciousness can be found everywhere, but just as with a furnace that heats the whole house, there are always locations that it heats better than others. Since all higher levels of consciousness are associated with spiritual light, it is only logical that concentrated sources of spiritual light are the best sources of Christ Consciousness. Our spiritual sun, the spirit of our material sun, is one such source.

Why is that important to you? It’s important because if we want to raise our own consciousness level, we should turn to that light as the best source of the energy needed to make that happen. It is also this light that awakens the spirit and soul. We need to awaken the spirit and soul because the highest levels of consciousness can only be achieved by an awakened soul, not by the brain-mind.

Turn from Darkness

It is good to turn to the light. But it is also important to turn away from darkness. This, however, does not mean what most people think it does. It doesn’t mean we should not go out at night. It doesn’t mean we must avoid walking in the shadows. It means we need to avoid those things associated with darkness. Anger, jealousy, and greed are things of darkness. Materialism is a concept of darkness. This does not mean that we cannot have material possessions. It means that we can’t be owned by material possessions.

Most will say that they are not owned by their possessions. That is an understandable attitude. But it isn’t always true. If you refuse to evacuate your home when a fire or storm is approaching, you are owned by possessions. If you stand in line for three days to get the latest cellphone model, you are owned by possessions. When you can let go of things with little regret, you are not owned by them.

Time is Short

Yes, time is short. The so-called End Times have started. Likewise, the Day of Judgment. But as Wells correctly notes, this is all in God’s time, not human time. The Day of Judgment and the End Times are not measured in Earth days. They may take several decades, or even a century or more. But since we don’t know, we should operate as if it could be over any day. That means we should not put off awakening and developing our spiritual faculties until it is convenient, or until we are old and ready to die. And that doesn’t mean just pretending you have awakened those faculties, but actually doing it. Pretense doesn’t work in the realm of God.

The Moon Has No Light

Again, Ms. Wells has it right. It always amazes me when I read posts in spiritual groups on social media that someone is looking forward to a full moon, or a harvest moon, or some other special moon, so they can recharge their crystals, or themselves. The moon has no light of its own. It is only reflecting sunlight and doing that poorly. It isn’t, after all, a highly polished mirror. So why deal with a poor reflection of sunlight when you can turn to the sun and get it full strength? And the moon reflects little, if any, spiritual light. That makes it worthless for gaining spiritual energy. That makes it worthless for gaining Christ Consciousness.

illuminated consciousness

Illuminated Consciousness – The Mystic’s Goal

“In Illumination we come to the state of consciousness which is popularly supposed to be peculiar to the mystic: a form of mental life, a kind of perception, radically different from that of ‘normal’ men. His preceding adventures and experiences cannot be allowed the quality. His awakening to the consciousness of the Absolute—though often marked by a splendor and intensity which seem to distinguish it from other psychic upheavals of that kind—does but reproduce upon higher levels those characteristic processes of conversion and falling in love which give depth and actuality to the religious and passionate life. The purification to which he then sets himself—though this possesses as a rule certain features peculiar to mystical development—is again closely related to the disciplines and mortifications of ascetic, but not necessarily mystical, piety. … Here, the mystic does but adopt in a more dramatic form the principles which all who would live with an intense life, all seekers after freedom, all true lovers must accept. … The mystic has now a veritable foothold in that transcendental world into which they penetrate now and again.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Illuminated Consciousness

There are many interpretations of what constitutes illumination. There are probably even more about what consciousness is. Underhill here puts the two together and defines it quite simply: illuminated consciousness is that which is “peculiar to the mystic”. That might be a good definition if we were were all familiar with mystics and mysticism. Today, however, few are. For our purposes, we will keep it simple and say that a mystic is one who devotes his life to spiritual development. Real spiritual development, not just the basic first step of meditation.

A major part of spiritual development is the attainment of higher states of consciousness. How many levels of consciousness there are is a matter of conjecture. But we can say that we can’t consider ourselves at all illuminated until we climb to a level of consciousness where we understand the spiritual nearly as well as the physical. These higher states are radically different because they reveal the reality of the physical world as eventually illusion. The further reveal the spiritual realms, which are real and permanent.

Awakening Consciousness

The illuminated consciousness isn’t something that we actually awaken. What we do awaken is the soul. It is through the awakening and developing of the soul that we gain access to higher levels of consciousness. The consciousness itself is always awake and always will be.

Different levels of consciousness are basically different frequencies of energy. To reach higher levels, you need more energy. You get that higher-frequency energy from the spiritual sun. There is more to it than that, of course, but that is the first rule. More energy, more growth. The more high-frequency energy, the more illuminated consciousness you can access. And as you reach those higher levels of consciousness more regularly, it soon becomes permanent.

Religious and Passionate Life

Underwood being a very religious person naturally speaks of this achievement of illuminated consciousness as religious life. Most people today would think of it as more of spiritual life. We could also say that it is the life of a mystic, but that term is also frowned upon today. But despite the fact that many practicing today’s new-age type of spirituality are opposed to religion and often the ancient mystery schools as well, spirituality is both a part of real religion and mysticism.

Ascetic Piety

Ms. Underhill says the spiritual student who can achieve illuminated consciousness does so with methods that are similar to those of an ascetic. That may be true to some degree, but being an ascetic is not what awakens the soul. Rejecting material possessions, eating a limited and simple diet, avoiding excess of all sorts may help, but with limits. One can have material possessions as long as he doesn’t become too attached to them. There are many things that can be of some help in spiritual growth. The more we use, the more likely we are to succeed.

soul advancement

Soul Advancement is Uniting With the All

“During the process of the soul’s purification and advancement, it loses sight not only of itself, but of all things else; except God; and even of the distinct apprehension of our Lord, in His humanity. That is, there are no longer distinct, bounded views and perceptions of Christ, the soul becoming identical with Christ. This is necessary in order to draw the soul into oneness with God. Let all go in the divine order. When the soul has returned to its end and origin, and is lost in God, it finds all it lost, without going out from God.
“When the soul is yet in itself, it draws all things to itself and sees God and all creatures in itself. But when the soul is in oneness with God, it carries all creatures with it in God, and sees nothing separate from God. Seeing all in God, it sees all things in the true light, as with the eye of God. This is what David calls, ‘Seeing light in thy light.’” ~Madam Guyon

Soul Advancement

In a sense, there is no advancement or purification needed by the soul. It is just a matter of awakening and developing it. The soul, being unlimited by time and space, already knows all truth. But it forgets it, in a sense. So the first step of soul advancement, or spiritual development, is to awaken the soul from its slumber. Then gradually, reintroduce it to the truth it always knew but doesn’t remember. It is a matter of making the unconscious soul into a fully conscious one.

Lose Sight of Itself

I think what Madam Guyon is saying here is that the soul that is not fully awakened tends to be self-centered, much like the ego of the brain-mind. It looks at everything in relation to itself. It is the center of the universe, and everything else is circling around it. I’m not sure the soul ever really thinks that way, but it is reasonable to look at it that way.

It “loses sight of itself,” when it starts thinking more in terms of itself being part of the All, being one with the All, and not as something separate from other things, other beings. It is like St. Francis calling all creatures, all beings, his brothers and sisters. He was one with them, they were one with him. Continue reading “Soul Advancement is Uniting With the All”