only matter exists

Only Matter Exists – a False Theory

What If Only Matter Exists?

“If Matter is taken to be the only existent, and all other things as modifications of Matter, it is not legitimate to set up a single genus to embrace both the existent and the other things; consistency requires that Being (Substance) be distinguished from its modifications an that these modifications be duly classified. …

“The error in this theory is fundamental. To set Matter the potential above everything, instead of recognizing the primacy of actuality, is in the highest degree perverse. If the potential holds the primacy among the Existents, its actualization becomes impossible; it certainly cannot bring itself into actuality; either the actual exists previously, and so the potential is not the first principle, or, if the two are to be regarded as existing simultaneously, the first-principle must be attributed to hazard. Besides, if they are simultaneous, why is not actuality given the primacy? Why is the potential more truly real than the actual?

“Supposing then that the actual does come later than the potential, how must the theory proceed? Obviously, Matter does not produce form: the unqualified does not produce quality, nor does actuality take its origin in the potential; for that would mean that the actual was inherent in the potential, which at once becomes a dual thing.

“Furthermore, God becomes a secondary to Matter, inasmuch as even He is regarded as a body composed of Matter and Form.” ~Plotinus

If Only Matter Exists

It is hard to follow the archaic and convoluted style of Plotinus, but what he is saying quite simply is that it is not possible that Matter is the only thing that exists, and everything else (spirit, consciousness) is derived from Matter. While he may put it oddly, what he says is true.

We can add to this falsehood of the theory that only matter exists, a second one which says that matter existed before spirit or consciousness.

Actuality and Potential

What Plotinus is saying about actuality and potential means that matter, as he sees it as a potential. By itself, it has no form, no being. Being and form must be added to matter to create an actuality, such as an apple. So what Plotinus is saying is that something had to be added to matter to give it being and form, and that something cannot be simply more matter, but something that is not matter. But, he argues, if the actuality of the thing, with being and form, is no longer pure matter, it cannot be derived from matter, or at least not solely from matter. Continue reading “Only Matter Exists – a False Theory”

one reality

One Reality of Mystics and Spiritual Adepts

The One Reality

“Of all those forms of life and thought with which humanity has feed its cravings for truth, mysticism alone postulates, and in the persons of the great initiates proves, not only the existence of the Absolute, but also this link: this possibility first of knowing, finally of attaining it. It denies that possible knowledge is to be limited 9a) to the sense impressions, (b) th any process of intellection, (c) to the unfolding of the content of normal consciousness. Such diagrams of experience, it says, are helplessly incomplete. The mystics find the basis of their method not in logic but in life: in the existence of a discoverable ‘real,’ a spark of true being, within the seeking subject, which can, in that ineffable experience which they call the ‘act of union,’ fuse itself with and thus apprehend the reality of the sought Object. In theological language, their theory of knowledge is that the spirit of man, itself essentially divine, is capable of immediate communion with God, the One Reality.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Mysticism Postulates

Mysticism isn’t about speculation, of listening to the idea of others, even those giving themselves the title “guru,” but about discovering truth for ourselves. If you pay attention to spiritual groups on social media, you know they are always putting down religion because. According to them, religion is about believing in someone else’s experiences, while spirituality is about having your own. They then go on to prove with that very statement, as well as almost everything else they post, that what they believe and practice is what they have gotten from others, not their own knowledge! Real mystics don’t do that, nor do real spiritual students. And while we are at it, putting down the beliefs of others is also not the behavior of real mystics or spiritual adepts. The fact that we have leaner some things others haven’t learned yet does not make us superior beings, and those who think it does are feeding overblown egos. Continue reading “One Reality of Mystics and Spiritual Adepts”

torture of samsara

Torture of Samsara and Escaping It

Rescued From Samsara

“We who are miserable and with no hope would have stayed in the torture of samsara, not finding the end of your path. You set up the ladder of wisdom, you let us supersede the five forms of being, and you delivered us. We who were fettered in suffering were rescued from rebirth to see the Buddha-like sun god who is like you. For those tied to transitory pleasure, you preached the true law. You carried them across the sea of suffering to the good nirvana. For those tied to the root of attachment to the world, you revealed the road to the realm of the Buddhas, you raised a Sumeru mountain of virtue, you let them find endless happiness. For those plunged in the water of pride, you showed the bridge of the true law. You took understanding of the good law into their hearts. You entrusted them to the holy assembly. For those confused by the six organs of perception you showed the rising and falling states of being. You revealed what is the suffering of those in the Avici, the deepest Buddhist hell. You let them be reborn in the blessed fivefold heaven of light. Look for the ways of salvation, you crossed lands going to every side. When you found humans needing salvation, you rescued all.” ~Parthian Songs

Torture of Samsara

Samsara means the physical world, fallen world, or world of matter. More specifically, it is usually used to mean the continued reincarnation on that world in a physical form. While we in Cosolargy do not believe in this continuous cycle of physical rebirth, we certainly do understand the desire to escape from the mundane world of matter.

Some may think that torture is an undeservedly harsh word to describe living in the physical realm, but it isn’t. The people who spend their entire lives in poverty, enslavement, or with a chronic disease will agree with that word choice, but many others will not. That is because when you have known nothing but a mild form of enslavement, you don’t think of it as being so bad. When you have been brought up to believe that every person’s duty is to slowly work themselves to death in jobs you don’t particularly like doing, you still think that is acceptable. It shouldn’t be. But saying that is like Jonathan Livingston Seagull telling the other gulls there is more to life than just following the fishing boats to get scraps of fish to eat.

The good news is that a growing number of people are awakening to the fact that there is something beyond the torture of Samsara, there is an eternal world of spirit where there is no death, no disease, no greed, or other negative aspects. Continue reading “Torture of Samsara and Escaping It”

intuitive consciousness

Intuitive Consciousness and Attaining It

Intuitive Consciousness

“In many temperaments of the unstable or artistic type, the intuitional consciousness of the Absolute becomes ungovernable: it constantly breaks through, obtaining forcible possession of the mental field and expressing itself in the ‘psychic’ phenomena of ecstasy and rapture. In others, less mobile, it wells up into an impassioned apprehension, a ‘flame of love’ in which the self seems to ‘meet God in the ground of the soul.’ This is ‘pure contemplation’: that state of deep orison in which the subject seems to be seeing, feeling, and thinking alll at once. By this spontaneous exercise of all his powers under the dominion of love, the mystic attains that ‘vision of the heart’ which, ‘more interior perhaps than the visions of dreams or ecstasy,’ stretches to the full those very faculties which it seems to be holding in suspense; as a top ‘sleeps’ when it is in a fast spin. … This act of contemplation, this glad surrender to an overwhelming consciousness of the Presence of God, leaves no sharp image on the mind: only a knowledge that we have all been lifted up, to a veritable gazing upon that which eye hath not seen.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Artistic Types

I would first like to disagree with Ms. Underhill in lumping together the artistic and unstable types. While it is true that some great artists have been mentally unstable, I think they are a minority. Most artistic types are perfectly sane. But they do tend to be more sensitive than the average person, and they may well be what makes them artists. Maybe she meant autistic types and the book has a typo. In any case, she is correct in saying that the intuitive power generally comes to people in one of two ways, and affects each type differently.

Ungoverned Intuitive Consciousness

When intuitive consciousness breaks through to one without being sought, or without being understood, it may do it in a forceful and undesirable way. It may cause unexplained joy and ecstasy, or it may cause fear of something for no known reason. In more extreme cases, it may cause such psychic phenomena as a type of speaking in tongues where the person suddenly starts speaking in a language they do not know. Or it may cause a person to levitate, or glow with an inner light. Many think such phenomena is desirable, but it is rarely useful when uncontrolled.

In the case of unexplained fears, it may be useful but isn’t always. We have all heard the stories of people who suddenly felt that they should skip a flight they were scheduled to take, or a cruise they were supposed to go on, and later the plane crashed or the ship had an emergency at sea. That is all great. It is a good thing those people get that warning. But what you never hear of is the people who suddenly became fearful and canceled their flight or their cruise, and nothing happened. While I haven’t done a scientific study on it, I bet such people outnumber those who got a reap premonition by at least ten to one. So this type of intuitive consciousness is unreliable when not developed with discipline.

Governed Intuitive Consciousness

When Intuitive consciousness is developed and controlled intentionally, it can be much more useful. As Underhill says, hen the Mystic practices this, he attains a ‘vision of the heart,’ meaning that he is guiding his spiritual faculties in a specific direction: towards unity with God (or the All). These mystics and spiritual adepts still get those occasional flashes and warnings that happen with those who have strong, but ungoverned intuitive consciousness, but when they do, it is more reliable because of the disciplines they practice. What’s more, is that those flashes are often presented in images that are not easily understood by the untrained. The trained adept, on the other hand, knows spiritual symbology and is better able to interpret those flashes accurately.

The mystic can direct his intuitive consciousness into the sun when practicing spiritual sun-gazing. This permits the spiritual sun to link that person with higher dimensions, spiritual dimensions. The spiritual sun acts as a portal between the physical realm and the spiritual, but only if you know how to access it.

Awakening Intuitive Consciousness

You might be thinking at this point that this is all great for intuitive people, but what about those who don’t have those intuitive flashes? The answer is that if you are at all spiritually sensitive—and you probably are if you read this blog—you can awaken your spiritual faculties and develop intuitive consciousness and even higher levels of consciousness. It does take time and dedication. But now that we have the Sun of Righteousness shining down on us, it is easier than in the pasts several centuries. The exact methods for awakening the dormant spiritual faculties cannot be revealed in a public document, but it involves practicing spiritual sun gazing with an attitude toward spiritual growth for benevolent purposes. Just looking at the sun as some sun-gazers are doing isn’t enough. Snakes and turtles do that and never achieve intuitive consciousness or a real spiritual awakening. You have to do it in the proper way and with the proper attitude for good results.