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Life Thread We Help Weave


“This sloka expresses the conception—a purely Vedantic one, as explained elsewhere—of a life-thread, Sutratma, running through successive generations. How, then, can this be explained? By resorting to a simile, to a familiar illustration, though necessarily imperfect, as all our available allegories must be. Before resorting to it, however, I would ask whether it seems unnatural, least of all “supernatural,” to any one of us, when we consider that process known as the growth and development of a fetus into a healthy baby weighing several pounds evolves from what? From the segmentation of an infinitesimally small ovum and a spermatozoa; and afterwards we see that baby develop into a six-foot man! This refers to the atomic and physical expansion from the microscopically small into something very large, from the—to the naked eye—unseen, into the visible and objective. … What are the forces at work in the formation of the fetus, and the cause of “hereditary transmission” of likeness, physical, moral or mental, have never been properly answered.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

The Life Thread

The Life Thread, or Thread-of-Life as we prefer to say it in Cosolargy, is well known in mystical and spiritual schools. Most think of it as connecting together all beings that exist at the present time, but it also connects with previous generations. To remind us of this thread that connects us to all beings, we wear a thread-of-life that has eight crystals, gems, or colored stones on it. It is not that such a thread has some magic or mystical powers. We wear it simply as a reminder. Of course, the stones on it do have mystical powers, but that is another tale. (click here to read older posts about gems and crystals).

Imperfect Allegories

I like that Blavatsky refers to the use of imperfect allegories. When you describe something by the use of an allegory, you are almost certainly describing it in an imperfect way. But with spiritual things, that is often the best way to describe it. But we should all be aware that stories found in the Bible, in the Upanishads, and many other ancient spiritual books are full of allegory and that allegory is never perfect. That is fine with most real spiritual teachers because the intent is to get the students to experience it for themselves, not rely on descriptions from others.

Life Survives

Blavatsky is correct in saying that life survives the last atom. That makes no sense to the materialist. “How,” they ask, “can there be life without a single atom of matter?” The answer is twofold. First, on the level of the physical universe, life isn’t a creation of matter. Life is a force that exists independent of matter. So even if all matter was gone, life would still be there. And if matter somehow returned, the life force would soon have some of that matter forming living beings. That is one way that life survives. The other is that life also exists on a spiritual level. In fact, some spiritual masters and gurus say that it is the only real life because it is eternal. So even if the realm of matter were to be completely wiped out so even the life force was gone, life survives as eternal spirit. The life thread also survives, even when there are no life forms, or all matter is gone. The life thread is just as much spiritual as it is material.

Hereditary Transmission

Blavatsky says that we don’t understand how our offspring, or that of any other earthly being, is given the likeness, physically and mentally of the parent. Today we understand it a lot better than in her time about 100 years ago. Still, we don’t understand it as well as we think we do. We know about DNA and how it carries information from one generation to another. Yet some recent discoveries show that our knowledge of DNA still doesn’t tell the full story.

It has been found that our minds, consciously or subconsciously, can effect this passing of DNA on to new generations. How we think determines what traits we pass on to others. We are responsible, at least in part, with weaving our own thread of life. And it is likely that animals and plants can do that as well, though to a much lesser degree. We can’t control the life thread that connects us to our parents, but we should make the effort to control the one that connects us to our children.

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Connecting Rays of Love, Truth, and Healing

“The rays of love are the connection among people.

“Are you in trouble? Turn to love for help—God is Love.

“Blame and critique are steps to hatred, but help and good to love.

“What does it mean to live with good and noble thoughts and wishes? To have an understanding of a tree with good fruit. Keep your mind and heart clean—speak the truth. Truth, wisdom, and love are inseparable. Think for others as for people who love you and who think good to you. …

“Helping others is serving God, is helping yourself. There are two kinds of help: help for free and help for money. The first one comes from God, the second one from man.” ~Biensa Douno

Connecting Rays of Love

While some will still deny it, even science now knows that we are all connected. Everything is connected. In Cosolargy, we wear a Thread of Life to remind us of this connection. The thread we wear may be made of cotton, silk, or other material. But that is just a symbol of the real thread. The real one is made of light and love. Light because that is what everything truly is. Love because a simple definition for that world is that it is a recognition that we are all connected, all one. So we can call this actual connection connecting light or connecting rays of love.

Helping Rays of Love

This higher love from the connecting rays can be a helping force in many difficult situations. It’s sad when I see people comment on spiritual groups on social media that they are depressed, lonely, sad, and so on. This, I think, is impossible if you are truly awakened. If your soul is awake, it knows about that thread of life. It is aware at all times of those connecting rays of love. It cannot, therefore, be depressed or sad. Recognizing those connecting rays can help keep us from depression and loneliness. How can you be lonely when you are connected to everyone and everything?

Those rays of love can even help in preventing and curing some physical ailments. Most, if not all illness begins n the mind. We feel we are imperfect. Thinking that we have done wrong, we subconsciously think we need to be punished. So we hold back our immune system and allow germs to enter and make us sick. But when we live in the connecting rays of love, we forgive our faults as well as those of others. By doing so, we reduce our chances of getting ill and cure the illnesses we have. Continue reading “Connecting Rays of Love, Truth, and Healing”

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Spiritual Connections to the Sun and Universe

“One day I was walking, and I felt something like an umbilical cord linking me to the sun in the sky. I saw very clearly that if the sun was not there, I would die right away. Then I saw an umbilical cord linking me to the river. I knew that if the river wasn’t there, I would also die, because there would be no water for me to drink. And I saw an umbilical cord linking me to the forest. The trees in the forest were creating oxygen for me to breathe. Without the forest, I would die. And I saw an umbilical cord linking me to the farmer who grows the vegetables, wheat, and rice that I cook and eat. When you practice meditation, you begin to see things that other people do not see.

Although you don’t see all these umbilical cords, they are there, linking you to your mother, your father, the farmer, the sun, the river, the forest, and so on. Meditation can include visualization. If you were to draw a picture of yourself with these many umbilical cords, you would discover that there are not only five or ten, but maybe hundreds or thousands of them, and you are linked to them all.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Connections to the Sun

We are linked to the sun. It isn’t imaginary and it isn’t just a feeling. It’s real. In fact, we are linked to two suns. On the physical level, we are linked to the physical sun and on the spiritual level, we are linked to the spiritual sun. But it isn’t our umbilical cord that links us. It is what mystics call the Cord of Life.

We all know that the physical sun is vital for physical life. If the sun went out, we would freeze solid. It the radiation from the physical sun changes significantly, it will either wipe us out or cause us to mutate. Or it could burn the planet to a cinder.

We rely just as much, if not more, on the spiritual sun for our spiritual life. Our spiritual connections feed our immortal spirit and soul. That is far more important than the care and feeding of a temporary physical body. Yet many people spend a great deal of time caring for the physical body, and little, if any on the spiritual.

Cord of Life

The real umbilical cord that connects us to the sun, the moon, the stars, and each other is the Cord of Life (sometimes called the Thread of Life instead). In Cosolargy, we wear a cord or thread around the waist to remind us of this connections.

The real cord cannot be seen. It exists only on the spiritual level. Yet quantum physicists have demonstrated repeatedly that it exists and has effects even on the physical level. They can’t quite figure it out, though, because they look for solutions on the physical level, and it’s really more spiritual than physical.

These spiritual connections are important in many ways. The first is that it provides proof that we are all one. Not just all people, or all animals: all beings are one. All of existence is one. We are all tiny pieces of that One that most call God. Evil happens when we either brake that link or ignore it. Continue reading “Spiritual Connections to the Sun and Universe”


Relationships Matter

“Ought we not to consider first whether that which we wish to learn and to teach is a simple or multiform thing, and if simple, then to inquire what power it has of acting or being acted upon in relation to other things, and if multiform, then to number the forms; and see first in the case of one of them, and then in the case of all of them, what is the power of acting or being acted upon which makes each and all of them be what they are?” ~Socrates

In other words, you can’t know a thing without studying its relationships with other things. A chunk of granite may seem like something insignificant when looked at as a stand-alone object, but when it is the cornerstone of a great temple, the relationship it has with the other rocks that make up the temple, and the relationships the temple has with the people who built it and who visit it, and the relationships those people have with others in the world all contribute to what that rock truly is. Suddenly, it is not so insignificant.

A shiny, yellow rock is of little importance until the gold is extracted from it, melted down, and made into a ring for a king. Suddenly, that little yellow rock has become significant because of the relationships it has. A king is killed to get the ring from him by a rival. A king from another kingdom starts a war thinking that, after seeing the ring, this little kingdom must have a lot of gold. And on it goes. Continue reading “Relationships Matter”