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Silent Communication with God and Each Other

“I perceive, by your letter, you are in doubt about the grace which passes interiorly from heart to heart. We notice an illustration of this in the woman who touched our Lord, when He said: ‘I perceive that virtue is gone out of me.’ In a similar manner, without words, one heart may communicate grace to another heart, a God imparts grace to the soul. But if the soul is not in a state to receive it, the grace of the interior is not communicated. …

“God would teach you, my dear child, there is a silence of the soul through which He operates, filling it with he unction of grace, to be diffused on other hearts who are in a state of receptivity, often more efficacious than words to replenish the soul.” ~Madam Guyon

Sharing Grace

There are primarily two ways that we get spiritual energy or light, also called grace. It can come directly from God to us through the spiritual sun. So the spiritual sun is acting as an intermediary. The other method is to give and receive light from others.

When we take in grace light from the spiritual sun, we end some of it back out to others. We can also send it out into the world in general to help heal and awaken it. The world can’t transform without energy.

We can also share energy with other beings. Not just people, but animals and plants as well. Go up to a tree, for example, and send it some of your light. Then silently ask it to share some of its energy with you. It the tree is low in energy, or has been hurt by people, it may choose to not share energy with you. It has that right. Don’t get angry about it. Just bless the tree and move on to another. When other being do share energy with you, thank them. That light contains knowledge and helps you learn and grow. The energy you send back does the same.

Eventually, we will reach a stage where energy/grace flows freely from all being to all other beings. Then we will all transform together. Continue reading “Silent Communication with God and Each Other”

God communicates

God Communicates to Transform Us

“God communicate Himself to pure souls, and blesses, through them, other souls, who are in a state of receptivity. … The nature of God is communicative. God would cease to be God if He should cease to communicate Himself, by love, to the pure soul. As the air rushes to a vacuum, so God fills the soul emptied of self. …

“God communicates Himself to us in proportion as we are prepared to receive Him. And in proportion as He diffuses Himself in us, we are transformed in Him, and bear His image. O, the astonishing depths of God’s love! Giving Himself to souls dis-appropriated of self,becoming their end, and their final principle, their fullness, and their all.” ~Madam Guyon

God Communicates

God communicates with us in many ways. He communicate through events called miracles. He communicates with souls through the language of symbols and geometry. Most of all, He communicates with us through His Light which comes to us through the intermediary of the spiritual sun. That light not only energizes the spirit and soul, it carries knowledge and truth embedded within much like music being carries on a radio carrier wave.

God and Nonbelievers

Nonbelievers will say that they have tried to communicate with God, yet God has never communicated with them. Which, by their logic, proves God doesn’t exist. By that logic, if I call the White House and ask to talk to the president and he refuses to take my call, that proves the president doesn’t exist. In short, God speaks to those who will listen with an open mind. He doesn’t speak to those who doubt or who think they are the judge of what is true and what is false, what is good and what is bad.

God Communicates to Transform

God doesn’t communicate with us because He is bored and wants some idle chitchat. He also doesn’t communicate with us because he is a genie and wants us to make three wishes which he will rant.

God communicates with us as part of the process of transformation. He wants us to transform into the spiritual beings we are supposed to be. The beings we were before the Great Fall. He also wants to transform the planet Earth back into it’s original state as a spiritual planet. But because God gave us free will, He won’t transform our world if we don’t want it. So he communicates with us to let us know what He is planning. He wants us to not only agree, but be active participants in that transformation process. Not because He can’t do it alone, but more because it’s a kind of “You got yourself into this mess, not get yourself out,” kind of situation. Of course, when I say we got ourselves in this situation, by “ourselves,” I mean the human race. We may not have been part of it ourselves, but out ancestors were. Continue reading “God Communicates to Transform Us”

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Communion With Reality

“In the stage of development to which the Active Life belongs, the soul enjoys communion with Reality, not with that directness proper to the true contemplative, but obliquely, by ‘means,’ symbols and images. … The movement of the self into God, the movement of God into the self, though separable in thought, are one in fact; will and grace are two aspects of one truth. Only this paradox can express the relation between the Divine Love which is ‘both avid and generous’ and the self that is destined both to devour and be devoured by Reality. … Ruysbroeck develops this idea: ‘If he gives us all that He has and all that He is, in return He takes from us all that we have and all that we are.’” ~Evelyn Underhill

Communion with Reality

I agree with Ms. Underhill that the soul seeks communion with Reality, but what is Reality? If you ask a materialist, he will tell you that it is the physical world and nothing else, nothing else exists, or if it does, it doesn’t matter while we are in the world of matter. That is, of course, not what a spiritual teacher like Underhill means by Reality. To the spiritual person, reality is that which is permanent and essentially unchanging. Matter does not meet that definition; only spirit does. So when Ruysbroeck and Underhill talk about “Reality” with a capitol “R”, they are talking about the hidden Reality, the invisible reality, The hidden power and “substance” from which matter is created, but which is higher and greater than that matter. Continue reading “Communion With Reality”

arguing not communicating

Arguing is Not Communicating

“Every word spoken without having been thoroughly purged in thought is a stone thrown in the way of esoteric training. And here something must be careful to consider the speaker’s opinion, feeling, and even his prejudice, rather than what we ourselves have to say at the moment on the subject under discussion. In this example, a refined quality of tact is indicated, to the cultivation of which the student must devote his care. He must learn to judge what importance it may have for the other person he opposes. … He must listen to the speaker as carefully and attentively as he possibly can and let his reply derive its form from what he has just heard. … The importance lies not in the difference of our opinions but in discovering … what is right if I contribute something toward it.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Failure to Communicate

What Mr. Steiner says on this subject is good information for both the spiritual student and those who have little interest in the spiritual. Communication experts tell us that when we are having a conversation, even with friends, we tend to not listen to what the other person is saying and instead are spending the time while he is talking thinking about what we should say next. The result is two people talking to each other, arguing, but little actual communication taking place. Worse yet is when we are talking to someone we disagree with. In those cases, we actual try to not listen to what the other person is saying, but concentrate all our effort on how to convince him we are right, and usually failing. Continue reading “Arguing is Not Communicating”