Let Go Of What’s Comfortable to Find What’s Important

“It is indeed a difficult thing to leave those things that are accustomable and present, and turn to those things that are ancient, and according to the original. For these things that appear, delight us, but make the things that appear not, hard to believe, or the things that appear not, are hard to believe.
“The things most apparent are Evil, but the Good is secret, or hidden, or to the things that appear, for it hath neither Form nor Figure. … But the spectacle or sight hath this peculiar and proper: Them that can see, and behold it, it holds fast and draws unto it, as they say, the loadstone doth iron.” ~Hermes


Caged by the comforts of Matter

One of the worst things that can happen when you are on a diet is to go with friends to buffet restaurant where you have to go by all the rich and fatty deserts before you get to the healthy food. It is also unfortunate that hings that taste good on the tongue are often not at all good for you, while the healthy, nutritious food is ofter bland. But those who, like myself for the past fourteen months anyway, choose to eat the healthy organic vegetables and fresh fruit instead of pies, cakes and ice cream find a pleasant surprise waiting around the corner: that a happy tongue doesn’t last, but a healthy body feels good, gets sick less often, and can do more of the things you like to do, especially physical thinks like hiking, swimming, SCUBA diving, and so on.

Similarly, people who take pleasure in material comforts such as a very nice house in a very nice part of town, with three luxury cars in the garage, tend to get so trapped in that cage of matter that they rarely look beyond it. Or the person who gets so hooked on techno-toys that she stands in line for days to get the latest gizmo and soon, even if they don’t admit it to themselves, develop the belief that somehow technology is going to solve all the problems of the world, so we need to embrace it and support it as much as possible. These people are like a fisherman who has found a spot where he get an adequate catch of acceptable fish, so he continues to fish in that spot never realizing that if he took his boat to another spot only one or two knots away, he would catch much more fish, and fish of better quality. Continue reading “Let Go Of What’s Comfortable to Find What’s Important”