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Random Thoughts 1-25-2015

coffeeI was pleased to hear in the news recently that drinking coffee may prevent some forms of skin cancer. Not that I am particularly concerned about cancer (none of my relatives have died from cancer, as far as I know), but anytime I’m given a reason to drink coffee, I’ll take it.


I certainly hope the death of the Saudi king, who was considered a liberal, relatively speaking, won’t result in a return to more conservative practices like not allowing women to be educated.


Some athletes and former students are suing North Carolina U. claiming they were not given a proper education, in other words; because they were athletes others pretty much did the classroom work for them. Actually, no one is getting a good education from these universities because they ignore so much that is really important while emphasizing the trivial. One day, we will all realize this. Continue reading “Random Thoughts 1-25-2015”