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Everywhere Church of the Spiritual Man

“The holy man hath his church in himself, wherein he hears and teaches. But Babel hath a heap of stones into which she goes with her seeming holiness and real hypocrisy. There she loved to be seen in fine clothes, and making a very devout and godly show. The church of stone s her God, in which she puts her confidence.
“But the holy man hath his church about him everywhere, even in himself; for he always stands and walks, sits and lies down in his church. He lives in the true Christian Church; yea in the Temple of Christ. The Holy Ghost preaches to him out of every creature. Wherever he looks, he sees a preacher of God therein. … For the heart is the true church, where a man must practice the service of God.” ~Jacob Boehme

The Holy Man

Don’t think that when Boehme refers to the “holy man,” that he is talking only about a saint or prophet. He means any of us who truly wish to know God, to know truth, and to reach high levels of consciousness. Such a person does not waste time on appearances of holiness. He doesn’t make a point of being seen entering a great church of stone. He doesn’t try to impress others with appearing to prey while sitting in the great “heap of stones”. He has his everywhere church which is with him always.

The Whores of Babylon

What Boehme is calling “Babel” is otherwise known as the Whore of Babylon. This seems like pretty strong language for a religious person. He is essentially calling those who make a show of attending “Church” in some great artificial cave, when their hearts are not really in it, whores and hypocrites .

That may be a bit strong, but not untrue. Too often today the people who do attend church and frequently talk of Jesus do not practice anything resembling real Christianity at all. They pray to Jesus while full of hate toward others and practicing violence and negativity. All in opposition to the teaching of Jesus. Continue reading “Everywhere Church of the Spiritual Man”

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The Supreme Spirit and the Soul

The Supreme Spirit and the Soul

“The soul knows what I know not. It sees into hidden places and understands deep mysteries. Let me know its nature better, that it may instruct me in wisdom. My soul swells with gratitude towards the Bounteous Being, who causes all things to be, which fulfill all desires. My God is not graven in marble or stone. He is not shaped in wood or cast in copper. He has neither offering nor ministrations. My God is a god of quiet places and silences. He is found where the wild winds blow and the gay flowers blossom, away from the habitations of men. He is not worshiped in temples, and His praises are not sunk by the unthinking multitude. … He has no painted shrine, no building fashioned by man could contain Him. Hail to the Supreme Power and Spirit!” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SCL:21:9)

The Kolbrin Bible does contain some odd things, but also some beautiful ones as in the quote above. It does require some spiritual knowledge and understanding to make sense of it, though. So lets break it down.

The soul certainly knows many things that the physical body and the brain/mind does not and cannot. No matter how long you study, how many degree you get, the brain cannot actually understand anything beyond the world of matter. It can accept that spiritual realms exist, it can except that life from such as Angels and Beings of Light dwell in those realms, but not much more than that. Only the soul, which is like a mind for the spirit, can truly understand the spiritual because it is spirit, it is one with God. Unfortunately, it only knows, grows, and learns these great truths if it is awakened. Once it has awakened, and gained the great knowledge and wisdom called Gnosis, it can indeed instruct you in wisdom and understanding. And the soul is certainly grateful to God for all that He is and all that He does. Continue reading “The Supreme Spirit and the Soul”


Cycles, Good and Bad

Rain falls from the clouds onto the mountain top. It flows down the mountain forming streams. Streams join together forming a river. The river flow to the sea and drains into it. The sun heats the sea water causing evaporation. The evaporated water forms clouds. Rain falls from the clouds. It’s a cycle and we deal with many of them all the time. There is the annual cycle of the four seasons. There are natural cycles in the moon, the sun, and the stars. And these natural cycles all effect us.

Businessman running in a hamster wheelThere are also cycles that are not part of nature: business cycles, political cycles, news cycles, etc. Cycles are everywhere, some good, some neutral, some not so good. But when it come to the bad cycles, the good news is that cycles can often be broken. Using the water cycle again, we could interrupt that process by putting a dam on the river creating a lake and virtually stopping the flow of water to the sea, at least from that river. But as we have found in recent decades, that is often not a good idea. By blocking the river, you can cause floods to occur behind the dam, and droughts beyond it. But that is a case of interrupting a good cycle, a useful cycle, and we probably shouldn’t do that. Continue reading “Cycles, Good and Bad”


Schools of Truth, Not Control

“It was not the true faith of the early Christian mystics that Celsus attacked, but the false forms that were creeping in even during his day [2nd century]. …

“The ancient philosophers believed that no man could live intelligently who did not have a fundamental knowledge of Nature and her laws. Before man can obey, he must understand, and the Mysteries were devoted to instructing man concerning the operation of divine law in the terrestrial sphere. Few of the early cults actually worshiped anthropomorphic deities, although their symbolism might lead one to believe they did. They taught man to use his faculties more intelligently, to be patient in the face of adversity, to be courageous when confronted by danger, to be true in the midst of temptation, and, most of all, to view a worth life as the most acceptable form of sacrifice to God, and his body as an altar sacred to the Deity.” ~Manly P. Hall

IntuitiveHealing2To many people, much of what the quoted text says is a complete revelation. Many will actually consider it false, but it isn’t.

I would guess that the vast majority of modern Christians, if asked when there was first a division in the Church, would reply that the protestant reformation was the first. Any real historian, however, will tell you that this is simply not the truth. Even during the first few centuries after Jesus lived a number of splinter groups formed. Strangely, many historian seem to give to Paul and his church the claim to be the successor to the church started by Jesus and turned over to Peter and James before He was put to death. How they can possibly come to that conclusion is beyond me. We know that Paul didn’t know Jesus at all while he lived, that Paul was not one of the original twelve apostles, or even one of the original seventy disciples. If you accept that Jesus really did turn over his church to Paul, as Paul claims, than you have to believe that Jesus was an idiot! You have to believe that Jesus spent years carefully training his apostles to run the Church after he was gone, yet decided years after he had died to return in a vision to Paul, a man known for persecuting Christians, and told him to take over the church with no training whatsoever. And did Jesus bother to appear to Peter, or His own brother James, and tell them that they were fired? No! Only Paul saw the vision of a being who said he was Jesus. And when Peter and James rightfully refused to turn the church over to Paul and told him to go start his own church, that is exactly what he did! Peter and James continued to run the true Church, while Paul started one of the first splinter groups. Continue reading “Schools of Truth, Not Control”