Christ-like nature

Christ-Like Nature Within Us All

“Spiritual union is a state of the soul very clear in my perception, although I may not be able to give you a definite impression of this state. In order to benefit you, it became necessary for me to enter into your state, to have an experimental knowledge, an endurance and suffering of the same state. By this experience I have been brought into closer relation to God, partaking more fully of the Christ-like nature by being rendered capable bearing the infirmities of others. And I have had, also, a clearer idea of that quality of God, whereby he multiplies holy souls, by the communication of himself. In this experience, the soul appears to be in God, and God in her, as first cause, drawing and penetrating in the soul nearest to himself, and by penetration, in this soul, drawing, through her instrumentality, many other Souls.

“So pure and transparent is this soul, that there seems to be no space between the first Mover and the souls moved by the instrumentality. There is a difference between the ray and the body of the sun, although it is difficult to separate the ray from the sun.” ~Madam Guyon

Spiritual Union

Spiritual union can happen only when the soul becomes one with God or with the All-Soul. The body cannot unite like that, nor can the mind. Only the soul can do it. But only after the soul has been awakened. It is a difficult thing to do and few achieve it while still trapped in the realm of matter. Difficult, but well worth the effort. One who has united with the All knows the why of everything. Such a person knows, if only on a subconscious level, what is real and what is illusion. They are not easily fooled by anyone or anything. They are not likely to be drawn away from the path of ongoing enlightenment.

Christ-Like Nature

We all have a Christ-like nature within us, though it lies dormant in most. It is part of the divine soul, and few of us ever awaken that soul. We might be born with the mundane soul, the animal soul, awake, but not the divine soul that connects us to God and our Christ-like nature.

Christ is the first creation, the first child of God. God gave Christ the power to create as He did. So Christ can be considered the creative power of God. God thinks of it and Christ creates it. And that creative power is in each of us. That is our Christ-like nature. Continue reading “Christ-Like Nature Within Us All”

sun of righteousness

Sun of Righteousness, Bold Light of God

“The very first time I interacted with the Christ as the Sun while using the over-the-counter medicine, I was sitting on the couch in the usual state of mild euphoria that it allowed me to feel. Suddenly I heard a voice say ‘Jesus’, and then a picture of Christ from the Renaissance period flashed before me. I noticed I was beginning to feel warmer, and then I saw a large yellow disk moving into my internal vision, the space in my mind that some cultures refer to as the third eye. … I heard myself say, ‘this is the sun’, with shock. I continued to become warmer and warmer. … Soon the yellow disk was taking up the entire field of my inner vision with its glowing saffron warmth. … I began to get very scared, and I heard a female voice say, ‘just relax and let it happen’.

“I felt rattled to the core as I sat there still basking in the perfect feeling of warmth and peace that I had just experienced. … This feeling was so wonderful that it immediately made sense to me why Christians referred to their God as the ‘Prince of Peace’; I began to suspect this Sun God had been known this way long before the advent of Christianity as a state religion of Rome in the 4th century.” ~Kerry Wells

The Sun of Righteousness

What Ms. Wells considers a new and unique experience regarding the sun is neither new nor unique. Many have experienced the same thing throughout the ages. But in order to truly understand what this experience is about, we need to know how our subconscious filters and beliefs are affecting it.

In this case, it is clear that Wells has interpreted the experience according to a Christian background. While she says that she was not religious, it is clear that Christian beliefs and filters existed in her subconscious. So what reached her conscious mind was the experience filters by her Christian-oriented subconscious beliefs.

Drugs and Medicine

Wells says she has these experiences with the Sun of Righteousness when she uses an “over-the-counter medicine.” Many others claim to have spiritual experiences when using medication or drugs, legal or otherwise. While this might possibly work, there are several problems with using this method. One is that you can never know for sure if you are experiencing something real or just hallucinating. Another is that even when it is real, the drugs may affect your interpretation of it as much as your subconscious beliefs, if not more. It is as if you are wearing glasses that distort what you see, so while you may be experiencing something wonderful, you are not fully seeing it because of the distortion.

The Third Eye

Ms. Wells says that she felt warm in the space in her mind that some call the third eye. I have actually never heard anyone say that the third eye is a part of the mind. Most say it is the pineal gland. Others see it as an energy center (chakra) located in the upper part of the head. That last one makes the most sense to me since these energy centers are known to be the links between our physical self and our spiritual self, between the physical dimension and the spiritual ones. But here is something most miss: the Sun of Righteousness will energize the pineal gland so that it can function properly. So there is a connection with both the spiritual energy centers and the physical pineal gland.

Relax and Let it Happen

This has been good advice given by spiritual masters throughout the ages. If you resist what is happening, you will lose it. The connection will be broken by ear or anxiety. If we relax and go with it, we can hold onto the experience longer. The Sun of Righteousness wants to awaken us. It can’t if we resist.

Sun God?

We need to straighten this out. The sun is not God. Even the spiritual Sun of Righteousness is not God. It does have God’s essence or presence in it. That is not the same as saying the sun is God. This essence in the Sun of Righteousness is sometimes called the Logos or Christ. But the sun is not Christ either. The spiritual sun is an intermediary between us and God. Not a holy being to be worshiped but a tool to be used.

Christ and Jesus

One final word regarding Christ in the Sun of Righteousness. Wells, like many Christians, uses the names “Christ’ and “Jesus” interchangeably so she sometimes says that Jesus is in the sun. While Jesus was a Christ, the two are not the same. Jesus was a man in whom the Christ spirit dwelt for a time. But that spirit has been in other beings throughout the ages. It is not the property of Jesus, nor of Christianity. The Christ spirit has been in leaders of other religions as well. And we can all awaken the Christ spirit within ourselves using the light of the Sun of Righteousness.


Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness and the Spiritual Sun

“It is imperative that human beings regain our reverence of the Christ consciousness, at least part of which is the Sun and the light coming from the Sun. We need to turn ourselves away from darkness and toward the Light of Christ again in every way that we can. One thing the Father God has expressed to me is that “time is short”; I don’t know how long that is in God’s years, but it was made clear to me that dark spiritual forces are doing everything they can to overrun the positive, loving nature of Christ, whose body contains the Sun and the Light emanating from it. Most of the time we take the daytime and sunlight for granted, and things like moon phases and eclipses may seem somehow exotic and interesting to us. However, the moon has no light and can only reflect, and astronomic bodies that have no light have nowhere near the loving nature of our star, apparently; though some are benevolent, many are not. It is a mistake to worship any planet or planetary satellite. …

“I only know that Christ and God are in charge of things, loving humanity and seeking to guide us during our soul’s journey on this planet, hopefully back to the heavenly realms to be with them after we pass from this life. They are the guides that humanity should seek to follow.” ~Kerry Wells

Reverence of Christ Consciousness

It is interesting that Ms. Wells says we need reverence of Christ Consciousness. She doesn’t say Christ or Jesus, although she often refers to both, but Christ Consciousness. It is that highest level of consciousness that we need to revere and seek for ourselves, not worship of Jesus or Christ. Christ is the source of Christ Consciousness and Jesus achieved that level of awareness and became a Christ. Nonetheless, we should not worship Jesus or Christ, but instead, seek to achieve higher levels of consciousness until we also achieve that level.

Sun and Sunlight

In a sense, it is true that Christ Consciousness can be found in the sun. More specifically, it can be found in the light of the spiritual sun. Of course, Christ Consciousness can be found everywhere, but just as with a furnace that heats the whole house, there are always locations that it heats better than others. Since all higher levels of consciousness are associated with spiritual light, it is only logical that concentrated sources of spiritual light are the best sources of Christ Consciousness. Our spiritual sun, the spirit of our material sun, is one such source.

Why is that important to you? It’s important because if we want to raise our own consciousness level, we should turn to that light as the best source of the energy needed to make that happen. It is also this light that awakens the spirit and soul. We need to awaken the spirit and soul because the highest levels of consciousness can only be achieved by an awakened soul, not by the brain-mind.

Turn from Darkness

It is good to turn to the light. But it is also important to turn away from darkness. This, however, does not mean what most people think it does. It doesn’t mean we should not go out at night. It doesn’t mean we must avoid walking in the shadows. It means we need to avoid those things associated with darkness. Anger, jealousy, and greed are things of darkness. Materialism is a concept of darkness. This does not mean that we cannot have material possessions. It means that we can’t be owned by material possessions.

Most will say that they are not owned by their possessions. That is an understandable attitude. But it isn’t always true. If you refuse to evacuate your home when a fire or storm is approaching, you are owned by possessions. If you stand in line for three days to get the latest cellphone model, you are owned by possessions. When you can let go of things with little regret, you are not owned by them.

Time is Short

Yes, time is short. The so-called End Times have started. Likewise, the Day of Judgment. But as Wells correctly notes, this is all in God’s time, not human time. The Day of Judgment and the End Times are not measured in Earth days. They may take several decades, or even a century or more. But since we don’t know, we should operate as if it could be over any day. That means we should not put off awakening and developing our spiritual faculties until it is convenient, or until we are old and ready to die. And that doesn’t mean just pretending you have awakened those faculties, but actually doing it. Pretense doesn’t work in the realm of God.

The Moon Has No Light

Again, Ms. Wells has it right. It always amazes me when I read posts in spiritual groups on social media that someone is looking forward to a full moon, or a harvest moon, or some other special moon, so they can recharge their crystals, or themselves. The moon has no light of its own. It is only reflecting sunlight and doing that poorly. It isn’t, after all, a highly polished mirror. So why deal with a poor reflection of sunlight when you can turn to the sun and get it full strength? And the moon reflects little, if any, spiritual light. That makes it worthless for gaining spiritual energy. That makes it worthless for gaining Christ Consciousness.

first child

First Child of Divine Consciousness

“It was called into being, a ready and perfect vehicle for the incarnating denizens of higher spheres, who took forthwith their abodes in these forms born of Spiritual WILL and the natural divine power in man. It was a child of pure spirit, mentally unalloyed with any tincture of earthly element. Its physical frame alone was of time and of life, as it drew its intelligence directly from above. It was the living tree of divine wisdom; and may therefore be likened to the Mundane Tree of the Norse Legend, which cannot wither and die until the last battle of life shall be fought, while its roots are gnawed all the time by the dragon Nidhogg; for even so, the first and holy son of Kriyasakti had his body gnawed by the teeth of time, but the roots of his inner being remain forever undecaying and strong, because they grew and expanded in heaven not on earth.

“He was the first of the FIRST, and he was the seed of all the others. …There were other ‘Sons of Kriyasakti’ produced by a second Spiritual effort, but the first one has remained to this day the Seed of divine Knowledge.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

First Child

The first child of God, or Divine Consciousness ( Kriyasakti is creative consciousness), is greater than the others that follow. In Christianity, most think of that first son as Jesus, but it would be more accurate to think of him as Christ. Jesus was a man in whom the Christ spirit resided for a time. But the Christ spirit existed long before the birth of Jesus.

Spiritual Will

The first child was born of spiritual will, as was everything else in the realms of spirit. Spiritual will and spiritual thought creates all that exists in the realms of spirit. Likewise, physical will and thought creates the physical world around us. But since the physical world is an illusion, what is being manifest on this level is little more than kids making little animals from clay.

Spiritual will exists in all spiritual beings such as the angels and the Beings of Light. It also exists in the divine soul of man as the soul is also a spiritual being. Most of us never use it while in the material world because the spirit and soul are dormant when we come into this realm. We have to make the effort to awaken those spiritual faculties using spiritual light. Once they are awakened, that Divine first child can be born within us and be a part of us. Continue reading “First Child of Divine Consciousness”