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Charity Done Because It’s the Right Thing to Do

“Such there be, who when they have done a good turn to any, are ready to set them on the score for it, and to require retaliation. Others there be, who though they stand not upon retaliation,to require any, yet they think with themselves nevertheless, that such a one is their debtor, and they know as their word is what they have done.

“Others again there be, who when they have done and such thing, do not so much as know what they have done; but are like unto the vine, which beareth her grapes, and when once she hath borne her own proper fruit, is content and seeks for no further recompense. As a horse after a race, or a hunting dog when he has hunted, and a bee when she has made her honey, look not for applause and commendations; so neither does that man that rightly doth understand his own nature when he has done a good turn.” ~Marcus Aurelius

False Charity

It somewhat amazes me that so many people don’t get that charity isn’t really charity if you expect to get something back for your good deed. Whether it be expecting the person you helped to reciprocate in some way, or expecting the charity you helped to give you publicity for doing so, It’s not charity, it’s making a purchase if you expect something in return. The same is true if you think that by doing someone a favor, they are now indebted to you.

True Charity

As Aurelius notes, true charity is when you give to others in such a way as to not even think of it as doing them a favor. Somebody needs help, you just help them. You don’t think “ I need to do my good deed for the day, so I will help him.” You don’t think, “I’m a good person, therefore I should help.” You do it without thinking about it at all. It is as automatic to you as breathing air. That is true charity. Few of us can claim to have reached that level. It is a difficult thing to do in such a materialistic world. Yet it is something that we should aim for as we grow our spiritual side. Continue reading “Charity Done Because It’s the Right Thing to Do”


Good Work by Compulsion isn’t Good

“Whatsoever ornament is compulsion, is not true but is borrowed. This is a great thing in God’s eyes, that a man should be adorned by himself; therefore took he away compulsion. For even as of His prudence—in its own time he employed compulsion—so likewise of His prudence—He took it away at a time—when gentleness was desired in its stead.
“For as it is befitting to Youth, that it should be made to haste under the rod, so it is very hateful that under rod, Wisdom should be brought to serve, that compulsion should be lord over her.” ~St. Ephraim the Syrian

No one would consider a person charitable if that person pays his taxes, under threat of jail, and some of that money is used to benefit the poor. It is only when the person voluntarily gives to charity directly that he is considered a charitable person. Likewise, a young men who is taken by soldiers and told that he can join the military or be put to death, is not a hero because he chooses to live (not that such a thing happens here, but it does happen in some countries and there was a time when, right here in the United States, judges would often give young men accused of a crime the choice of going to jail or going into the military.) In short, a person who does good only because he is forced to is not truly doing good at all, he is just serving his own self-interest.

One might even say that in places where marriages are arranged by the parents and the bride and groom have no say in the matter, that they are not truly married. For a marriage to be real, it must be the choice of the people involved, not the choice of others. Continue reading “Good Work by Compulsion isn’t Good”

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Random Thoughts 4-26-2015


This is a true story with a lesson for us all. Hopefully, you can figure it out without any help from me.

When I was nine or ten years old I saw a wasp fly into a spider’s web and get trapped. As the wasp struggled to get free, the spider ran down from the corner of the web and started wrapping it in silk to get the wasp completely trapped. As the spider kept wrapping, the wasp kept struggling to get free and also attack the spider. The spider was successful in wrapping the wasp up tight, but in the process the wasp succeeded in stinging it at least once. The spider quickly died from the stings and the wasp died as well.


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I’ve noticed that someone in Russia is reading my blog regularly, so to my Russian fan:

хорошего дня
That's “Have a good Day!” according to Google translate.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Nepal who have lost their homes and loved ones in the earthquake.

If Bill Gates makes a donation to a charity run by a politician, and then Microsoft wins a government contract, that proves Gates bought political favors, right? Actually, no, it doesn’t But that is the logic Republicans are using to criticize the Clinton foundation. Wouldn’t it be great if politicians could run on how well qualified they are instead of the “Vote for me because the other guy is an idiot” method.

The news media is making a big thing of a man who “works for Congress” but is homeless. Actually, he works for the company that runs the cafeteria in Congress which is not the same thing, but I fail to see why he should be considered any different than any other homeless person. It should be a great shame of all Americans that in one of the wealthiest countries in the world where many building sit empty and abandoned and where CEOs of major corporations earn more than dictators in small countries, millions of people including many who have jobs are living in the streets.


I’ve actually never watched the Dr. Oz show, but I may start now the he has fired back at the AMA drug & GMO pushers for criticizing his recommending natural diet aids of unproven effectiveness and asking that he be fired. I’m not saying those products work, but I do know that many herbal and natural treatments work as well as the drugs being pushed by the AMA and with far fewer side effects.

“The wide pond expands like a mirror, the heavenly light and cloud shadow play upon it. How does such clarity occur? It is because it combines the living stream from the Fountain.” ~Chi His

Beyond Pesticides promotes growing and eating healthy organic foods. Click on the photo to go to their site.



Random Thoughts 10-19-2014

I’m glad that the Florida man who shot a teenager when they got into an argument over the teen’s loud music has been found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.


Ebola1I’m also glad to see that I’m not the only one shaking his head at the new boogieman in town, Ebola. While thousands die every day of cancer, malnutrition, heart disease, etc., etc. lets all freak out over something that has killed only one person in this country and even in Africa is responsible for only a very small percent of the deaths occurring there. I never know if I should cry or laugh when people let fears totally control them, especially irrational fears. Probably most are too young to remember the 1950’s when we were convinced by fear mongers and clever marketers to spend all our saving building bomb shelters in our basements and back yards? And billions were spent building such shelters in schools when the money could have been used to actually educate. Those shelters never got used, in case your wondering, except perhaps for teens making out as in the scene from the movie Grease. When a cruse ship has been prevented from docking in two ports because word got out that a health care worker who cared for an Ebola patient was on the ship, we have totally lost all reason.

Continue reading “Random Thoughts 10-19-2014”