lesson of suffering

The Lesson of Suffering is Learn and Grow

Lesson of Suffering

“Suffering is not punishment. It is given as a lesson. We give a completely different connotation to the word ‘punishment.’ Punishment means there is a lesson to be learned. If suffering comes to you, do not become disturbed. A specific blessing is hidden within it that will come after you have endured the suffering. Do not force the given conditions. Remember: the blessing for which your heart and mind are longing will come in time. Be watchful not to let this blessing pass you by.

“Do not avoid suffering, but profit by it. … Through suffering Love prepares the conditions for new joy to come.The suffering of today is a condition for future joy.

“Suffering and sorrows are Divine Plows that prepare the ground, so that the seed of future virtues will be able to sprout. When someone suffers, he becomes a better person and more sensitive.

“The awakening of the consciousness does not occur mechanically, but comes through the impulses that come from suffering. The more difficulties a person encounters, the greater the possibilities are for personal growth. The great people had to endure great ordeals. This does not mean that these great people knew only suffering. They also had joys so great that they are not known to the ordinary people.” ~Biensa Douno

Suffering is not Punishment

The first lesson of suffering is that it isn’t a punishment. God doesn’t punish. The Universe doesn’t punish. It teaches.

When you stick your hand in a fire, it gets burned. That is not because the fire is punishing you. It is because you need to learn to respect the boundaries and restrictions of the physical world. The same is true with sticking a finger in acid or eating something that makes you sick. It isn’t a punishment. It is a lesson of suffering to teach you how the world functions.

Another Lesson of Suffering: Change

When everything is going well when we are happy and contented, we don’t want to change, we don’t want to grow. This is simply the way of the human mind. Why try to improve when you are enjoying where you are?

But we all do need to improve, to change. The world is constantly changing and we must be doing the same. Those who choose to stop growing and changing rarely, if ever, accomplish anything.

When something interrupts our joy and comfort with suffering, we want to change. Often, change must be triggered by suffering or sorrows of some sort. We all need to continue to grow, and the lesson of suffering reminds us to do that.

Empathy is also a Lesson of Suffering

Many of us who are developing our spiritual Selves are empathic in the sense that we can literally feel the pains and suffering of those around us. But even those who are not empathic in that way need to truly understand and empathize with those who suffer. That is another reason why some forms of suffering may afflict us. Empathy is a lesson of suffering for all, even those who are not empaths.

Profit By It

So Douno says that rather than trying to hide from suffering, we should learn to profit from it. That means that when we are suffering we need to ask what is the lesson that suffering is trying to teach us. It doesn’t mean that we should seek out suffering and punish ourselves in an effort to grow. Another lesson of suffering is that suffering, in and of itself, doesn’t make us grow. At least not in a spiritual way. What it does is trigger us to get moving and change the things that are preventing our growth. Or even better, it gets us to actively seek out spiritual growth and understanding. But we don’t necessarily need a Dark Night of the Soul to Awaken. That is a myth. A few individuals need that sort of an extreme lesson of suffering, but most of us do not, so don’t seek it. Small bits of suffering that gets us to move ahead for a while is enough. More suffering does not necessarily mean more or better growth.

Awakening Consciousness

First, we don’t need to do anything to awaken our consciousness on the material level. What Douno is talking about is, of course, spiritual consciousness, higher levels of consciousness. I find I have to disagree with him on what he says about it in the book quoted. Suffering does not in itself cause a spiritual awakening of consciousness. What it can do for some is trigger us to seek a spiritual awakening. When St. Francis was suffering from what we now call PTSD, it wasn’t the suffering that awakened him. He awakened while watching the sunrise from his bed. The PTSD triggered the lesson of suffering, but it was the Light of the Spiritual Sun that did the actual awakening. There is a lesson far more of us need to learn.


Changeling Fantasies in a Modern World

“These days in our America, so many go about proclaiming ’empowerment,’ by which actually they mean ‘resentment,’ or ‘catering to resentment.’ To be empowered by eloquence and vision is what Emerson meant by self-reliance, and is the start of what I mean by ‘mere Gnosticism,’ where ‘mere’ takes its original meaning of ‘pure’ or ‘unmixed.’ To fall in love with great poetry when you are young is to be awakened to the self’s potential, in a way that has little to do, initially, with overt knowing. The self’s potential as power involves the self’s immortality, not as duration but as the awakening to knowledge of something in the self that cannot die,because it was never born. It is a curious sensation when a young person realizes that he or she is not altogether the child of that person’s natural parents. Freud reduces such a sensation to ‘the changeling fantasy,’ in which you imagine you are a fairy child, plucked away by adoptive parents who then masquerade as a natural mother and father. But is it only a fantasy to locate, in the self, a magical or occult element, older than any other component of of the self?” ~Harold Bloom


Empowerment is defined as sharing information, resources, and power with employees so they can do certain tasks better. I’m not sure if that is the same definition it had when Bloom wrote the quote above. In any case, I don’t see how he thinks that what most people mean by empowerment is actually resentment. However, he does have a point in that what it usually means is limited to material things. So when he says it is really more like what Emerson called “self-reliance,” he is saying that it is more correctly thought of as a spiritual thing rather than something given to us by other people. In other words, real empowerment comes from within ourselves, not from others. We may get advice from others, but it is only when we decide to accept that advice and act on it that we become empowered.

Loving Poetry

Mr. Bloom says that loving poetry when you are young is a kind of spiritual awakening. But which came first, the chicken or the egg? It may not be that loving poetry develops your spiritual self. Instead, it may be that you have a love of poetry because you already are spiritual. Or you might develop a love of poetry at the same time that you are developing your spiritual self. It is true, though, that the two often go together. And it isn’t limited to poetry. Spiritual people are attracted to all things of beauty and peace. Music, art, gardening, They are also attracted to things that deal with truth and justice rather than lies and misdirection. As Bloom says, they are “ empowered by eloquence and vision.”

Immortal Self

We do have an immortal self. That “Self” is not physical. As Jesus said, flesh cannot inherit the kingdom of God. The higher realms are those of spirit. Those spiritual realms are the only ones where immortality can exist. No matter how hard they try, medical research will never make the physical body immortal. When the planet itself is mortal, how can any being living on it be immortal?

Bloom adds that this immortal self cannot die because it was never born. Hose still clinging to the illusions of matter may have difficulty grasping that. They end up asking senseless questions on social media like, “Who gave birth to God?” or “How do you know if your soul is old or young?” No being gave birth to God because He was never born. He just is. Likewise, your soul was never born. It just is. It exists outside of time and space. Therefore, there are no old souls or young souls. Aging has nothing to do with souls.

Changeling Fantasy

If you think the changeling fantasy is dead, you don’t use social media very much. Or at least you don’t see what is posted on many spiritual groups. There you find a few who may claim to be children of fairies. More often, however, they claim other changeling concepts today. Some changelings believe they are not from earth, but come here from planet Asturias, or Perseid, or some other planet or star. Other changelings are star children from some unspecified star send to help the human race evolve. Others are simply called Indigo children, crystal children, or other new age names that have no connection to reality. Yes, there are special people, people who are destined for great spiritual development. But they are people who have humility, so you will rarely find them making egotistical claims of superiority.

As Bloom notes. These changing fantasies are just a means, on the part of such individuals who have usually had a partial awakening, a glimpse into the spiritual, to understand why they are different. But they are not from other planets or stars. A changeling is just as much an Earthling as anyone else. But they feel the awakening of their souls which are from heaven. Not a physical location at all, but a higher dimension of reality, a higher state of consciousness.

His doesn’t mean that we should make fun of those who have changeling fantasies. They are only trying to deal with something they don’t understand. One day they will all understand they are dealing with spiritual things and spiritual beings, and they are not aliens or Starseeds. Until then, just let them believe whatever comforts them.

renovate yourself

Renovate Yourself Physically, Mentally and Spiritually

“In order to renovate yourselves, rise early in the morning and receive the first ray of the Sun. it is accompanied by radiant and sublime thoughts.

“A person wishing to develop properly should first of all absorb light correctly, then heat, then air, and finally solid food for the body.

“It is good to sunbath early in the morning—until noon at the latest. If you do this, your mind should be concentrated and positive; you should accept only the positive rays of the Sun. You should be careful not to fall asleep or you will lose everything you have gained.

“Whoever is lazy to get up early to meet the first ray of the Sun, however much he warms himself at the noon rays of the Sun, he would obtain nothing.

“When the sun is rising, let us welcome it; let us perceive that which it sends us. Let us benefit from the thoughts and feelings that come intro us during contemplation of the sunrise.” ~Biensa Douno

Renovate Yourself

I have never heard anyone use “renovate” to describe the process of spiritual transformation before. Now that I have, I feel that it isn’t a bad choice. When spiritual books and spiritual gurus talk about transformation, It sounds wonderful. It also sounds difficult and time-consuming. Transformation is often illustrated with a picture of a butterfly coming out of a cocoon. That is how we see a transformation. It is a view that seems wondrous at times, but also a little scary. It looks like we are going to become something so completely different that the self we know now will completely disappear.

Renovate is not so grandiose a concept, and not so scary. We understand renovation. We do it all the time. We renovate a living room, a house, a business office. We watch TV shows where old houses are made new again by professional designers and renovators. What they do is wonderful. And yet the original house is not destroyed.

First Ray of the Sun

To renovate a house, you need the proper tools and equipment. Paint, wallpaper, tiles, and so on. To renovate yourself is no different. But which tools and aids are needed depends on the type of renovation you have planned. To lose weight, you change your eating habits and exercise more. Changing your hair color or the way you dress is another way to renovate yourself. But that is all physical renovation. What is far more important is spiritual renovation.

Douno is telling us that the first and most effective way to renovate yourself on a spiritual level is to awaken the dormant spiritual faculties. It takes energy to do that. The best source of energy for us is the sun. The best source of spiritual energy is the spiritual sun, which is what Douno is referring to when he capitalizes “Sun”.

Other Tools

But the rays of the spiritual Sun are not the only thing that can help you renovate yourself. Like renovating a house, many tools might be needed.

Douno advises us to take only the positive rays from the sun. He doesn’t say how to do that. In this case, it’s a matter of like attracting like. If we want to get positive energy from the send, we have to do our sun gazing with a positive attitude. We should never do it when angry or severely depressed. The sun will reflect similar energies back to us and make it worse. And if we want spiritual development, we have to think of that when doing the sun gazing. Just looking at the physical sun won’t do that.

Other tools are helpful as well. Having crystals on us can help. They can be carried in pockets, but work best if worn so they are touching the skin. One type of crystal or several different ones can be used at the same time.

Sound is another useful tool to renovate yourself. It can help raise your vibrations. The higher your vibration frequencies, the closer you get to the spiritual worlds. The sound can come from musical instruments, recordings, or chanting.

Scent is another sense that can get involved for our benefit. Incense or essential oils can be used to stimulate the sense of smell. Certain scents can help us feel more positive. They also help raise our frequencies.

Even the foods we eat can be an aid to spiritual renovation as well as physical. With the spiritual, however, the emphasis is mostly on color rather than nutritional value. If you have become too spiritual and need grounding, eating red and orange foods can help. If you are too materialistic, blue and purple foods would be a better choice.

There are many tools for renovating yourself, but as Douno says, the sun at sunrise is the most important. So don’t waste any more time. Start renovating yourself now.

future, thoughts change

Thoughts Change What We See, Not What is Real

“I do not in any way alter a thing by thinking about it. I can well imagine that a being with quite differently constructed sense organs and with a differently functioning intelligence, would have a very different mental picture of a horse from mine, but I cannot imagine that my own thinking becomes something different through the fact that I observe it. … Here we are not talking of how my thinking looks to an intelligence other than mine, but of how it looks to me. In any case the picture of my thinking which another intelligence might have cannot be a truer one than my own. Only if I were not myself the being doing the thinking, but if the thinking were to confront me as the activity of a being quite foreign to me, might I then say that although my own picture of the thinking may arise in a particular way, what the thinking of that being may be like in itself, I am quite unable to know.” ~Rudolf Steiner

We See What We Think

I think that most people today accept that our thoughts affect what we see. When Christopher Columbus landed in the new land, most of the native American could not see his ships anchored offshore. Hey could see the small landing boats, but not the ships they came from. Their mind could not conceive of such large boats, so they didn’t see them. Something similar is happening when members of certain Christian churches see Jesus in every rust spot or water stain that vaguely resembles a human face.

While the thoughts of those people limited or altered what they saw, those thoughts did not actually change the thing itself. At least that is what Steiner is saying. This seems to defy modern Quantum Physics.

It is claimed in Quantum Physics that the observer changes the thing observed. But what happens if the thing is observed simultaneously by two very different beings. Will they both see the same thing, which has been altered by their observations? Probably not. They each see something different controlled by their own physiology, beliefs and thoughts. That doesn’t mean there are two of the thing. It means that the observed view of it is unreliable. In neither case does it truly reflect what the object is. Continue reading “Thoughts Change What We See, Not What is Real”