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Pure Experience of Sublime Reality

“Buddhist philosophy, therefore is the philosophy of Suchness, or philosophy of Emptiness, or philosophy of Self-identity. It starts from the absolute presence in which there is no differentiation of subject and object, and yet which is not a state of sheer nothingness. … This Suchness defies all characterization or denotation. No words can express what it is, but as words are the only instrument given to humna beings to communicate our thought, we have to use words, with this caution: Nothing is available for our purpose to say ‘not available, (anupalabda in Sanskrit and pu k’u te in Chinese) is not to the point either. Nothing is acceptable. To say it is already negating itself. Suchness transcends everything. It has mo moorings. No concepts can reach it, no understanding can grasp it. Therefore, it is called pure experience.

“ In pure experience there is no division between ‘ought’ and ‘is,” between form and matter or content, and therefore there is no judgment in it. …

“The Buddhist philosophy of Suchness thus starts with what is most primarily given to our consciousness which I have called pure experience. But, in point of fact, to say ‘pure experience’ is to commit oneself to something already posited somewhere, and thus it ceases to be pure. The Dhammapada reflects this thought when it designates the starting point of Buddhist philosophy as trackless, unboundable, … formless.” ~Daisetz Teitaro Suziki

Pure Experience is Truth

Here is something that a lot of people have not yet grasped, even spiritual ones: you can never be sure that what you read in a book, or what you are told, or see on YouTube, is absolute truth. You have to accept that it is almost certainly someone’s opinion. Worse yet, it is often the understanding of one person reading the opinions of another person, who studied the writings of someone like Buddha who had actual spiritual pure experience.

I hear people in various spiritual groups on social media say that spirituality is about having your own experience. Yet when one of them posts a meme, one hundred others will re-post it as if it is a known and absolute truth. As the above quote says, anything put into words can never be absolute truth. At best, it can only hint at the truth. In any case, reading what someone else wrote is not having your own experience.

Every day I see someone in one of these spiritual groups asking other members to recommend books or movies that will help them awaken. These things can only point you in the right direction. Only experience of your own can truly awaken and enlighten. Once you have awakened your spiritual faculties, they can connect with higher dimensions of reality. The experience of those dimensions, the knowledge found within them, is the pure experience Buddha was talking about. It’s a spiritual thing, not a mental one. Continue reading “Pure Experience of Sublime Reality”

Shepherd and Flock

The Shepherd and the Sheep

“It is said of the Shepherd that he carries the lambs in his bosom: but the sheep are expected to walk, and put up with the inequalities of the road, the bunts and blunders of the flock. It is to vigor rather than to comfort that you are called. Since the transcendental aspect of your being has been brought into focus you are now raised out of the mere push-forward, the blind passage through time of the flock, into a position of creative responsibility. You are aware of personal correspondence with the Shepherd. You correspond, too, with a larger, deeper, broader world. … Each little event, each separate demand or invitation which comes to you is now seen in a truer proportion, because you bring to it your awareness of the Whole.” ~Evelyn Underhill

The Shepherd

You could interpret Ms. Underhill’s use of the term “the Shepherd” as a reference to God or to Christ. It really doesn’t matter which is correct. What matters is what she says about the interpretation of the Shepherd having “the lambs in his bosom”. This is thought by many popular churches to mean that the sheep have to do nothing, that the Shepherd will carry them around and do it all for them. Neither Jesus, Buddha, or any other great spiritual leader ever taught such nonsense. Continue reading “The Shepherd and the Sheep”

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Random Thoughts 2-1-2015

I’m glad that Bill Gates has added his influential voice to those warning us that if we give machines too much artificial intelligence, they may one day take over and enslave us. This is not, as some will claim, an anti-technology stance, but a concern about the type of technology. Even if you don’t think that machines could ever take over, consider how turning intellectual activities will make us progressively dumber just as turning most physically straining activities over to machines left us fat and weak. A simple example of this is to just notice how so many young people now use no punctuation of any kind when they post on Twitter or Facebook.


We’re all loving the nice weather we are having in the Reno, Nevada area while the East suffers from blizzards and cold. The bad news, though, is very little rain in January which is usually the rainiest month of the year. This indicate that the big West Coast drought is far from over.


I love the complete illogical statements coming from the fans of vaccinations. They are asking governments to ban kids without vaccinations from schools, or force them to be vaccinated, at gun point if necessary. They are afraid they they will pass some illness on to their heavily drugged children. But if the vaccinations actually work, what are they afraid of? Shouldn’t their children be totally immune? Or are they admitting that vaccinations just don’t do what they claim to do?

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Random Thoughts 1-11-2015

There is a story in the news of a seven-year-old girl who survived a plane crash that the rest of her family died in. She managed to free herself from the wreck and make her way to one of a very few occupied houses in the area. Everyone is talking about this as a miracle and can’t understand how she had the presence to stay calm under the situation and find her way to help. While the term miracle is not misused, this is not as surprising to those of us involved in spiritual enlightenment as it is to the materialists. We know that we all have great powers buried within us that an be awaken by working towards it, or by a traumatic event as happened with this girl.


Another attack by Islamic terrorists, this time in France against a French magazine that has posted cartoons considered sacrilege by some in this faith. It is really sad that no matter how many times they are proven wrong, terrorists keep thinking they can force their warped beliefs on other through violence. Although I do think it is inappropriate to poke fun at anyone religious beliefs, killing people is not the answer, especially when the individuals killed are not directly responsible for the offense. And the many peaceful and responsible Muslims in the world need to strongly condemn this type of behavior or more and more people will start to believe that they secretly approve.


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Is anyone really surprised that one of the first things the new congress tried to do is cut funding for disabled people on Social Security?

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