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A Man is Polite, Impartial, A Gentleman

“A man is silent and calm; he stands steady like a rock amidst the tumult of raging waters. He bears himself patiently before the temper of a wrathful man and control himself in the presence of a fool. His decisions are made clearly and without undue haste. He is prepared for whatever may befall, his reckoning embraces both success and failure.

“A man judges all men equally by one standard and expects each to act according to his capacity. He is prepared to meet strength with strength. He does not shirk the issue with violent men, nor does he suppress his wrath when the cause is just.

“A man safeguards his reputation and challenges those who would steal it from him. He is prudent and wary, he is not easily beguiled. He weighs all things in his mind and concludes all things by reasoning.

“A man receives the stranger with hospitality and politeness. He gives generously to the needy and eases the burden of the heavy-laden. He is cheerful under difficulties, and his face is never sullen or mean.

“A man is impartial in his dealings. He is fair and just to all men.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (Man:9:2-12)

A Man is Silent and Calm

First, we have to understand that the author of this short section of the Kolbrin Bible is talking about his concept of the ideal man, not the average or typical man. He is saying this is how men should be, not how they actually are.

Most of the Kolbrin Bible appears to have been written by people with great spiritual knowledge. They may have been teachers in some unidentified mystery school or advanced students. The author of this section does not fit that description. His knowledge seems to be more of a materialistic and intellectual kind, yet I felt that much of what he said makes sense.

So a man is silent and calm because he has his emotions under control. He doesn’t just react like a dog noticing a cat in the park. He thinks about how to react and reacts sensibly. There are exceptions, of course. If he sees someone being murdered, he is not going to contemplate what to do, he is going to act quickly. But most of us react emotionally more often then we should. Continue reading “A Man is Polite, Impartial, A Gentleman”

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Good Character Development Means Forget the Bad

“To learn to forget is as necessary and useful as to learn to remember. We think of many things every day which it would be more profitable not to think of at all. To be able to forget is to be able to drive away the unseen force (thought) which is injuring us, and change it for a force (or order of thought) to benefit us.

“Demand imperiously and persistently any quality of character in which you may be lacking, and you attract increase of such quality. Demand more patience or decision or judgment or courage or hopefulness or exactness, and you will increase in those qualities. These qualities are real elements. They belong to the subtler, and as yet unrecognized, chemistry of nature.” ~Prentice Mulford

Learn to Forget

This is probably contrary to everything you have ever heard. Rarely does someone tell you to forget. Only if it is something terrible like witnessing a murder would they say that. But there are many other times when forgetting is useful.

Many of us grew up as members of a conventional church that teaches social behavior more that any form of spiritual enlightenment. Such churches teach us to listen and conform. To forget such teachings can benefit us greatly.

Some of us grew up in poverty. There is nothing wrong with that, nothing to be ashamed of. But when it gives us the belief that we are doomed to live in poverty all of our lives, this is something we need to forget.

Others, on the other hand, grew up in luxury with servants to do just about everything for them. They had cooks to make meals, tutors to help with school, and so on. When it comes to spiritual growth, however, you can’t get your servants to do it for you. Neither can you buy your way in. You have to forget those ideas and learn to do things yourself. A spiritual awakening is a personal thing.

Of course there are things we should never forget. We may have forgotten what it is like, but deep down we do remember that we originated in the spiritual realms. Only the Great Fall has left us in the universe of matter. And we need to return to spirit and change this world back to spirit. We must always remember that.

Quality of Good Character

Mulford says we must not only work on improving our character, but “Demand imperiously and persistently” that we get the characteristics we desire. Today’s teachers of similar philosophies would say instead that we need to believe that it is already ours, it is in our hands.

Several decades ago, people laughed at such philosophies. Now even ivy league universities use visualization techniques to help students win games and get better grades. Continue reading “Good Character Development Means Forget the Bad”

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Soul, Behavior and Man’s Choice

“The soul of man stands in the same relation to that spiritual power that fills the universe as the flowers of the field to the light of the terrestrial sun. A plant deprived of light1 will sicken and die, and a soul in which the spirit of holiness does not exist will become degraded lower than the soul of animals; because animals are not given to arguing; they act according to the laws of their nature, while the possession of an intellect enables man to act unnaturally, and in opposition to Divine Law.
“But there have been other men who, by remaining natural and obedient to Divine Law, have grown into a state of spirituality superior to the merely intellectual state.” ~Franz Hartmann

Nourishing the Soul

Man does have a soul (actually two of them, more on that later) and just as the body requires nourishment and energy, so does the spirit and soul. Mr. Hartmann mentions that a plant needs light to survive. So does the spirit, but it is a different kind of light, a different frequency of light. Hartman calls this light “Spiritual Power” which is fine, but it is the same thing as spiritual Light and comes to us primarily from the spiritual sun. Just as those flowers need a certain amount of sunlight to grow and be healthy, the spirit need that spiritual light. Continue reading “Soul, Behavior and Man’s Choice”

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God Never Harms and Cannot be Bought

God Never Harms

“God is good, dispassionate and immutable. Now someone who thinks it reasonable and true to affirm that God does not change, may well ask how, in that case, it is possible to speak of God as rejoicing over those who are showing mercy to those who honor Him, while turning away from the wicked and being angry with sinners. To this it must be answered that God neither rejoices nor grows angry, for to rejoice and to be offended are passions; nor is He won over by the gifts of those who honor Him, for that would mean he is swayed by pleasure. It is not right to imagine that God feels pleasure or displeasure in a human way. He is good, and He only bestows blessings and never does harm, remaining always the same. We men, on the other hand, if we remain good through resembling God, are united to Him; but if we become evil through not resembling God, we are separated from Him. … It is not that He grow angry with us in an arbitrary way, but it is our sins that prevent God from shining within us, …” ~The Philokalia

We love to think of God as being much like us, primarily due to a misunderstanding of the “created in His image” teaching. God is not human, not much like a human, and we should not think of Him as being some kind of super human. It would probably be more accurate to think of Him more like a natural force such as gravity.

The Philokalia says God never does harm, but only good. This is completely true. Some people might say that God does do harm indirectly by allowing those things that harm us to exist, but that is a childish way of looking at it. We need to learn things and if we never get burned by the fire, we never learn to stop sticking out hands in the stove. Continue reading “God Never Harms and Cannot be Bought”