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A balanced Path for a Happy Life

“Materialism can never offer a satisfactory explanation of the world. For every attempt at an explanation must begin with the formation of thoughts about the phenomena of the world. Materialism thus begins with the thought of matter or material processes. But, in doing so, it is already confronted by two different sets of facts: the material world, and the thoughts about it. The materialist seeks to make these latter intelligible by regarding them as purely material processes. He believes that thinking takes place in the brain.

“What of the spiritualistic theory? The genuine spiritualist denies to matter all independent existence and regards it merely as a product of spirit. But when he tries to use this theory to solve the riddle of his own human nature, he finds himself driven into a corner. Over against the “I” or Ego, which can be ranged on the side of spirit, there stands directly the world of the senses. No spiritual approach to it seems open. Only with the help of material processes can it be perceived and experienced by the “I”.”
~Rudolf Steiner

The Material Path

The path of materialism has been followed by most for centuries. By now, it should be obvious that this path doesn’t really lead anywhere. It’s a circular path. It’s running in the exercise wheel and never really moving at all.

For starters, this is the path of Darwin’s “Survival of the fittest”. Which means that only a small percentage of people following this path can succeed at it. A philosophy one sees promoted a lot these days is that abundance is available to all. We can all be wealthy if we just wish for it hard enough. This is a complete lie intended to placate the dissatisfied who have worked hard for many years with almost no progress.

More importantly, the size of your pile of material possessions doesn’t actually show your worth. When you die, they become other peoples property. So their benefit to you is temporary, at best. In many cases, they are not a benefit at all but anchors preventing your spiritual growth.

The Spiritual Path

Mr. Steiner correctly notes that a path of pure spiritual development is just as ineffective. A person who works only on spiritual development and ignores his material side is likely to end up suffering in the world of matter. He might be homeless, starving, and suffering from various physical illnesses. Such a person is likely to die young having not really achieved much spiritual development anyway. So this is not a great path to choose either. Continue reading “A balanced Path for a Happy Life”

symmetry in environment

Symmetry in Our Environment and Our Lives

“The Mysteries held that man, in part at least, was the product of his environment Therefore they considered it imperative that every person be surrounded by objects which would invoke the highest and noblest sentiments. They proved that it was possible to produce beauty in life by surrounding life with beauty. They discovered that symmetrical bodies were built by souls continuously in the presence of symmetrical bodies; that noble thoughts were produced by minds surrounded by examples mental nobility. … Thoughtful men of antiquity realized that their great philosophers were the natural products of the aesthetic ideals of architecture, music, and art. …

“The substitution of the discord of the fantastic for the harmony of the beautiful constitutes one of the great tragedies of every civilization.” ~Manly P. Hall

Man’s Environment

There is little doubt that we are affected by the environment we live in. The only question is how much.

Recent studies have shown that people who grow up in poverty and surrounded by nothing but poor people will almost certainly spend his entire life in poverty. That is because he knows nothing else. The abandoned child from such an environment who is adopted by a wealthy family will be far more likely to have financial success as an adult. He grew up with it and knows how it works. Perhaps most of all, he expects it.

A person who grew up in an environment of fear and worry will probably grow up being fearful of everything and constantly worrying. The one shown that there is little to fear and worry solves nothing will have a much healthier mental attitude and be open to learning new things.

Environment with Beauty

The mystery schools and spiritual schools of the ancients did teach students to surround themselves with the things they wanted to be. Beauty was certainly a big part of that. The type of beauty Mr. Hall is talking about is not limited to humans. We can surround ourselves with beautiful plants and flowers. Beautiful housing with beautiful furniture also. The more beauty around us, the better. But beauty doesn’t have to be in the physical appearance of the person or thing. Beauty can also be in the way a person acts and thinks. It can be in a plant that struggles to survive in a rocky environment. It can be in a pet that survives and is happy despite having a handicap. Surrounding ourselves with true beauty is more effective than surrounding ourselves with the superficial beauty of vain people.

Beauty of Symmetry

For many ages, spiritual people have known that symmetry is a big part of beauty. The laws of Divine Proportion are all about symmetry. Symmetry creates calmness, mental peace. Symmetry is pleasing to the eye, the mine, and the spirit.

Being symmetrical doesn’t mean that one side of a thing must be a perfect mirror image of the other side. It just means that the differences are balanced so it doesn’t look lopsided. For example, India’s Taj Mahal uses the mirror image type of symmetry. Germany’s Neuschwanstein Castle also has a symmetrical design but without both sides being identical.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Taj Mahal

Life of Symmetry

An environment of beauty and symmetry is a great aid to spiritual growth as well as mental and physical peace and happiness. But living a symmetrical life may be even more important that living in a symmetrical environment.

In a symmetrical life, we don’t limit ourselves to developing only our physical body. Neither do we develop only our mental side. We must make spiritual development just as much a part of our daily life as the physical and mental aspects. There are many people today who will spend five or six hours a week at the fitness center working on their physical body. Other come home from work and spend two hours in the evening doing online classes to develop the mind. Yet many of those same people balk at the idea of spending even ten minutes a day working on the development of their spirit and soul. That isn’t a symmetrical life. Considering that the spirit and soul is all of you that will survive physical death, the spiritual self must be developed along with the physical and mental. In truth, the spiritual should take priority.

balanced path, Balance, living light, sun energies, solar age focus on the eternal

Balance and the Cosmic Temple

“Having once been known,there is no reason why the secrets of the cosmic temple and its use as an equalibrator of forces should not be regained when the purpose of the ancient science is again recognized. Never before has the existence of the positive and negative forces in nature and the need for some method of establishing an equitable relationship between them been more clearly apparent than at the present time.

“A confrontation is taking place between two rival cosmologies. The first dominated by the force of 666 and appealing to the solar aspect of human nature, promotes destruction by fire and radiation. The second is characterized by the number 1080, the number of spiritual perception, humility, freedom and love. … So it is that 666 added to 1080 gives 1746, the number of the grain of mustard seed, from which grows the roots and branches of the great tree, symbol of cosmic unity.” ~John Michell

Cosmic Temple

The cosmic temple may be an actual, physical building. But what actually matters is that it represents an deal of proportion and sacred numbers. Some ancient temples, such as the Temple of Solomon were build by this standard. Some other ancient buildings also followed some or all of these rules of proportion. The pyramids of Egypt are another example. Ancient ruins in Peru also show buildings and entire cities designed according to these rules. These rules of proportion are said to apply to the entire physical universe.

Equalibrator of Forces

A simpler way of saying this is with one simple word: balance. In the realm of physical duality it is important to maintain a balance between the opposite forces. Hot and Cold, Male and Female, Yin and Yang, Light and Dark. The opposites exist. Anyone who denies that is not paying attention. When they get out of balance, problems occur.

In recent centuries, we have seen most societies in the world being male-dominant. The result is wars, divisions, hatred for those who are “different”. Some suggest a female-dominant society would be better. History shows otherwise. What is needed is a balance between the two.

One of the more negative aspects of this is found in the area of spiritual growth. As more people are awakening to their spiritual self, and developing their spiritual side, others are becoming more materialistic. The balance must be reasonably maintained.

There will come a day when that will change. When the physical becomes spirit again, there will be no opposites, no duality, no need to balance the sides.

Confrontation and Balance

The great “war” between light and dark has been going on for many centuries. It is clear to many, however, that it is reaching a peak. The most primitive and animalistic people are coming out of their dark caves into the light. They think they are safe with one of their own as President of the United States. They don’t understand that when you flip over a rock and expose the dark, soft, squishy things that live under it, you give the sun an opportunity to dry them up. The Sun of Righteousness promised by the prophet Malachi is doing just that.

All darkness will be eliminated eventually and we will all live in peace, harmony, and Light. Continue reading “Balance and the Cosmic Temple”


Equilibrium and Balance to Move Forward

“When the soul, coming to the Fourth State of Fruitive Love, enters into the Equilibrium which supports and penetrates the flux, it does and must reconcile the opposites which have governed the earlier stages of its career. The communion reached is with a Wholeness; the life which flows from it must be wholeness too. Full surrender, harmonizing with full actualization of all our desires and faculties; not some thin, abstract, vertical relation alone, but an all-round expansion, a full, deep, rich giving and taking, a complete correspondence with the infinitely rich, all-demanding and all generous God whose love is measureless for it is Himself.’ Thus Ruysbroeck teaches that love static and love dynamic must coexist for us as for him.” Evelyn Underhill

Soul in Equilibrium

I’m not sure we can say it is the soul that enters equilibrium. I think it is our whole self that must do so. Our four parts; physical, mental, psychic, and spiritual must all be part of it. The goal, after all, is to be a united being.

I’m not sure, but I think Underhill means we must be able to travel between the different dimensions of reality when she says “penetrates the flux.”

Reconcile Opposites

We must reconcile opposites if we want equilibrium Most of us place too much emphasis on the physical or mental aspects of our being and do little for the psychic and spiritual. Some flip it around and concentrate on the spiritual or the psychic and allow the mind and body to decay. Underhill has it right when she says we need equilibrium.

skinny legs

Skinny legs bodybuilder

A few decades ago, it was a common joke that many bodybuilders spent much time working on their arms, back, and chest and forgot the legs completely. The result was a ridiculously unbalanced physique. The worse part about it was the experts found that when you did that, you limited the amount of development your upper body could get as well. Something similar applies here.

As long as we are in the physical-mental levels of existence, we must keep our bodies and minds functioning. But if we hope to move on to spiritual realms, we better develop the other areas as well, especially the spiritual. It is important to note that the psychic and spiritual are two different levels. Too many people get caught up in the psychic and never move on to real spiritual development. Don’t be one of those people.

Also, Underhill doesn’t mean that we should embrace evil as well as good. She means embrace the good, but accept that the evil is real and forgive ourselves if we did evil things before our spiritual awakening. Continue reading “Equilibrium and Balance to Move Forward”