the path

The Path of Truth and Joy

“”O thou that lovest, wouldst thou know
The path wherein thy feet should go?”
”Yea, teach it, Lord, to me.”
Through drear repentance leads the way,
And the shame of sin confessed—
And when thou hast trod on the world’s display,
And on the devil’s behest,
And on the flesh in its haughty pride,
And on thy helpless will,
That holds the soul of the chosen bride
In bonds and slavery still,
And when the enemy conquered lies,
And weary art thou and athirst—
Then to Him whom thou lovest lift thine eyes,
To Him who loved thee first.” Then shall He speak and say—
I hear a voice that calleth amain,
A voice of love and tears;
I have wooed, and I have listened in vain Through long, long years—
And it speaks to-day.
My heart is troubled, and I must haste To the sad sweet voice across the waste.”
. . . . . . .
And in the morning, when the dew is sweet,
She hears the gentle music of His feet— She hears Him speak and say,
I heard thy voice.”
The glorious One draws nigh;”
“Amidst the dew when all the woods rejoice
With gladsome melody.
And she arrays herself in fair attire,
In raiment of a bride;
Her mantle is the holy judgment fire
Wherein the gold is tried.
Of meek humility her stole is spun, Her robe is white as snow,
For unto Him, the High and Holy One,
She fain would go.
And thus she passeth through the forest dim,
Where holy people dwell,
And day and night, with dance and song and hymn,
Their gladness tell;
With solemn dance of praise that knows no end,
Hands linked with other hands of ancient years;
The mighty faith of Abraham His friend,
The longing of His seers;
The chaste humility of her who bore God’s blessed Son;
And all the victories that in days of yore
His saints have won—
These join in dance attuned to glorious song
And move in cadence sweet,
And multiplied as ages pass along
Are those rejoicing feet.” ~Matilda of Magdeburg

The Path

Matilda starts her poem by asking God to show her The Path. This is not a path to her home or a path through a forest. By The Path, she means the path of spiritual awakening and the path of spiritual enlightenment. This is something that many who call themselves spiritual these days don’t believe in. When false teachers are questioned about why the path they teach is so different from that taught by the ancient mystery schools, they will usually answer that there are many paths and we must each follow our own path. This idea has caught on with many, especially those who don’t like being told what to do. But it is a false teaching. Yes, it is possible to reach enlightenment by more than the tried-and-true path, but the direct path that is known to work is always the best. If you are in Paris, France, and you wish to go to Rome, you can head off in many directions, but if you head north or east it will take you forever to get there. It is best to head in the right direction. That is why smart spiritual students like Matilda ask to be shown the correct path, the one that is known to work. Continue reading “The Path of Truth and Joy”

come together

Come Together for Spiritual Growth and Protection

“Come together, O sons of the earth, and hear the angel who was sent out with the message of the skies. You came and were a gathering, you came and they gathered in you. … Wake, you who sleep. Wake, you who sleep. … The carrier of the message is on his way. … He raced laughing to the first man to tell him the message. He came and knocked on the gates and shouted, Open up at once. I have the message of the skies! …
“Who are you? My doors are locked, give me a sign so I’ll open to you and you can tell me the message. Who are you for me to open so you can tell me the message?
“I am the son of the son of the father. The son of the father has sent me to you about the message. Open, open up at once! Open the closed gates so you can be given the message! …”
“Tell me the message! The great spirit of the land of light, the cupbearer of all the aeons? Tell me the message! The land of light, the house of the father, bridal chamber of all the aeons? Tell me the message! …”
“Look, God has come wholly. Call and he will answer. Look, this is the message! …
“The virgin, the living fire has become master of the land of darkness. Carry the message! Look, the land of darkness we have wasted. We wait for you with a garland. Carry the message! …The robe of light was set on them. For them it was a bond, a shackle. Carry the message! …”
“Let’s go. They are expecting you. The light has surrounded darkness. Let’s go. … Look, god has wholly come. Call him. He will answer you.” ~The Manichaen Songbook

Song of Joy

This Manichaen song, which is much longer than the part I quoted, is one of joy and good tidings. It s a message from “above”. Meaning that it is from higher dimensions, spiritual dimensions. An angel of light has been sent with this message to those who will listen. Most of us living today are not surprised to hear that he found it difficult to get men to listen. Imagine how much worse it would be today.
Come Together Sons of the Earth
We are asked to come together. Come together to hear the “message of the skies,” which is delivered by an angel. Why come together? Because when we work together, we amplify our ability to reach higher frequencies. Together, we are better able to gain higher levels of consciousness. Also, when we come together, we can more easily ward off attacks from the demons and dark beings who don’t want our awakening.

Sons of the Son

The angel delivering the important message says he is a son of the son. This means that the angels are a creation of Christ rather than Father God. This may seem odd to many, but it isn’t Christ is the first creation of the Father. Christ is also the creative force of God. As such, it is His duty to create that which the Father desires. So in truth, the angel was created by both father and son since Christ would have not created him if he was not first “created” as a thought in the mind of the Father.
When Providence Knocks
The angels wished to share an important message but find doors and gates closed and locked. But he doesn’t give up. He calls out until someone finally listens. Listens enough, at least, to ask what message the angel had.
This description could be literally true in many cases. But it is not the literal truth that matters. It is an allegorical tale and its allegorical meaning is far more important. The closed doors and locked gates represent the spirits and souls of most men. We say we want to know everything, but in truth, many of us block spiritual knowledge from reaching us. We block it by disbelief. And if we have never bothered to awaken our spiritual faculties, that blocks spiritual messages as well. Occasionally, a little bit of that knowledge gets through by what we call intuition. The idea that we should actually converse with spiritual beings such as angels seems strange, if not impossible to most.
If we wish to receive the important messages carried to us by angelic beings, we must first awaken our spirit and soul and lose our doubts about their being a spiritual world and spiritual beings. Continue reading “Come Together for Spiritual Growth and Protection”

healed, Sixth day, Welcome sunrise, Beneficial sunrise

Healed of the Breach Caused by the Fall

“If you are healed of the breach caused by the fall, you are severed first from the passions and then from impassioned thoughts. Next you are severed from nature and the inner principles of nature, then from conceptual images and the knowledge relating to them. Lastly, when you have passed through the manifold principles relating to divine providence, you attain thought unknowing the very principle of divine unity. Then the intellect contemplates only its own immutability, and rejoices with an unspeakable joy because it has received the peace of God which transcends all intellect and which ceaselessly keeps him who has been granted it from falling.” ~The Philokalia

Healed of the Breach

Many of our problems were caused by and during the great Fall when we fell into the realm of matter. One of them is that when we are born into a physical body, our soul and spirit are in a dormant state similar to being in a coma. In order to be “healed of the breach,” they must be awakened. Not simply declared awakened. Not fantasized awakened. Actually awakened. And the power that does that is the light of God that reaches us primarily through the spiritual sun.

Severed from Passions

Why would we want to be severed from passions? Isn’t being passionate about something a good thing? Well, sometimes it is, but often it isn’t.

Many people believe that emotions are one of the highest brain functions of man They think that animals can’t have emotions. They are wrong on both counts. Emotions come from a primitive part of the brain. A part that exists in most animals except the very simply ones that don’t have much of a brain at all.

While emotions can help us empathize with other beings, they often do the opposite. That doesn’t mean we should destroy our emotions. As with the ego, emotions need to be kept in check with higher faculties, not destroyed. So being severed from passions doesn’t mean we don’t have emotions. It means we keep them in their place. Continue reading “Healed of the Breach Caused by the Fall”

Norea Divine Feminine

Norea: Divine Feminine and Awakened Soul

“The rulers went to meet her, intending to lead her astray. Their supreme chief said to her, “Your mother Eve came to us.” But Norea turned to them and said to them, “It is you who are the rulers of the darkness; you are accursed. You did not know my mother. Instead it was your own female that you knew. For I am not your descendant. Rather, it is from the world above that I am come.”

“The arrogant ruler turned with all his might, and his countenance was like a blazing fire. He said to her presumptuously, “You must service us, as did also your mother Eve. . . .”But Norea turned with power and, in a loud voice, she cried out up to the holy one, the God of all, “Rescue me from the rulers of unrighteousness and save me from their clutches—at once!” The great angel came down from the heavens and said to her, “Why are you crying up to god? Why do you act so boldly toward the holy spirit?” Norea said, “Who are you?” The rulers of unrighteousness had withdrawn from her. He said, “I am Eleleth, sagacity, the great angel who stands in the presence of the holy spirit. I have been sent to speak with you and save you from the grasp of the lawless. And I shall teach you about your root.” ~from The Reality Of The Rulers


Norea is the daughter of Adam and Eve in some Gnostic scripture. But she represents more than that. She is a symbol of all who resist the fallen angels—the Demiurge. She symbolizes all of us who awaken to some degree and recognize the dark beings for what they are and the world of illusion for what it is.

It is interesting that some Gnostic books chose to use a women to symbolize this. It is certainly shocking to those who believe the main-stream churches claim that Christianity has always been led by men. They need to read “When Women Were Priests” by Karen Torjesen and learn the truth. Women often had important roles in early Christianity. Especially among the Gnostic groups.

The Rulers

Contrary to what confused materialists believe, the “Rulers” are not God. They are rulers only in the dimensions of matter. They are the fallen angels, the dark beings. Their greatest power is in convincing people that they are the only God and there is nothing above the realm of matter. Norea called them on that claim. Continue reading “Norea: Divine Feminine and Awakened Soul”