touch of God

Touch of God Awakens the Soul

Touch of God

“Understand this well: when we turn within ourselves in contemplation, the fruitive unity of God is like to a darkness, a somewhat which is unconditioned and incomprehensible. And the spirit turns inward through love and through simplicity of intention, because it is active in all virtues, offering itself up in fruition above all virtues. In this loving introversion, there arises the seventh gift, which is the spirit of Savoring Wisdom, and it saturates the simplicity of our spirit, soul , and body, with wisdom and with ghostly savors. And it is a ghostly touch or stirring within the unity of our spirit; and it is an inpouring and a source of all grace, all gifts, and all virtues. And, in this Touch of God, each person savors their exercise and life according to the power of the Touch and the measure of His love. And this Divine stirring is the inmost mediator between God and ourselves, between rest and activity, between the conditioned and the unconditioned, between eternity and time. And God would that this ghostly touching within us first of all, before all gifts; and yet it is known and tasted by us least of all. For only when we have lovingly sought God in all our practices eve to the inwards deeps of our ground, do we fist feel the gushing in of all the graces and gifts of God.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

Turn Within

Yes, we must turn within ourselves, but that doesn’t mean all answers are found within and nothing outside of us matters. We need both the within and the without. Those who pay attention only to the world within are no better off that those who only deal with the external world.

Unity of God

I have to say that I don’t like Ruysbroeck’s choice of words when he says the unity of God is like darkness. What he means is that it is something that cannot be known by the mind, the intellect. God is present, but unknown because we are trying to communicate with Him using the physical senses. God can only be comprehended through the spiritual senses, which must first be awakened. Otherwise, we stay in ignorance of God, and that is what Ruysbroeck means by darkness, in this case. To feel the Touch of God, we have to awaken our spiritual faculties. Continue reading “Touch of God Awakens the Soul”

God in the Sun of Life

God in the Sun of Life and Truth

God In the Sun of Life

“No matter in which phase of life one may be, young, adult, old, rich, poor, educated, or ignorant, they must be awakened. Who must awaken them? God must. Why? Because God is the Sun of Life. When this Sun awakens man, it will open his eyes, so that he may see and understand the world correctly ad work in it.

“If you warm yourself on heat produced by wood, or on heat produced by coal, the effect on you in the two cases will be different. If you are sensitive, when you burn coal you will pass through all the stages it has passed; when you burn wood, you will experience the stages the oaks have passed through and feel them like living beings. The black color of the coal will produce quite a different effect on you from that which burning wood will. Contemporary culture must rid itself of the use of coal. That is why the future scientists must harness solar energy. We must provide for ourselves heat from the Sun. When we reach the stage of utilizing solar heat and energy, we shall be the cultured people humanity is expecting. At the present stage we cannot be called cultured people.” ~Biensa Douno

Must Awaken

Yes, we must all “Awaken”, but few even understand what that means. I’ve covered spiritual awakening on this blog and on the Cosolargy blog in depth, so I’ll just cover it briefly here. Simply becoming aware that matter is not all that exists and the world of materialists is a failed paradigm is not a spiritual awakening. It is the first step of awakening, but many other steps must follow it. Only when the dormant soul has been awakened from its coma-like sleep can we say that we are truly awakened. But all of us must awaken if we are to gain eternal life in the spirit. It isn’t something just for monks and fanatics. All must awaken sooner or later, so it is best to choose sooner.

God Must Awaken

Douno is correct in saying that only God can truly awaken our dormant spiritual faculties. This doesn’t mean that you are going to get a personal visitation from God, Christ, or even one of the Angels. What Douno is referring to when he writes of God in the Sun of Life is that God has put his Presence, His Grace into the spiritual sun making it the Sun of Righteousness predicted to come in the End Times. That special Light from God flows to us from the Spiritual Sun, the Sun of Life, but it doesn’t do much unless we seek it and accept it into us. So God doesn’t directly awaken each of us, but He sends a special Spiritual Light into the Sun of Life to do that job. Continue reading “God in the Sun of Life and Truth”

lose each other

Lose Each Other, Find Each Other

“The ways we lose each other can be very simple. One of my patients describes how he spent time with his son prior to his cancer. ‘We would hike a mountain, a difficult climb, side by side, both focused on reaching the top. Then we would come down a different way, one behind the other to the car, and drive home … I have a clear memory of these climbs, but no memory of anything my son said to me or I to him.’

“In child psychology what this man is describing is called parallel play and is normal for children between two and three. At this age, children use the same sandbox and even the same toys, but they are playing alone, next to each other and not with each other. Rather than relate to each other, they relate to a common activity which they do in parallel.

“My patient makes a great contrast between this and the way he and his son relate now. ‘I can’t do much just now, so we sit and talk. I ask him about his life and how he feels about it. For the first time, I know what is important to him, what sort of a man he is, what keeps him going. And I talk to him too. I know now that I am important to him, that he wants to spend time with me. … The mountain got between us before. I had not known that.’

“Many people live their lives in this way, sharing homes, jobs, and even families with others, but not connecting.” ~~Rachel Naomi Remen

We Lose Each Other

I think we lose each other mostly because it has become the social norm. It varies from one country to another, or one religion to another, but it seems like nearly all of us in these times hide much of what we are and what we feel.

While Ramen notes that parallel play is normal for small children, it is also normal for small children to be open and honest with everyone. They are not embarrassed to cry in public. They are not afraid to be seen getting angry over something adults consider trivial. But with time, that changes. It doesn’t change because they are getting older and more mature. It changes because they are being trained into the social norms. In many cases, that means suppressing emotions and thoughts, and it has only gotten worse in recent decades. Forty or fifty years ago, no one would have objected to a child in first grade giving another child a hug. Now that might get a note sent home to tell his parents that this child needs to keep his sexual desires under control. The idea that he is simply showing natural affection having nothing to do with sex s not believed by fully trained (brainwashed) adults. Likewise, fifty years ago a young man telling a woman at the office that he liked her dress would be perfectly acceptable as the compliment that it is. There is a possibility that the young man is attracted to the woman—so what? Now the young men would get warned that if it happened again, he would be charged with sexual harassment and probably lose his job. That is how we lose each other. We have embraced parallel play, parallel living, as the normal way to behave. We work together, but each alone. We live together, yet still alone.

Find Each Other

Yes, we do lose each other in this modern world, but we can find each other again. One way to do that is to gradually change the social norms that have created this disconnected situation. That can be done but will take decades, if not centuries. There is a better, faster, and more reliable way. We have to awaken our spiritual faculties.

When our spiritual faculties awaken, the awakened soul recognizes it’s connection with other souls. It knows that we are all part of the One, that we are never alone except in our own minds. The spiritually awakened person feels this connection, even if only on a subconscious level. Because of that, they soon start to see the oneness of all beings and all creation, even on the material level. This is why St. Francis started calling all beings, even animals and plants, his brothers and sisters. The materialist may frequently experience the way we lose each other, but the spiritual person is always connected. So find each other by awakening your spiritual Self.

live again

Live Again Through Spiritual Rebirth

“That which most men would think themselves most happy for, and would prefer before all things, if the would grant it unto them after their deaths, thou may while thou lives grant unto thyself; to live again. See the things of the world again, as thou has already seen them. For what is it else to live again? Public shows and solemnities with much pomp and vanity, stage plays, flocks and herds, conflicts and contentions; a bone thrown to a company of hungry curs; a bait for greedy fishes; the painfulness, and continual burden bearing of wretched ants, the running to and fro of terrified mice; little puppets drawn up and down with wires and nerves: these be the objects of the world among all these free from all manner of indignation; with this right ratiocination and apprehension, that as the worth is of these things which a man does affect, so is in very deed every man’s orth more of less.” ~Marcus Aurelius

Prefer to Live Again Before All Things

I’m not sure all men prefer it above all other things, but I think it is true of most of us. What we want is to live for a long time. A very long time. We want it so badly that many have accepted the idea that we are reborn into the world over and over again with very little evidence to back up the belief. But many are not just satisfied with being born again. They want to be reborn smarter, richer, more attractive, and otherwise better than they are now. Aurelius is saying that it is possible, and without waiting for death and the afterlife. You can live again now, not later.

Grant Unto Thyself

Aurelius is saying that rather than waiting for death to bring us to a better, more illuminated life, we can seek and gain that life now, while still alive on earth. This is what has been taught by mystics and mystery schools for ages, but only a few ever listened. That is changing, though, now that we are at the dawn of a new Golden Age of Spirit. The spiritual sun known as the Sun of Righteousness is now shining down on us. This is making it easier for men to awaken and develop their spiritual faculties. It is also making it more imperative since the arrival of this sun also marked the beginning of the End Times, the age when the illusions of materialism will be pushed away and the truth revealed. We are learning to live again and be reborn right where we are. Continue reading “Live Again Through Spiritual Rebirth”