ascending soul

Ascending Soul in the Vision of Mary

“Desire said, ‘I did not see you descending, but now I see you ascending. Why are you lying, since you belong to me?’

“The soul answered and said, ‘I saw you, but you did not see me or know me. You perceived the garment I was wearing, but you did not recognize me.’ After the soul said this, she left, rejoicing greatly. The soul approached the third power, called ignorance.

“The power questioned the soul, saying, ‘Where are you going? You are bound by wickedness, you are bound, so do not pass judgment.’

“The soul said, ‘Why do you pass judgment on me, though I have not passed judgment? I was bound, but I have not bound. I was not recognized, but I have recognized that all is to be dissolved, both what is earthly and what is heavenly.’

“When the soul overcame the third power, she ascended and saw the fourth power. It took seven forms: The first form is darkness, the second, desire, the third, ignorance, the fourth, death wish, the fifth, fleshly kingdom, the sixth, foolish fleshly wisdom, the seventh, angry person’s wisdom. These are the seven powers of wrath.

“The powers asked the soul, ‘Where are you coming from, slayer of humans, and where are you going, conqueror of space?’

“The soul answered and said, ‘What binds me is slain, what surrounds me is destroyed, my desire is gone, ignorance is dead. In a world I was freed through another world, and in an image I was freed through a heavenly image. This is the fetter of forgetfulness that exists in the world of time. From now on I shall rest, through time, age, and aeon, in silence.’” ~Gospel of Mary

Ascending Soul

Desire, which in the quote is the name of some dark entity or demon, says it did not see the soul descending, but now it sees it ascending. It then accuses the soul of lying because, it claims, the soul belongs to the dark ones.

Desire did not see the soul descending, yet it knows that it happened. So like most things said by dark beings, this is a kind of lie. It may not have witnessed the soul’s descent, but it knows that it happened. Otherwise, the soul would not be in the fallen realm of matter.

But desire does see the ascending soul and makes note of it. Why? Because as far as the dark ones are concerned, it is seeing a prisoner attempting to escape. And they don’t like us to escape. They like to keep us trapped here because they survive by sucking energy out of us.

Garment of the Soul

The soul replies to Desire that it didn’t see him, because it could only see the garment it was wearing and didn’t recognize the soul for what it was. The “garment” is the physical body.

It is hard to believe that a demonic being would not recognize a soul when it is inside a physical body. Yet this statement gives us two important pieces of information. First, we know the the soul is not a part of the physical body. Nor is it a creation of the body. And it certainly isn’t the brain-mind which is attached to the body. Second, it tells us that the soul is independent from the body. The soul exists quite nicely without a physical body. It is not dependent on the physical body. Continue reading “Ascending Soul in the Vision of Mary”

spiritual flight

Spiritual Flight as A Symbol of Spiritual Growth

“The longing to break the ties that hold him in bondage to the earth is not a result of cosmic pressures or of economic insecurity—it is a constitutive of man, in that he is a being who enjoys a mode of existence unique in the world. Such a desire to free himself from his limitations, which he feels to be a kind of degradation, and to regain spontaneity and freedom—the desire expressed by symbols of the ‘flight’—must be ranked among the specific marks of man.

“The breaking of the plane effected by the ‘flight’ signifies, on the other hand, an act of transcendence. It is no small matter to find already, at the most archaic stage of culture, the longing to go beyond and above’ the human condition.” ~Mircea Eliade

Dreams of Flight

Dreams of flying without an airplane are common. There are probably few individuals who have never had such dreams. Te invention of the airplane came about because of man’s innate desire to fly. Such dreams are often interpreted as a sign of sexual frustration or a desire to escape some aspect of your life. But another interpretation is a more positive one. It may indicate that you are seeking something higher than material life. Or that you should be.

The Flight

Flight has always fascinated man. And it isn’t just because birds look so free when flying. It’s because deep down within the psyche of all of us is a feeling that we don’t belong bound to the Earth. We should be someplace higher. Our matter-oriented brain-mind interprets that as a desire to go up higher in the air, to fly. As far back as historical records go, we have tales of man trying to fly. Or gods that could fly. Shaman in ancient tribes often used some form of flying or simulated flying in their ceremonies. But The Flight is not about physical flying, but spiritual flying. Continue reading “Spiritual Flight as A Symbol of Spiritual Growth”

Heaven Bound

Ascension and Regression, Spirit and Matter

“The law of regression, as well as the law of ascension, is true for all beings. The minerals are plants which have degenerated; the plants are the remnants of animal life; animals and man (his physical body) have a common ancestor. … The spiritual part of man proceeds from the Gods. In that sense, man is a God who has degenerated. … There was an epoch when all life on the Earth was semi-plant and semi-animal. The Earth herself was, as it were, a great animal-being. … When the plant-earth became mineral, it acquired, through the metals, a new property – that of reflecting the light. …
“The Earth has been ‘mineralized,’ as also has the physical body of man. But the characteristic feature of man is that a twofold movement takes place in him. As a physical being, man has descended; as a spiritual being, he has ascended.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Regression and Ascension

Mr. Steiner has an interesting theory on the growth of the planet. First, he introduces a hierarchy of descending life: animal to plant, plant to mineral. If you stop at that point and think about it, you are led to ask, “What did the first animals eat if there were no plants?” and “What did the animals stand on if there were no minerals?” Steiner solves that by saying the Earth itself was a living plant-animal thing.

I suspect there are few scientists who would agree with Mr. Steiner. I also suspect there are few spiritual teachers who would agree with this, at least with the details of it.

While animals do, in several ways, descend into plants, and those plans do descend into minerals, this is only part of the story. The true regression of Man was from a purely spiritual being, into one of spirit mixed with matter, then one of half matter, half spirit, then to one of mostly matter in the mineralized body Steiner mentions. Continue reading “Ascension and Regression, Spirit and Matter”