resurrection of Bacchus

Resurrection of Bacchus as a Spiritual Allegory

“While Apollo most generally represents the sun, Bacchus is also a form of solar energy, for his resurrection was accomplished with the assistance of Apollo. The resurrection of Bacchus signifies merely the extraction or disentanglement of the various parts of the Bacchic constitution from the Titanic constitution of the world. This is symbolized by the smoke or soot rising from the burned bodies of the Titans. The soul is symbolized by smoke because it is extracted by the fire of the Mysteries. Smoke signifies the ascension of the soul, for evolution is the process of the soul rising, like smoke, from the divinely consumed material mass. At this time, the Bacchic Rites were of a high-order, but later they became much degraded.” ~Manly P. Hall

Apollo and Bacchus

I don’t know where Hall got this version of the resurrection of Bacchus. It differs from the traditional one, but is in line with the teachings of most mystery schools. If nothing else, this tells us Bacchus was an important “god” in the ancient pantheon. He would not have been helped by Apollo otherwise.

The Resurrection of Bacchus

Based on what Mr. hall says about the resurrection of Bacchus indicates that it is an allegory for the rebirth of the soul. Many tales of gods being resurrected, or reborn, are. The phoenix rising from it’s ashes is also an allegory of this process. But the good news is you don’t have to burn up your body in order for your soul to awaken. Like Bacchus, your soul can be resurrected by Apollo. In other words, your soul can be awakened by the light of the spiritual sun, which Apollo represents.


The spiritual development process represented by the resurrection of Bacchus is aided by getting rid of attachments to the material world. That doesn’t mean that we can’t own and material comforts. It just means that we don’t want to get too attached to them. Each thing we are attached to is like an anchor holding us down. Not in a literal sense, but holding us down to lower levels of consciousness. Spiritual beings like angels operate at higher levels of consciousness. If we wish to communicate with them, we must raise our own level of consciousness as much as possible. So the fewer things we have holding us back, the better.

Burned Titans

The legend of the Titans being destroyed by the Olympians, who become the new ruling gods, is another allegory. The Titans represent the material world and the physical body. In this tale, the Olympians represent the spirit and soul. So this tale represents spirit and soul overcoming and defeating the material. But once again, it isn’t necessary to actually destroy the physical body or the ego. It is only necessary that they be controlled by the spirit and soul. That, of course, can only happen if the spirit and soul have been awakened by Apollo, that is, the spiritual sun.

Rising Smoke

I can understand why rising smoke symbolized the soul, yet I think it is not a good symbol for it. Smoke is often dark and smells bad. The soul is full of light, and if it had a scent, would be that of exotic tropical flowers. This symbol does make sense when the soul is rising from a dead body, but not when it is rising from intentional spiritual practices by a living person. A light leaving the head, or a beam of light going upward would make more sense.

Soul Evolution

Mr. Hall is certainly correct is saying that real evolution is all about the soul rising to higher levels. The development of a denser and denser physical body, as we have been doing for centuries, is devolution, not evolution. Soul evolution is human evolution. It is the goal of all real spiritual schools and mystery schools. It is necessary in order for the entire planet to transform back into spirit. Everything must transform at the same time or die. As we transform (or evolve), so does the planet. Those who cling to materialism and refuse to evolve will die. Not out of punishment, but because they will not be able to live in the changed world. The resurrection of Bacchus must happen to each of us.

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Eternal Life, Sun with Hands

Eternal Life and the Throne of God

“If therefore, thou art become the throne of God and the Heavenly Charioteer hath seated himself within thee, and thy soul is wholly become a spiritual eye and is wholly made into light; if, too, thou art nourished with he heavenly food of that Spirit and hast drunk of the Living Water and put on the secret vesture of light—if thine inward man has experienced all these things and is established in abundant faith, Lo! Thou invest indeed the Eternal Life and thy soul rests even in his present time with the Lord.” ~St. Macarius of Egypt

Throne of God

Throne of God

Throne of God

Generally when one speaks of the throne of God, they think of an actual throne sitting in heaven. Many take this literally. But an actual throne cannot exist in Heaven which is a place of pure spirit. And If one did, God would have no use for it since He is pure spirit.

The throne of God is symbolic, not literal. It could also be called the Center of God or the Center of Heaven. But since spirit is not like matter, it doesn’t have a “center” in terms of a location. The center of a spirit is everywhere. Therefore, God’s center, God’s throne, is everywhere. Or at least everywhere that is part of the spiritual universe.

St. Macarius says this throne of God should be “within thee” if you are a spiritual student. A real spiritual student who is working toward enlightenment and not just some who has declared himself spiritual while doing nothing to make it happen.

Heavenly Charioteer

When I saw this line, I thought of the images of the Greek god Apollo pulling his chariot of the sun. It may be a reference to the spiritual sun. Or it may be a reference to Christ, the


Apollo’s Chariot

bearer of God’s Light. It doesn’t matter which was meant, the idea remains the same. We need to have our spirits and souls awakened by God’s Light. We need to awaken our spiritual faculties and achieve Christ Consciousness. That Light is needed for Eternal Life. Continue reading “Eternal Life and the Throne of God”


Mystery Schools and the Sun

“Sun worship played an important part in nearly all the early pagan Mysteries. This indicates the probability of their Atlantean origin, for the people of Atlantis were sun worshipers. The solar deity was usually personified as a beautiful youth, with long golden hair to symbolize the rays of the sun. This golden sun God was slain by wicked ruffians, who personified the evil principle of the universe. By means of certain rituals … this wonderful God of Good was brought back to life and became the Savior of His people. The secret process whereby He was resurrected symbolized those cultures by means of which man is able to overcome his lower nature, master his appetites, and give expression to to the higher side of himself.” ~Manly P. Hall

apolloWhile most of this quote is accurate, I have to disagree on one important point: while some primitive societies did worship the sun as God, the mystery schools and their members did not. They did not think of the sun as god, or at least not as the true God. They saw the sun more as an intermediary between man and God, a carrier of Gods Light that helped man awaken and nourish his spirit and soul. The fact that this “sun god” could be killed by the powers of darkness, at least temporarily, shows that they did not consider the sun “god” the true ruler of heaven, who cannot ever be killed, but a lesser being, a servant of that true God. Continue reading “Mystery Schools and the Sun”