divine art of alchemy

Divine Art of Alchemy is Also Science

Divine Art of Alchemy

“Alchemy is an art, and as every art requires an artist to exercise it, likewise this divine science and art can be practiced only by those who are in possession of the divine power necessary for that purpose. It is true that the external manipulations required for the production of certain alchemical preparations may, like an ordinary chemical process, be taught to anybody capable of reasoning; but the results which he would accomplish would be without life, for only he in whom the true life has awakened can awaken it from its sleep in the prima materia, and cause visible forms to grow from the Chaos of nature.

“Alchemy in its highest aspects deals with the spiritual regeneration of man, and teaches how a god may be made out of a human being or, to express it more correctly, how to establish the conditions necessary for the development of divine powers in man, so that a human being may become a god by the power of God, in the same sense as a seed becomes a plant by the aid of the four elements, and the action of the invisible fifth.”~Franz Hartmann

Alchemy as Art

As Hartmann notes, Alchemy is as much art as it is a science, at least insofar as we think of those terms in the physical world. I’m sure that much of what we consider art with regard to spiritual development will one day be science. We simply haven’t yet learned the rules governing its use yet, so we have to use intuition, making it an art.

What does it mean to say that something is an art as much as a science, or even more than it is a science? Let me give you an example from my own life. When I first studied Computer Programming in the 1970s, it was more art than science. Programing languages were becoming standard, but precisely how to write programs with them was not. It was as much wide open as a novelist who can write a book in many different ways, as long as he follows the basic rules of grammar. If two programmers were given an assignment to write a program to do a specific job, each would come up with a very different solution. But by the 1990’s it had become more science than art. Now when two programmers wrote the same program, the more structured rules meant they would be nearly identical.

In the case of Alchemy, I don’t know enough about its history to say if something similar happened, but as Hartmann says, it never got to the point of being pure science. It remains, like most other spiritual disciplines, a mix of art and science. Continue reading “Divine Art of Alchemy is Also Science”

God, nature, and man

God, Nature, and Man for True Knowledge

“Alchemy is that science which results from a knowledge of God, Nature, and Man. A perfect knowledge of either of them cannot be obtained without the knowledge of the other two, for these three are one and inseparable. Alchemy is not merely an intellectual, but a spiritual science; because that which belongs to the spirit can only be spiritually known. Nevertheless, it is a science dealing with material things, for spirit and matter are only two opposite manifestations or ‘poles’ of the eternal One. Alchemy is an art , and as every art requires an artist to exercise it, likewise this divine science and art can be practiced only by those who are in possession of the divine power necessary for that purpose. It is true that the external manipulations required for the production of certain alchemical preparations may, like an ordinary chemical process, be taught to anybody capable of reasoning; but the results which he would accomplish would be without life, for only he in whom the true life has awakened can awaken it from its sleep in the prima materia, nd cause visible forms to grow from the chaos of nature.” ~Franz Hartmann

Knowledge of God, Nature, and Man

Hartmann says that Alchemy results from the knowledge of God, Nature, and Man. But virtually all of us have some knowledge of each of those things, yet we cannot claim to be a true Alchemist. So it might be better to say that Alchemy is the science that results in complete knowledge of God, Nature, and Man. He notes that there are those who have perfect knowledge of one or two of the three, but not all. Those people, he says, cannot be true Alchemists. They will be the kind of Alchemists who deal with material things only and are therefore only ordinary chemists. Of course, if you look up “Alchemist” or “Alchemy” on sites like Wikipedia and Dictionary.com, you will see that this phony type of Alchemist is how they define the whole science. But as Hartmann says, real Alchemy is as much a spiritual science as it is an intellectual one. And the purpose of the real Alchemists was not to transform base metals like lead into valuable metals like gold, it was to transform the leaden consciousness of materialistic men and women into the golden consciousness of the spiritual adept. The word Alchemy itself tells us this. It is derived from words that mean “to Transform” which didn’t mean changing one metal into another.

Spirit can Only Be Spiritually Known

I put that line in bold font in the quote because it is a very important statement. Too often materialists try to prove or (more often) disprove the things of spirit using the science of matter. This will never work and the materialists think that proves that spiritual things and spiritual worlds are fantasies, or at least unknowable. But spiritual things can be known by spiritual methods and there are spiritual sciences developed over many centuries that are just as reliable in the spiritual realm as conventional science is in the realm of matter. So before you scoff at the idea of spiritual realms and spiritual beings, start using the proper sciences to investigate such things. In order to know God, Nature, and Man, you need to know the spiritual as well as the physical.

Poles of the Eternal One

While it is true to say that the realms of spirit and matter are two opposite poles of the eternal One, it can be misleading. It sounds as if you are saying they are but two sides of the same coin, but they are not. First, the realm of spirit is the creation of the real God and is intentional. The realm of matter, on the other hand, was created by the fallen angels called the Demiurge in Gnostic teachings. So matter is not just the other side of spirit. It is a distortion of spirit, a disease of spirit like cancer. And like cancer in the physical body, it must be cured or removed. The great transformation that has already started, and is at least partially responsible for what is called “global warming”, will turn matter back into spirit and heal it.

Art and Artist

While Alchemy, or any form of spiritual discipline, is a science, it is also an art and requires an artist to do it properly. That will likely change with time.

From the 1940s through the 1960s, the study of computer programming was far more art than science. Even when I entered the field in the 1970s. But over the decades, businesses and universities worked to make things in that field more standardized and more predictable making it more of a science than an art. Yet there still remains a bit of art to it.

While the idea of being an Alchemist may no appeal to you, try replacing that word in this article with “Gnostic,” “Mystic,” or “Spiritual Adept”. Those terms mean nearly the same thing and everything that is said here about Alchemy is true of all of those disciplines. So is the idea that we need to know God, Nature, and Man to achieve Gnosis.

tincture of the philosophers

Tincture of the Philosophers Decoded

“Some of the first and primitive philosophers of Egypt have lived by means of this tincture for a hundred and fifty years. The life of many, too, has been extended and prolonged to several centuries as is most clearly shown in different histories, though it seems scarcely credible to anyone. …

“So then the Tincture of the Philosophers is universal medicine, and consumes all diseases, by whatever name they are called, just like an invisible force. The dose is very small, but its effect is most powerful. By means thereof I have cured leprosy, venereal diseases, dropsy, the falling sickness, colic, scab, and similar afflictions; also lupus, cancer, fistulas, and the whole race of internal diseases, more surely than one could believe. … This is the Catholicum of the Philosophers, by which all these philosophers have attained this end entirely and most effectively, and so, according to their judgment, they named it The Tincture of the Philosophers.” ~Paracelsus

Tincture of the Philosophers

This Tincture of the Philosophers is the same thing most of us know as the philosopher’s stone. It was called the sorcerer’s stone in the Harry Potter tales, but still the same idea. The Fountain Of Youth is another variation. But while it may be true that this tincture cured many illnesses and extended physical life, there is little evidence of that. Even if it could extend physical life by decades, or even centuries, that would pale in comparison to its true purpose which is spiritual.

Alchemy and Spirituality

Paracelsus was a well-known writer and alchemist. But the quote from one of his books tells me that either he is deliberately hiding the truth, or doesn’t know it himself. That is because the true alchemist was concerned with saving souls, not extending the life of the physical body by a few years. The so-called conversion of lead to gold that some alchemists claimed to do really meant converting the lead mind of the materialist into the gold mind of the spiritual person.

Spiritual Tincture

While it may be true that this Tincture of the Philosophers could cure many physical illnesses, its primary purpose was to awaken and develop the spirit and soul. By doing so, you also help the person’s physical health and mental health, but those benefits were considered secondary. The important thing is that the awakened spirit and soul could develop along with the mind and body into an integrated being while still on earth. That was the goal of the real alchemist. And the real Tincture of the Philosophers was the light of the spiritual sun. That light is the only light that can awaken and nourish the spirit and soul.

Catholicum of the Philosophers

Paracelsus says this Tincture of the Philosophers was the Catholicum of the Philosophers. By that, he means that it was universal, known and practiced by all. We could also look at it as meaning that this tincture was universal because the light of the spiritual sun shines down on everyone, rich or poor, black or white, male or female. Yet it doesn’t affect all people. Those who deny it, or anything else spiritual, will get little from it. Those who are neutral on the subject will do better. Those who actively seek the light and spiritual growth will do the best. So don’t wait until it’s too late. Start making use of The Tincture of the Philosophers today.

Alchemical Astrology

Alchemical Astrology in Spiritual Schools

“Another tool that the alchemist used to a far greater degree than we understand today is astrology. In the present day, astrology only survives in tabloid newspapers for most people. … However, just as there is a difference between thaumaturgy and theurgy, so there is a distinct difference between the popular idea of astrology and that used by the alchemists. …

“In the interpretation of Bardesanes, A Syrian Christian scholar—who has often been identified as a Gnostic—the motions of the stars govern only the elemental world, leaving the soul free to choose between the good and the evil.” ~Bernard Simon

Alchemical Astrology

Just as a farmer looks to plant seeds at the best time, so the Alchemical Astrologers uses astrology to help them choose the best day and time for their experiments. Whether they were doing mundane experiments with chemistry, or spiritual ones involving the awakening of the soul, they tried to increase the chances of success as much as possible by considering astrology.

Considering astrology is more complicated than the farmer deciding when to plant. If the alchemist was trying to help a person with their spiritual awakening, he didn’t just need to know the current position of the stars, but also the stars under which that person was born.

Mystery Schools and Astrology

Many of the ancient mystery schools taught their students astrology. But it was not the tabloid astrology of today. Now was it considered something that could force you to behave in a certain way, a scapegoat for bad behavior.

That taught astronomy as something that could be used as an aid to accomplish what you wished. For the negative aspects, they taught that astrology only created a path one could follow. It didn’t force you to follow that path. If you strengthened your will and spiritual resolve, you could resist the pull of astrology. It cannot force you to behave in a certain way. It cannot force you to develop certain traits that you don’t wish to develop. But you do have to know your astrological chart so you can recognize when it is trying to steer you wrong. Continue reading “Alchemical Astrology in Spiritual Schools”