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Fifth Race and Sixth Race Man

“It comes to this: Mankind in its first prototypal, shadowy form, is the offspring of the Elohim of Life (or Pitris), in its qualitative and physical aspect it is the direct progeny of the ‘Ancestors,’ the lowest Dhyanis, or Spirits of the Earth; for its moral, psychic, and spiritual nature, it is indebted to a group of divine beings. … Collectively, they are the handiwork of hosts of various spirits; distributively, the tabernacles of those hosts; and occasionally and singly, the vehicles of some of them. In our present all-material Fifth Race, the earthly Spirit of the Fourth is still strong in us; but we are approaching the time when the pendulum of evolution will direct its swing decidedly upwards, bringing humanity back on a parallel line with primitive third Root-Race in Spirituality. During its childhood, mankind was composed wholly of that Angelic Host, who were the indwelling Spirits that animated the monstrous and gigantic tabernacles of clay of the Fourth Race. … The ‘tabernacles’ have improved in texture and symmetry of form, growing and developing with the globe that bore them; but the physical improvements took place at the expense of the spiritual inner man and nature.” ~H. P. Blavatsky


Blavatsky talks about humanity in its current state and form as the “Fifth Race”. We in Cosolargy don’t talk about various races or levels of man, but of suns representing ages of Man. We are in the Fifth Sun now and at the beginning of the sixth and final sun. Humanity has descended further and further over millions of years until he is nearly all material with but a small part of spirit. If we descend one more level, we will be pure matter with no hope of turning around and returning to spirit.


The first version of Man was the creation of Elohim, which is one of the names of the real God, the God of Spirit, the God Jesus called “Father”. I don’t like the description Blavatsky gives us a “shadowy form” to this early prototypal human. We think of shadow figures as being demons and devils and early man was far from being that! A better way to say it is that we were less substantial and more spirit then. We were more light and less darkness, more energy and less matter. After the Great Fall, represented allegorically in both the story of Adam & Eve and the tale of the fallen angels led by Lucifer, Man was banished to Earth. Not an Earth of spirit, but one of matter. Since it is difficult, if not impossible to live in a material world when you are mostly spirit. Humans began to change. Over millennia, they became denser, more material, and therefore less spiritual.

Spirits of the Earth

What Blavatsky is calling the Spirits of the Earth are better known as the Fallen Angels, Devils, or Demons. Nowadays. We are probably not dealing with the original fallen angels at all, but with their offspring. Satan, for example, is not Lucifer under another name. Satan is the son of Lucifer. But I am confused by her also referring to these Earth Spirits as “Dhyanis” which seems to mean a spiritual master or highly advanced spiritual being, I.E. a Buddha.

Fifth Race

Blavatsky calls this Fifth Race of humanity “all-material”. Fortunately, that is not accurate. We are but one small step from being all-material, but we are not there yet. This is fortunate because it means it is still possible for us—with a lot of help from God and Ascended masters—to turn around and head back towards being creatures of Spirit or Light. The Sixth Sun, also known as the Sun of Righteousness, has dawned and is gradually changing us and the world we live in. The Fifth Race of Man is starting to become the Sixth Race. But this can happen in any of three ways.

  • We can sit back in neutral gear and wait to see what happens. Sadly, that is how many live these days including many who believe they are being spiritual by acting like a piece of driftwood.
  • We can fight the change and try to remain material and materialistic like the people who insist on staying in a house that is being slowly covered with water in a flood.
  • Or the best choice, we can embrace this change and work hard to help it come about in ourselves, in others, and in the world. The ones who do that are the Servants of God, the Chosen of God, the Soldiers of Light.

So don’t stay trapped as part of the Fifth Race any longer than you have to. The new Golden Age will be spiritual and it will need spiritual leaders. Be one.


Boundary Between Age of Descent and Age of Ascent

“At the boundary between the involutionary and evolutionary epochs is Christ. His Appearance heralds the beginning of the evolutionary epoch. However, the majority of people today continue to descend; that is, they are still on the involutionary path. In this way, they will not solve their problems. In such a case, another impulse upward toward the Sun needs to come.

“Three categories of souls exist. Those who are descending are in their involutionary period, those who are ascending are in their evolutionary period, and a third category of souls has stopped in one place. These souls are at the lowest point in their development, having not yet begun to ascend.

“While ascending, should you encounter beings who have stopped, and you connect with these beings, they will draw power from you, causing you to lose momentum. Beings also exist with whom you walk in a parallel manner. Here we come to the question of related souls. You should help the others, but without becoming intimately involved.” ~Biensa Douno

The Boundary Between Epochs

The boundary between epochs spoken of here is that between an epoch of descent and one of ascent. Or we could say between an epoch of increasing materialism to one of increasing spirituality. But I’m not sure there really is a period that could be called a boundary. That is, I don’t think there is a period when everyone stops descending and starts ascending. Instead, we have a few people turning around and heading the other way, followed by a few more, and them even more. So it is not a time when all are standing still, but a period when there is a mixture of those going in one direction, and those going in the opposite direction. When it reaches the point where those ascending are greater than those descending, we can say that the new epoch of ascent has begun.

Appearance of Christ

Douno indicates that Christ appears at the boundary between epochs. He does not explain how this will happen. Some think it means that the person of Jesus, who was the Christ for a period of time, will return in the flesh. Others say it doesn’t mean a physical return at all, but only the awakening of the Christ consciousness within each of us. The truth may be something between. It may be that Christ will be born again in a new physical body, and inspire some to awaken the Christ consciousness within. The biggest question here is: will those who presently call themselves Christian recognize this Christ when he arrives? My guess is that most of them will not, since they continue to confuse the person Jesus with the spirit Christ that resided in Jesus at one time. Continue reading “Boundary Between Age of Descent and Age of Ascent”

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Fifth Epoch of Materialism and Sixth Epoch of Spirit

“The descent into materialism was necessary in order that the fifth epoch might fulfill its mission It was essential that astral and spiritual clairvoyance should grow dim in order that the intellect might develop by  precise, minute and mathematical observation of the physical world. Physical science must be supplemented by spiritual science.
“Our fifth epoch will be followed by another, the sixth. This sixth epoch will see the development of brotherhood among men, clairvoyance and creative power. … To the priest in the mysteries before Christ, there was harmony between science and faith. Science and faith were one and the same. …
“Now that the attention of men is wholly directed to the physical world, faith has need of a refuge, of religion. … In the sixth epoch, the two streams will again unite. Mechanical science will become spiritually creative. This will be Gnosis-spiritual consciousness.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Fifth Epoch

I’m not sure Mr. Steiner is correct in saying that the descent into materialism was necessary. We cannot deny, however, that it has happened.

It is certainly true that there are forces in the material world which act upon us in different ways. Without getting into the details that are reserved for spiritual students, some forces act to lift us and make us grow, while other pull us down deeper into matter and materialism. You might think of these forces as being the two wolves in the old Native American story. The wolf that is fed is the one that grows strong. In the last several centuries, the wolf we have fed is clearly the forces that pull us deeper into matter. We have reached a point where the materialistic scientists have become like priests to some. And to many, the existence of anything other than matter is laughed at. Fortunately, the fantasies of materialism do not change the reality.

As Steiner says, this epoch was one of emphasis on the intellect. This power of the brain-mind is certainly impressive. So impressive, that many feel their can be nothing greater. But the intellect is limited to understanding the physical realm. It can only grasp the spiritual in a superficial way.

Sixth Epoch

We are now at the dawn of this new epoch. It is clear that some are awakening again. While the numbers are still relatively small, it is much greater than it was a century ago. We are again talking of the Essenes and Theraputes as holy people rather than misguided wackos. We are learning again to understand the allegorical tales of the ancients including those found in Christian, Buddhist, and Hindu scripture.

As part of this awakening of a new Age of Enlightenment, we are seeing a return of ancient spiritual schools or mystery schools. Some of these schools are new, but teach the ancient truths that never change. Others are a resurgence of schools that never entirely disappeared.

Sadly, there are also phony schools popping up. Sleazy materialist who see this spiritual growth as a path to some quick money throw together classes and seminars from various sources in a hap-hazard way that teaches very little and are in a few cases dangerous. When searching for a school to study under, we need to trust out intuition rather than falling for elaborate and expensive advertising.

Seventh Epoch

Steiner says this fifth epoch will be followed by another. This will be an even greater epoch of living together in true harmony and spirituality.

More accurately, we can say the fifth epoch was one of descent into matter. The sixth epoch is one of awakening and a return to spirituality. The seventh epoch will happen when the material universe returns to its original state of spirit. Then matter will no longer exist, and death, disease, competition, and the other negative things associated with matter will be done.


So if you’re still trapped in the fifth epoch, now id the time to awaken. Start developing your spiritual self. Awaken your spirit and soul with the light of the spiritual sun. Start learning the truth to achieve what Steiner called “ Gnosis-spiritual consciousness.” The more we awaken, the easier the transition will be.