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Good King Needs Good Advisers

“When high-enthroned the monarch sits, resplendent in the pride of purple robes, while flashing steel guards him on every side;
When baleful terrors on his brow with frowning menace lower, and passion shakes his laboring breast—how dreadful seems his power!
But if the vesture of his state from such a one thou tear,
Thou’lt see what load of secret bonds this lord of earth doth wear.
Lust’s poison rankles; o’er his mind rage sweeps in tempest rude;
Sorrow his spirit vexes sore and empty hopes delude.
Then thou’lt confess; one helpless wretch, whom many lords oppress
Doth never what he would, but lives in thraldom‘s helplessness.

“Thou seest, then, in what foulness unrighteous deeds are sunk, with what splendor righteousness shines. Whereby it is manifest that goodness never lacks its reward, nor crime its punishment.” ~Boethius

It’s Good to Be King?

A popular saying goes, “it’s good to be king,” but is it really? Under certain conditions, it is. Unfortunately, those conditions are rarely met in modern times.

As Boethus says, the king may be resplendent in his expensive robes, jewels, and crown, but h needs those guards around him for protection at all times. That crown is like painting a target on his chest. Other kings want to defeat him and take over his kingdom for themselves. Lesser nobles want to replace him. And the common folk likely dislike much of his decisions, even when they are actually benefiting them. Few people enjoy having other make decisions for them, even when they are good decisions.

There was a time when this wasn’t so true. A time that was probably centuries before recorded history. In that time, kings almost always dd what was right. That was because they had wise men and women for advisers. Not intellectuals, but wise ones. The wise one were usually priests, shaman, or spiritual leaders with some other title. They differed greatly from the priests and ministers of today.

The Wise Advisers

These advisers were usually the founders or heads of what are generally called “Mystery Schools”. They were mystery schools because their teachings were private, for members only. This was not out of a sense of possession, or to retain their position in the society, but for the protection of the people. Those who gain such knowledge and use is improperly can cause great harm to themselves and others.

These advisers did not teach their secrets to the monarchs, with a few exceptions. Instead, they simply used their universal wisdom to advise the rulers. Those rules were thus able to make the best decisions for the people and also limit the opposition to their rule. They were, in a sense, the true robes of the king. Continue reading “Good King Needs Good Advisers”

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Preaching Soul Gives Great Advice

My soul preached to me and taught me to love that which people abhor and befriend him whom they revile. My soul showed me that love prides itself not only in the one who loves, but also in the beloved.

“Ere my soul preached to me, Love was in my heart as a tiny thread fastened between two pegs. But now love has become a halo whose beginning is its end, and who’s end is its beginning. It surrounds every being and extends slowly to embrace all that shall be. …

“My soul preached to me and instructed me and taught me to listen to the voices which the … lips do not utter.

“Ere my soul preached to me, I heard naught but clamor and wailing. But now I eagerly attend silence and hear the choirs singing the hymns of the ages.” ~Kahlil Gibran

Preaching Soul

Our souls do have much they can teach us. First, of course, they have to be awakened. A dormant spirit and soul may still have much to teach us, but is unable to do so. Once awakened, the soul is delighted to teach us what we should know. The mind may not want to listen, but the soul can be persistent in its effort.

Preaching Soul on Love

Love is naturally the main thing the awakened soul wants to teach us. Not lust or want, but love. The soul understands love far better than the mind does. The soul doesn’t see love as something at at a particular individual. It’s not even limited to a particular species. The soul sees love as applying to all beings, all life, all existence. Yes, even the evil ones. The soul knows that love cannot truly be real if it is limited.

This doesn’t mean, as some believe, that we must embrace our dark side and listen to the demons and beings of darkness. It means that we love them to transform them. We don’t want them destroyed. We want them transformed. That has, in fact, already happened as some of them have given up already and turned back to God. This is how light wins, not by killing and mayhem. Continue reading “Preaching Soul Gives Great Advice”