idle hands

Idle Hands, Busy Hands

“God does not want us to be lying idly on our backs; therefore He does not effect everything Himself. Nor does He want us to be boastful; therefore He did not give us everything. … But we are laboring in vain, thinking that through our own power or efforts we shall accomplish something. Therefore, he who wishes ‘to stand against the wiles of the devil’ (Eph. 6:11) and render them ineffectual, and to share in the divine glory, ought day and night to seek Go’s help and divine succor with tears and sighs, with insatiable longing and fire in his soul. He who wishes to share in this glory purges his soul of all worldly pleasures and of hostile passions and desires.” ~The Philokalia

Idle Hands

Most of us have probably heard the old saying that idle hands are the devil’s playground. The intent of that saying is to imply that those who are not kept busy will get into mischief. While that certainly does happen, especially with children, it goes beyond that.

We are not in this world to lay around and do nothing. Actually, it is impossible to do nothing. No matter how lazy we are, we have to breath, eat, take us space, and otherwise use up resources. We need to put something back into the world to compensate for that which we consume, and that does not mean the waste that comes out of us for eating and drinking.

I know many won’t believe this, but in a way, I actually feel sorry for the people born into very wealthy families who inherit so much money they never have to work. Some of them choose to work anyway, and they are the smart ones. Those who don’t, however, can never feel any true sense of accomplishment for getting a tough job done, or for getting a creative project completed. Continue reading “Idle Hands, Busy Hands”


Pride and Humility

“Honest pride can slide quickly into vanity, however, and then into  vain-glory, and when in the manner of a musketeer you take a bow with a flourish of your feathered hat, you’re likely to raise your head into the downswing of a villain’s hatchet.” – Dean Koontz

selfEsteemWe have developed a society where humility is considered worthless and everyone is encouraged to take great pride in their accomplishments even when those accomplishments are really irrelevant or complete fantasies. Worse yet, they may be taking pride in “accomplishments” that are actually harming the world and themselves because they are so caught up in their own hubris that they believe anything they do must be good simply because they did it. Continue reading “Pride and Humility”