I am a minister and spiritual student in the International Community of Christ, Church of the Second Advent. This blog is my own and is not edited by the church. I am also a retired Software Engineer and I live in Reno, Nevada. I was born in Massachusetts and spent my childhood there. I lived in Virginia for over 30 years before retiring and moving to Nevada.




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  1. Charles Stewart says:

    So True My Brother of The Sun. I thank you for these Words of Light. Is has been said many times that the Slave Era of America was a period of Satanic Soveriegngty whereas, the absence of God was enforced by the violent torture, lynchings, and murders for the misleading of Biblical Scriptures to replace the appearance of God here on Earth by those Plantation Owners who were wrongfully being the owner of the Children of God. It is here today, as Humanity nears the End Times…the manifestation of Cosmic/ Spiritual Warfare has manifested through unforeseen events that have never appeared in earlier days except by the Prophecy of members of the Holy Tribe of Heaven. Once again…I thank you. In Light, Charles Stewart.

  2. Michael Hammett says:

    Hello, Harold. I read your post “A Deeper, Wider Consciousness” on the Cosolargy blog page and was impressed enough to come look at your blog. I will be back often to explore, I see. Thank you for your ministry in writing. I am a United Methodist minister who has always been a spiritual seeker in many paths, and am now beginning an exploration of Cosolargy and the International Community of Christ, Church of the Second Advent,

    1. Harold Boulette says:

      Thanks Michael. You can find more about Cosolargy on

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