materialist worldview

Materialist Worldview and Emerging Worldview

“It may not come as news to you that the Materialist worldview we were taught in school is incorrect and what scientists, high school science teachers and university professors have been propagating based on that worldview for the past hundred years or more is off the mark. As you know, true believers in Materialism think that matter is all there is, that all the matter in the universe and all the laws that govern it came from nothing with a big bang, and that we humans can be compared to robots with computer-like brains and when the plug is pulled on what they see as our human-body machines, we die and that’s it—lights out. Anyone paying attention nowadays realizes that does not appear to be the case. The rapidly emerging view is that we are eternal, spiritual beings having a temporary physical experience. This first began to penetrate my consciousness forty years ago when I read Live After Life by psychiatrist Raymond Moody, a qualitative study for which Moody interviewed 150 people who had undergone near-death experiences. Many, many such reports and studies have been published since that validate Dr. Moody’s book, the best known recently being Proof of Heaven by neurosurgeon Eben Alexander. The vast majority of the public is probably unaware, however, that evidence gathered by highly credible scientific researchers clearly indicates the brain does not create consciousness and that it now appears certain the brain is a receiver of consciousness, an organ that evolved in order to bring consciousness into the physical dimension. … Since each new organ developed in response to a need, why would the brain be an exception? Smith and his colleagues put forth a convincing argument that intelligence came first, quite able to function without a brain in its own realm.” ~ Stephen Hawley Martin

Materialist Worldview

Part of the materialist worldview is that matter is all there is and spirits, angels, and God are just the fantasies of the immature. There are others, however, who have a slightly different view. They accept that there may be spirits, or beings living in a non-material plane of existence, but they are not important to us while we are on the physical plane. We need to concentrate, they believe, on the place where we are and not worry about other dimensions of reality. In my opinion, this is just a slight variation on the materials worldviews since it produces the same result: people who don’t concern themselves with their spiritual side. Many in this group have formed or joined, religions or churches that practice a form of worship that is all about matter rather than spirit. They think that feeding the hungry, caring for the sick, helping the politically oppressed escape their oppression, and so on is how to practice religion. There is, of course, nothing wrong with doing those things, but they are social activities, not spiritual. Spiritual activities are aimed at awakening and developing the spirit and soul. They are not concerned with the physical body or the mind except as an aid to spiritual development. That doesn’t mean that spiritual people don’t care for their bodies and minds, but they don’t consider those activities to be spiritual.

Emerging Worldview

As Mr. Martin notes, the emerging worldview finds that the materialist worldview is wrong. And this new, more spiritual worldview is being increasingly accepted in the scientific community. The primary reason, I think, is because the idea that everything in the universe just happens randomly is not at all backed by the evidence. Things do not happen at random. If they did, turtles would occasionally lay chicken eggs or even cocoa beans. But that never happens. The turtle can be reliably expected to lay turtle eggs 99.999% of the time. That is not random. And if the world isn’t random, then it is guided by intelligence. So whether or not you call it God, there must be a universal intelligence, or more accurately, consciousness, and it is not made of matter.

Eternal Spirits

The truth of the matter is that we are eternal spirits with eternal souls. Our material bodies that so many of us hold so dear are but a disguise, a costume we wear for a time and then lose. His is why the ancient spiritual teachers said the world of matter was unreal, an illusion. It is illusion in that it is not quite what it appears to be (click here to read a previous post on that subject), but also in that it is temporary. These ancients regarded anything temporary as if it were a will-o-the-wisp, a falsehood. While it is not truly accurate to say the body doesn’t exist, it is accurate to say that it is temporary, and therefore, logically of less importance than the permanent spirit and soul.

Consciousness and the Brain

Another awakening belief is that consciousness is not the creation of the brain, which in turn is a creation of the physical body. Many now see that consciousness existed first and it created the brain and the body, not the other way around. And this is not just a belief of New Age types or spiritual gurus. It is more and more being proven and accepted by members of the scientific community.

So if you still cling to the materialist worldview, you may still be in the majority, but a shrinking one. Maybe it is time you start looking to the future and stop clinging to the past.

Statutes of men

Statutes of Men and the Law of God

“Man directs his life by the laws of God and the statutes of men. The statutes of men, which are for the good of men, are to be upheld by the Children of Light, who shall not live for the next life only.

“These laws, though stricken on marble ans set up on everlasting pillars at the gateways of the temples, are but diversions for the eye and exercise for the tongue, unless graven also on the tablets of your heart. Thus, you shall not fall into error.

“A man does not obey the statutes because they are the law of the land, but because they accord with his nature and inclinations. The true nature of Man stems from the Godly directive within and is, therefore, above the edicts of kings.

“In upholding the laws and statutes, the chief concern should be a man’s good intent. If he intends well and is diligent, he can be forgiven much, but if he intends well but is thoughtless, then he shall not be looked upon so kindly. Remember; men do not dispense justice, they can but hope to serve it. God alone knows what is good or wicked within his heart, therefore, He alone can dispense true justice.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (MAN:8:1-4)

Law of God

To anyone who is truly spiritual, the Law of God reigns supreme. God knows all. God is all. So to try to second guess God is foolhardy. Of course, the real problem is to distinguish what is actually the Law of God from what is the opinions of men putting words into God’s mouth. The only way to truly know God’s Law is to awaken our spiritual faculties. The awakened soul is then in direct contact with angelic beings and occasionally with God, therefore, it knows truth and it knows God’s Law. What’s more, it knows the importance of following God’s Law and has no interest in rebelling and doing its own thing.

Statutes of Men

This section of the Kolbrin Bible speaks about two kinds of law; God’s Law and the Statutes of Man. They left out an intermediate level which is the laws of nature. But they are not important to this discussion, so we can skip them. I just wanted to mention that there is something in the middle.

The Kolbrin Bible says that all good men should obey both the Law of God and the Statutes of Man. Even the Children of Light should do this. That is a common teaching in spiritual schools, the real ones anyway. The laws or statutes of men are not always just and not always in accord with the Law of God. Nevertheless, we should avoid violating the law. First, because we don’t want to give people the impression that spiritual students are a lawless rabble. Second, because if we are to help our brothers and sisters awaken and grow, we must play along with their games most of the time. Also, when we do things that are considered wrong or illegal by most they send negative energy towards us and that energy can be harmful. Continue reading “Statutes of Men and the Law of God”

below and above

Below and Above, Within and Without

“It is, beyond any doubt, most certain and true, that the Below is like the Above, and thereby can be accomplished the miracle of one only thing. As all things are derived from one thing, by the Will and the Word of the One who created it in His mind; likewise all things result from this unity by the order of nature. Its father is the sun, its mother te moon; the air carries it it in its womb; its nurse is the earth. Thus thing is the origin of all perfections that exist through the world. Its power is most perfect when it has been reduced to earth.

“Separate the earth from the fire, and the subtle from that which is gross; act with prudence, understanding, and modesty. It rises up from the earth to the heavens, and returns again to the earth, taking unto itself the power of the Above and the Below. Thus you will obtain the the glory of the whole world.

“Therefore, discard all ignorance and impotency. This is the strongest of all powers, for it overcomes all subtle things, and can penetrate through all that is gross.” ~Franz Hartmann

Below and Above

Almost everyone who has studied spiritual teaching is familiar with the Hermetic teaching that what is above is like that which is below, what is outside is like that which is inside. But most seem to have a limited understanding of this confining it to the material level of existence. They compare the structure of the cosmos with that of the brain, the branches of a tree with those in the lungs, etc. This is fine as far as it goes. It does show that this law applies within the levels of the material universe. But the hermetic teachings were about spiritual growth, not studies of the physical world. So when Hermes said “As above, so below” he was talking in terms of dimensions. So what he really meant is that the things that happen in higher dimensions, spiritual dimensions, trickle down to the lower dimensions of matter. We must remember, though, that things roll downhill easily, but need to be pushed uphill. The same applies here, in a sense. What happens in higher realms of spirit easily affects the lower dimensions of matter, but what happens in the world of matter has little effect on the higher realms. So then why “as below, so above?” Because Hermes is trying to tell us that we can get some idea of what is happening in higher realms by noticing what changes are taking place in the lower ones. Below and Above are mirrors to some degree. Continue reading “Below and Above, Within and Without”

fifth race

Fifth Race and Sixth Race Man

“It comes to this: Mankind in its first prototypal, shadowy form, is the offspring of the Elohim of Life (or Pitris), in its qualitative and physical aspect it is the direct progeny of the ‘Ancestors,’ the lowest Dhyanis, or Spirits of the Earth; for its moral, psychic, and spiritual nature, it is indebted to a group of divine beings. … Collectively, they are the handiwork of hosts of various spirits; distributively, the tabernacles of those hosts; and occasionally and singly, the vehicles of some of them. In our present all-material Fifth Race, the earthly Spirit of the Fourth is still strong in us; but we are approaching the time when the pendulum of evolution will direct its swing decidedly upwards, bringing humanity back on a parallel line with primitive third Root-Race in Spirituality. During its childhood, mankind was composed wholly of that Angelic Host, who were the indwelling Spirits that animated the monstrous and gigantic tabernacles of clay of the Fourth Race. … The ‘tabernacles’ have improved in texture and symmetry of form, growing and developing with the globe that bore them; but the physical improvements took place at the expense of the spiritual inner man and nature.” ~H. P. Blavatsky


Blavatsky talks about humanity in its current state and form as the “Fifth Race”. We in Cosolargy don’t talk about various races or levels of man, but of suns representing ages of Man. We are in the Fifth Sun now and at the beginning of the sixth and final sun. Humanity has descended further and further over millions of years until he is nearly all material with but a small part of spirit. If we descend one more level, we will be pure matter with no hope of turning around and returning to spirit.


The first version of Man was the creation of Elohim, which is one of the names of the real God, the God of Spirit, the God Jesus called “Father”. I don’t like the description Blavatsky gives us a “shadowy form” to this early prototypal human. We think of shadow figures as being demons and devils and early man was far from being that! A better way to say it is that we were less substantial and more spirit then. We were more light and less darkness, more energy and less matter. After the Great Fall, represented allegorically in both the story of Adam & Eve and the tale of the fallen angels led by Lucifer, Man was banished to Earth. Not an Earth of spirit, but one of matter. Since it is difficult, if not impossible to live in a material world when you are mostly spirit. Humans began to change. Over millennia, they became denser, more material, and therefore less spiritual.

Spirits of the Earth

What Blavatsky is calling the Spirits of the Earth are better known as the Fallen Angels, Devils, or Demons. Nowadays. We are probably not dealing with the original fallen angels at all, but with their offspring. Satan, for example, is not Lucifer under another name. Satan is the son of Lucifer. But I am confused by her also referring to these Earth Spirits as “Dhyanis” which seems to mean a spiritual master or highly advanced spiritual being, I.E. a Buddha.

Fifth Race

Blavatsky calls this Fifth Race of humanity “all-material”. Fortunately, that is not accurate. We are but one small step from being all-material, but we are not there yet. This is fortunate because it means it is still possible for us—with a lot of help from God and Ascended masters—to turn around and head back towards being creatures of Spirit or Light. The Sixth Sun, also known as the Sun of Righteousness, has dawned and is gradually changing us and the world we live in. The Fifth Race of Man is starting to become the Sixth Race. But this can happen in any of three ways.

  • We can sit back in neutral gear and wait to see what happens. Sadly, that is how many live these days including many who believe they are being spiritual by acting like a piece of driftwood.
  • We can fight the change and try to remain material and materialistic like the people who insist on staying in a house that is being slowly covered with water in a flood.
  • Or the best choice, we can embrace this change and work hard to help it come about in ourselves, in others, and in the world. The ones who do that are the Servants of God, the Chosen of God, the Soldiers of Light.

So don’t stay trapped as part of the Fifth Race any longer than you have to. The new Golden Age will be spiritual and it will need spiritual leaders. Be one.