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Secret Knowledge of the Chaldeans, Persians, and Others

Secret Knowledge of the Ancients

“The Chaldeans, Persians, and Egyptians had all of them the same knowledge of the secrets of Nature, and also the same religion. It was only the names that differed. The Chaldeans and Persians called their doctrine Sophia and Magic; and the Egyptians, because of the sacrifice, called their wisdom priestcraft. The magic of the Persians, and the theology of the Egyptians, were both of them taught in the schools of old. Though there were many schools and learned men in Arabia, Africa, and Greece, … still there were different opinions among them as to the wisdom of the Egyptian on points wherein they themselves differed, and whereupon they disagreed with it. For this reason Pythagoras could not be called a wise man, because the Egyptian priestcraft and wisdom were not perfectly taught, although he received therefrom many mysteries and arcane knowledge; and that Anaxagoras had received a great many as well, is clear from his discussions on the subject of Sol and its Stone, which he left behind him after his death. Yet he differed in many respects from the Egyptians. Even they would not be called wise men or Magi; but, following Pythagoras, they assumed the name of philosophy: yet they gathered no more than a few gleams like shadows from the magic of the Persians and the Egyptians.” ~Paracelsus


Knowledge is something most of us seek. But not all knowledge is good. For example, knowledge of ways to kill yourself quickly and easily should not be shared with someone prone to bouts of depression. Adam and Eve got into trouble when they ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. It was the evil part that is the problem. What that allegorical tale really means is that Adam and Eve turned to the light of the physical sun and were pulled down into the physical dimension because of it. That is knowledge they would have been far better off without. In most cases, though, gaining knowledge is a worthy pursuit.

Chaldeans, Persians, and Egyptians

The Chaldeans and Persians were among the ancient civilizations that had a lot of spiritual knowledge. Much of that knowledge was passed on to the Egyptians. But this secret knowledge was around even before the Persians and Chaldeans. It was also found in Atlantis, which was a real place, a real civilization, though some of the details in Plato’s tale of that land may not be accurate. Continue reading “Secret Knowledge of the Chaldeans, Persians, and Others”


Secrets: Spiritual, Mystical, and Heavenly

“The truth and the secrets that I speak about—and the laying on of hands that is mine—not from people have I received it nor from fleshly creatures, not even from studies in the scriptures. But when my most blessed father, who called me into his grace, saw me, since he did not wish me and the rest who are in the world to perish, he felt compassion, so that he might extend his well-being to those prepared to be chosen by him from the sects. Then, by his grace, he pulled me from the council of the many who do not recognize the truth and revealed to me his secrets and those of his undefiled father and of all the cosmos. He disclosed to me how I was before the foundation of the world, and how the groundwork of all the works, both good and evil, was laid, and how everything of this aggregation was engendered according to its present boundaries and times.

“I, Mani, a messenger of Jesus Christ through the will of God, the father of truth, from whom I also was born, who lives and abides forever, existing before all and also abiding after all. All things that are and will subsist through his power. For from this very one I was conceived, and I am from his will. From Him, all that is true was revealed to me, and I am from His truth. The truth of ages that he revealed I have seen, and that truth I have disclosed to my fellow travelers; peace I have announced to the children of peace, hope I have proclaimed to the immortal race. The elect I have chosen, and a path to the height I have shown to those who ascend according to this truth. Hope I have proclaimed, and this revelation I have revealed. This immortal gospel I have written, including in it these eminent mysteries, and disclosing in it the greatest works, the greatest and most august forms of the most eminently powerful works. These things that he revealed I have shown to those who live from the truest vision, which I have seen, and from the most glorious revelation revealed to me.” ~On The Origin of His Body

Secrets That I speak

The secrets that Mani reveals are the secrets of nearly all ancient mystery schools and Gnostic groups. They are the secrets of the spiritual world and the secrets of the physical world. He says he did not receive these truths from “fleshly creatures,” or from a study of books and scripture. That is an important thing that all real spiritual students should note. Teachers, preachers, books and scripture can point us toward finding the truth, but it can come only from direct experience.

He Felt Compassion

It seems odd to some that God should kick us out of paradise and own to the realm of matter, then feel compassion for our plight here. But God didn’t send us here. That is a big part of the secrets. We sent ourselves when we—or our ancestors– violated His Universal Law. God won’t just pull us out of this hell-hole without us doing anything to deserve it, but he did provide us with the means to return to paradise: an eternal soul. It is as if he gave us a ladder to climb out of the hole, but we have to do the climbing ourselves. We have to make some effort.

Secrets of How I was Before the Foundation of the World

Most of us have completely forgotten what we were before we fell into the realm of matter. That was also true in Mani’s time. But one of the things that are revealed to us after our spiritual awakening is what we were before the fall and what we are destined to be again. It is easy enough to say we were spiritual beings rather than physical, but that is just a small part of it. The details are revealed to each of us individually, they are not found in books. Not even books of scripture.

Secrets Announced to the Children of Peace

While not everyone who desires peace is a spiritual person, it is true that all real spiritual people desire peace. Peace between nations and races, peace between species, peace between Man and Nature. Such people are the true Children of God and Children of Peace, for they have chosen to develop their spiritual Self, and push the material to the side. For this reason, the secrets of the universe can be revealed to them. Great effort is made to avoid reveling them to violent and materialistic people who are likely to misuse that knowledge. Hitler is an example of someone who gained just a few of those secrets, and nearly took over the world!

Secrets are Useful

So to those promoting the idea that governments, corporations, and individuals should not have secrets, I say “nonsense!” There are good reasons why some things should be kept secret. You don’t give a madman instructions on how to make bombs. You don’t reveal your national secrets to your enemies. And God doesn’t reveal the Universal Secrets to those who seek them for the wrong reasons. The only right reason is to participate in God’s Plan to transform the fallen realm of matter back into spirit.

contemporary society

Contemporary Society and Powerful Solutions

“Contemporary society has always been suffering from the desire for too much money. And recently the Bulgarian state has issued so many banknotes, but where is the active circulation? There should be effective money. The products of nature, however, are always effective. If there are wheat, fruits, and potatoes – there is culture. Without them there is no culture. Culture is determined by Cosmic Love, sent to us from above. Do not think that the Sun and the other planets do not take part in our lives. The Sun is most of all interested in us and every year it sends a credit of a thousand millions to Bulgaria. If you go to the Sun, you will see that its inhabitants have energy of many thousand millions for the culture of Bulgaria, for Love, for religious beliefs and for spiritual elevation in the Way of Truth. Observing the Sun today with a telescope, we say: ‘The Sun is fire’. I do not agree, because fire is a weak energy. There is energy on the Sun, but it is not fire. It is something more powerful which could not be expressed in words. The Sun is not a hot body, but a body of immense energy.” ~Beinsa Douno

Contemporary Society

Contemporary society suffers from many things, a desire for too much money and wealth being just one of them. Douno talks specifically about Bulgaria because that is where he lived, but it could be anywhere in the world, especially Europe and America.

Bank Notes in Active Circulation

What Douno means when he says there is an abundance of banknotes, but little active circulation is that the central banks in many countries are issuing huge amounts of paper money that is far more than could ever be backed by silver or gold, as money always was until a few decades ago. Now if a government wants more money in circulation, they just ask the bank to print it. It actually has no more real value than Monopoly play money. The value comes in the backing of the governments for the currency. So when governments start to collapse, so does the economy of the nation and other nations that may depend on it.

As for active circulation, the biggest problem there is that we have the super-wealthy who hoard vast amounts of money and wealth just to spite the rest of us. We have television shows where hoarders are treated as someone with an illness, and they are offered help in ending their hoarding. Why is hoarding money an exception? Because money hoarders have a lot of political power. Plus contemporary society doesn’t seem to think hoarding money is an illness as with all other kinds of hoarding. Continue reading “Contemporary Society and Powerful Solutions”


Prayer With the Right Attitude

“A patient of mine who is very ill was recently told by his oncologist that there was nothing more that could be done for him. The physician then said, ‘I think you’d better start praying.” For this doctor, prayer had become a kind of last resort, something to offer his patients when he runs out of ways to help them personally, when there are no more effective treatments. God has become his final referral.

“But prayer is not a way to get what we want to happen, like the remote control that comes with the television set. I think that prayer may be less about asking for the things we are attached to than it is about relinquishing our attachments in some way. It can take us beyond fear, which is an attachment, and beyond hope, which is another form of attachment. It can help us remember the nature of the world and the nature of life, not on an intellectual level but in a deep and experiential way. When we pray, we don’t change the world,we change ourselves.We change our consciousness. We move from an individual, isolated making-things-happen kind of consciousness to connection on the deepest level with the largest possible reality.” ~Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.

Prayer as Last resort

As Dr. Remen implies, this physician who recommends prayer only as a last resort when all else has failed has it wrong. In fact, he has it backward. Prayer should be your first resort. His attitude is understandable in our materialistic, and increasingly atheistic world, but it is still wrong. Just as good nutrition should be part of the treatment for all ailments, so should prayer, and from the beginning. Prayer doesn’t have to be used alone. It can be used in combination with any other types of treatments, from herbal teas to surgery. Get the sick person’s friends to pray for their health, and miracles can happen. If he has no friends, there are religious and spiritual organizations such as Cosolargy that will let anyone request a prayer for health, recovery, etc. Studies have found these group prayers to be effective. But as Remen notes, we have to have the right attitude when we pray, especially if we are asking for ourselves.

An Attitude for Prayer

If you want your prayer to be effective, you can’t be demanding and you can’t have the attitude that you know better than God. Many people pray as if they were ordering from a catalog or a restaurant menu. They tell God what they want. “God, I want a new car,” or “God, cure my cancer.” God is not your servant and you can’t reach Him by acting as if he is. More appropriate prayers for yourself would be, “God, please send me what I need the most,” or “God, send me healing energy if You think I should be healed.” God makes the decision, not you.

When part of a group praying for someone else, similar rules apply. The person may ask for a specific disease to be cured, but you should ask God to send that person healing energy and understanding. The energy will heal what should be healed, and leave what is needed to teach the person a lesson.

Relinquishing Attachments

Dr. Ramen also thinks We should pray to relinquish attachments, not to cling to them, and I agree. If the only thing we can think of to ask God for is some material thing such as a car or a house, we are clinging to attachments. Instead of praying for those things, we should pray for God to help us free ourselves for attachments to material possessions. Now you might argue that you desperately need a new car, but that doesn’t matter. God runs the realm of spirit so you should ask him for spiritual things. When you pray for things of matter, regardless of your intentions, you are praying to the god of matter, which is Satan. Satan will often happily give you what you want—but bill you later!

The Purpose of Prayer

The purpose of Prayer should be to become more spiritual and to reach higher levels of consciousness. It should also be to help others, and the entire world transform in the same way. This is what God wants to happen in the world, and we should be praying to offer him our services to help achieve His Plan.

Our Daily Bread

One thing some people will bring up when you tell them that they shouldn’t pray for material things, material objects, is the line from The Lord’s Prayer, as delivered by Jesus, that goes, “Give us this day or daily bread.” They think this proves that even Jesus prayed for material things. They are wrong. This line is allegorical. Jesus isn’t talking about baked goods made of flour. He is talking about the “bread” that comes from God that feeds the spirit and soul. In other words, he is talking about the Divine Light that comes from God, through the Spiritual Sun, to us, and all beings on earth. This “bread” we should ask for. It is not matter at all, but spiritual energy that feeds the soul. It is what God wants us to have.

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