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I have found that apparently a spam subscription service has added hundreds of email addresses to my subscriber list without the permission of the owners of those accounts. This has resulted in spam reports being sent to Constant Contact when I used that service to send an email from Cosolargy.

If you are one such person, I apologize for the inconvenience.

I have no way of knowing which subscribers are legitimate, so in a few minutes I will delete all subscribers. If you intended to subscribe to this blog, you will have to do so again, Sorry! If you do subscribe, be aware that you may occasionally receive emails from me other than blog posts.

I have added a new plugin to my site to prevent this kind of spam in the future.


Random Thoughts 10-12-2014

GoldHotelOur annual convocation is finishing today, that is the day this will be posted (Oct. 12th) rather than the day I am writing it because I have to write the posts at least a day before they are posted. We spent one full day and one half day at Camp Galilee on the shore of Lake Tahoe and half a day at the Gold Hill Hotel near Virginia City, the oldest hotel still in operation in Nevada.


I am glad to see that my new home state of Nevada must now recognize same-sex marriages after the decision of the ninth district court. By the time this is posted some gay marriages will aready have occurred in Las Vegas. The first was actually a state senator who was (as far as we know) the first to pop the question after the news announcement. Now even gays can get married by an Elvis or Captain Kirk impersonator!


Still seeing more panicking over the Ebola Boogieman. I saw a video on line of an actual doctor who was strolling around the Atlanta airport in a hazmat suit claiming that the CDC is not doing enough to stop it. We should also be asking why this disease has not spreading to wealthier African countries where people are not starving. My concern about all this panic is that limited funds available for medical research and care are being directed to a disease that is still almost exclusive to three poor West African countries and, at this point, there is no reason to believe that it will become an epidemic here.


It really annoys me that the term “Health Care” is so ridiculously misused by the pharmaceutical marketing folks. It is not used for anything that actually makes you healthy, or keeps you healthy. Instead, it is used for any methods of treating the symptoms of illness or general poor health. As a result, real health care is now stuck with the somewhat awkward term “Wellness care”. But what is really annoying is that the “Health Insurance” I am forced to buy won’t even pay for any Wellness care. If I want to consult a nutritionist, get a massage at the spa, or join a gym, I am on my own. Taking care of my health, not covered. Only treatments for sickness is covered. So stupid!! That’s like a car dealer selling an auto maintenance plan that doesn’t cover oil changes, injector cleaning, belt changes, and other types of routine maintenance, but only covers actual breakdowns.



The heart of men has been so made by God that, like a flint, contains a hidden fire which is evolved by music and harmony, and renders man beside himself with ecstasy. These harmonies are echos of that higher world of reality which we call the world of spirits.” ~Al-Ghazzali



A sailboat on Lake Tahoe. I took this from Camp Galilee where some sessions of the Cosolargy annual Convocation were held this year.

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The Soul and the Ego

“When the soul is disturbed by anger, confused by drunkenness, or sunk in deep depression, the intellect cannot hold fast to the remembrance of God no matter how hard we try to force it. Completely darkened by the violence of the passions, it loses totally the form of perception which is proper to it. Thus our desire that our intellect should keep the remembrance of God cannot make any impression, because the recollective faculty of our mind has been hardened by the rawness of the passions. But, on the other hand, when the soul has obtained freedom from there passions, then, even though the intellect is momentarily deprived by forgetfulness of the object of its longing, it at once resumes its proper activity.” ~The Philokalia

soul2While I agree with what this quote says, I would change a few things. First, the soul does not get angry, depressed, or drunk. Those are all attributes of the mind. On the other hand, it is the soul that remembers God and communicates with God, not the mind or intellect. It seems that the writer of this section of the Philokalia gets the two confused, or perhaps worse, thinks they are one and the same thing. In a sense, this might be true is we are talking about the mundane soul, the animal soul, but I can’t see why a book of religious instruction would be talking about that soul. Continue reading “The Soul and the Ego”