My Trip to Peru


Peru2 019I participated in the Peru Sacred Places of Power Tour with Sean Savoy as our group leader. On August 3rd, we visited parts of Lima, the capitol city. We went first to the main square in downtown Lima where many government buildings and the main cathedral are located. As a writer, I of course made special note of the House of Literature there (see photo). We went to the catacombs at Saint Francis Church, which was interesting, but a little creepy. There are piles of human bones and skulls from thousands who were buried there.

Later, we visited Casa Luna, the home of the Luna family with a large private collection of nativity scenes. After touring the collection, we had an excellent lunch of Peruvian dishes. After lunch, we visited the archeology museum, but we didn’t get to see everything because we were behind schedule. Continue reading “My Trip to Peru”


Tour of Peru With Sean Savoy

I’m back from our trip to Peru. Instead of trying to quickly write a normal article, I’m just going to post a few more photos from our fantastic trip.

Peru 025 The Huacachina Lagoon. An Oasis in the desert of Peru. After walking around the lagoon for a while, we boarded an oversized dune buggy and rode around on the nearby sand dunes.





Peru 142Another shot from Machu Picchu. Unfortunately, I don’t have the memory to remember the names of each spot, but I know this is a┬átemple. Of course, now one really knows the purpose of any of the ruins of Machu Picchu since there are no written records of this place.







Peru2 039A small part of a very large flock of pelicans on one of the Ballestas Islands in Peru.



We flew over the famous and mysterious Nazca lines this afternoon. Awesome!


Photos from Peru

I’m still in Peru where I am enjoying learning about the people and places. We visit Nazca later today. Here are a few photos from the trip so far.