Attaining Gnosis (Divine Knowledge)

“Everyone can attain this knowledge; in each one of us lies the faculty of recognizing and contemplating for ourselves what genuine Mysticism, Spiritual Science, Anthroposophy, and Gnosis teach. Only the right means must be chosen. Only a being with ears and eyes can comprehend sound and colors; nor can the eye perceive if the light which makes things visible is wanting. Spiritual Science gives the means of developing the spiritual ears and eyes, and of kindling the spiritual light; and the method of spiritual training: (1) preparation; this develops the spiritual senses. (2) Enlightenment; this kindles the spiritual light. (3) Initiation; this establishes intercourse with the higher spiritual beings.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Cloud MindThe knowledge Steiner is talking about is Gnosis: the knowledge of truth, the knowledge of the spiritual worlds and the beings that live there, the knowledge of our origins and destination. This knowledge is obtainable by almost everyone (obviously, someone with severe mental problems may not be able to, as well as a few others). Of course, as with all things, it may be easier for some than for others to awaken those spiritual faculties that Steiner mentions. It is like saying that everyone can travel to Rome, but a person who lives in a suburb of Rome will have a much easier trip than someone who live in Alaska. But sometimes it is worth while doing the things that are difficult instead of seeking out that which is easy. Continue reading “Attaining Gnosis (Divine Knowledge)”


The Value of Humility and Ego Control


“A man cannot be egotistic if he has true knowledge. In other words, in samadhi man becomes one with God and gets rid of his egotism. True knowledge is impossible without samadhi. In samadhi man becomes one with God. Then he can have no egotism.” ~Ramakrishna

“In samadhi the ego is dropped. Now you don’t have any limitation, no definition, you are merged with the whole—but merged with the whole in a tremendous awareness. You are not asleep. Worries have disappeared, because worries exist only with the ego.” ~Osho

“It is on account of the ego that one is not able to see God. In front of the door of God’s mansion lies the stump of ego. One cannot enter the mansion without jumping over the stump.” ~Ramakrishna

“Ego has usurped the throne of God, and you suffer in the absence of Divine grace. Let go of your ego, and God’s grace will flow into you.” ~Dancolin Flamiano

Businessman CrownThroughout the ages gurus, prophets, and spiritual teachers of all sorts have told us that egotism is preventing us from rising above the muck of the world of matter and experiencing the much greater worlds of spirit. Yet we can see all around us that we have not only ignored this advise for the most part, we actually honor those with overblown egos as heroes! We give Donald Trump a TV show! We call LeBron James  “The King”. We elect congress persons, senators, and even presidents based on those who best express their extreme egotism in the primaries, then wonder how we ended up with a government where those who are supposed to be taking care of the country are instead only promoting themselves. Continue reading “The Value of Humility and Ego Control”

God's Eyes

The Real Mystic

“Many of even the most cultivated men of our time have a very mistaken idea of what is a true mystic and a true occultist. They know these two forms of human mentality only by their imperfect or degenerate types, of which recent times have afforded but too many examples. To the intellectual man of the day, the mystic is a kind of fool and visionary who takes his fancies for facts; the occultist is a dreamer or charlatan who abuses public credulity in order to boast of an imaginary science and of pretended powers. Be it remarked, to begin with, that this definition of mysticism, though deserved by some, would be as unjust as erroneous if one sought to apply it to such personalities as Joachim del Flore of the thirteenth century, Jacob Boehme of the sixteenth, or St. Martin, who is called ‘the unknown philosopher,’ of the eighteenth century. … Think what we may of these bold investigators, it is undeniable that they have opened out regions unknown to science, and furnished the mind with new ideas.” ~Edouard Schure

Mystic_EyeAs Rodney Dangerfield might have put it, mystics get no respect. The scientific community, for the most part, laughs at anything that suggests that the world might not be entirely material, that there may be a hidden, spiritual reality behind the illusion of matter, while many of the religious groups of today label such things as satanic witchcraft and wizardry. They never seem to be aware that by their definition, Jesus, Buddha, St. Francis and other great prophet/mystics should be condemned as witches (no offense to the practitioners of Wicca). Continue reading “The Real Mystic”


Spiritual Things to do When Your Trapped by a Storm

               Here is the Washington DC area, we are getting hit with the second big blizzard of the winter.  Finding things to do when your trapped indoors by a storm isn’t as difficult as it used to be.  We have television, computers, DVD players, etc.  But, for those of us developing our spiritual self, are there activities to help in that area?  Yes, there are, and here are a few of them:

  • You can read a good spiritual book such as one that I’ve reviewed here
  • You can study the Bible, Torah, Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, or other scripture and try to find the spiritual truths hidden within them
  • You can develop or test your psychic abilities by trying to guess what card you will draw from a deck  and keeping track of how successful you are (note:  If you draw 40 or 50 cards and don’t get any right, that doesn’t mean you have no psychic power, but you may have a kind of reverse psychic power causing you to guess wrong all the time)
  • You can try telling the fortune of yourself or others with a tarot deck
  • You can pray for those who are sick, having money problems or other kinds of bad luck (Yes, it does help you  to pray for others)
  • Practice visualizing your energy centers and see them full of Light or spiritual fire.
  • Get out that DVD or book on yoga or tai chi that you got, but never opened, and start doing the exercises

Those are just a few examples, I’m sure you can think of others.  And don’t forget to check on elderly neighbors who may need help.