Bringing In The Kingdom

Plainly, we are called upon to strive with all our power to bring in the Kingdom: that is, to incarnate in the time world the highest spiritual values which we have known. But our ability to do this is strictly dependent on those values being known, at least by some of us, at first hand; and for this first-hand perception, as we have seen, the soul must have a measure of solitude and silence.” ~Evelyn Underhill

We do need to “bring in the Kingdom” of God, but that is more than Underhill indicates. We don’t just need to learn to behave properly in the material world because that is really impossible: the nature of matter and our animal brains and instincts won’t allow it. The Kingdom of God is spirit, not matter, so to return our world to a world of God means it must become spirit again as it was before the fall.

I totally agree, though, that we need to become spiritually knowledgeable and fully enlightened before we can change the world itself, at least to any great degree. It’s a simple thing, really: as long as we are material beings, we need a material world to live in. As we change ourselves and gradually become more and more spiritual, the same must happen to the world, and that means more than just the planet Earth, but all of the material universe.

The good news is the universe is indeed changing and our own solar system is changing including the birth of what is called The Sun of Righteousness in the Bible. This spiritual sun, which should not be confused with the material sun, is in our skies now and shining it’s Light sent from God to awaken spirits and souls and transform the world. Those who resist and refuse to change will simply be left behind.

The first step, of course, is to find a good spiritual teacher or spiritual school and learn to awaken and develop our own spirit and soul and then help others do the same.


The Need to Love God

All spiritual contemplation should be governed by faith, hope and love, but most of all by love. The fist two teach us to be detached from visible delights, but love unites the soul with the excellence of God, searching out the Invisible by means of intellectual perception.
Only God is good by nature, but with God’s help man can become good through careful attention to his way of life. He transforms himself into what he is not when his soul, by devoting its attention to true delight, unites itself to God, in so far as the energized power desires this. For it is written: ‘Be good and merciful as is your Father in heaven’.” ~The Philokalia

In our busy world, it takes dedication to devote time to God and to spiritual development and so love of God is necessary or you will probably quit. Even though most of us have not reached that level of enlightenment that allows us to experience what it is like to be God, and therefore really understand what God is and why we need to work with Him, we can understand enough and have enough intuitive feelings about God that we can understand the need to love Him and follow His Plan.

Too many people decide to devote themselves to earthly delights and the collecting of material possessions, yet no matter how many of these they get, they are never totally satisfied and keep wanting more. But the real problem is not that they don’t have enough toys to play with, but too many and they are too attached to the thing of the material world. The greatest delight, the greatest pleasure, is, as the quoted text says, the uniting of one’s true self, ones soul, with God. Of course, the first step in that process is the awakening of the soul because in most of us who have a soul (some don’t) that soul is in a state something like a coma, or an egg that has not hatched. W need to warm the egg with God’s Light to get it to grow and break out of the shell. This light comes to us from the spiritual sun or the Sun of Righteousness that now shines on us and is transforming our world. I really do pity those who will refuse to transform and cling to the old paradigm of materialism even when it can be seen to be falling apart all around them. Yet those of us who are working for God and the completion of His Plan must push on and not stop because of those who choose to remain behind.


Ignorance is No Excuse

The fools on Earth who shut their eyes and complain because they stumble, the ignorant who choose to walk in darkness and the apathetic who choose paths of ease and comfort, have no knowledge of me. Their hopes are sterile. … Their learning is futile, their thoughts fruitless and their deeds without purpose. Though man is born in ignorance and darkness, he is also heir to the guiding light which dispels them. … I am the welcoming light at the end of the road, the companion who watches is compassionate silence, the understanding friend, the ever ready arm. I am He Who presides over the haven of peace within your heart.” ~The Kolbrin Bible GLN:37-38

Being ignorant is certainly not a crime and not necessarily the person’s fault, but when you choose to be ignorant, when you refuse to learn from your mistakes, then it is a crime, a crime you commit against yourself. This is especially true of those who refuse to learn about anything spiritual, either because they don’t believe or simply because they don’t want to bother learning something that may shake their current beliefs. And then there are those who are simply too lazy and wish to live a “path of ease and comfort”.

And then of course there are those who would say they work hard, have done so for many years, and have earned there reward of spiritual enlightenment and an express ticket to heaven. But the work they have done is purely materialistic and not for the advancement of the Plan of God or to aid in the spiritual awakening of others, and that is the only kind of work that aids in getting one closer to heaven. Even preachers and spiritual teachers who teach falsehoods or very incomplete systems are not achieving anything for God, and may actually be preventing it by stopping people from searching for truth because they are led to believe they have found it.

As the quote says, such learning is futile and the deeds of such people serve no purpose. They are like the burnt sacrifice of Cain, not worthy because God doesn’t want us killing and sacrificing to Him and because even if the sacrifice was worthy, the person making it was not. What God wants us to work on is the awakening and enlightenment of our own souls followed by doing what we can to help other do the same, and of course, helping to accomplish His Plan which is to convert the Earth from a fallen material planet, to an enlightened spiritual one as it was before the fall. And now that we have the Sun of Righteousness shining down on us, it is getting easier to achieve enlightenment.


God’s Light in the Sun

I am the wind that breathes upon the sea,
I am the wave on the ocean,
I am the murmur of leaves rustling,
I am the rays of the sun,” ~The Black Book of Carmanthan

    Some seek God’s Light in dark caves. Others, in churches, temples or other religious buildings in which the windows have been painted over to block out most of the light; in essence, a man-made cave. Why would you expect to find Light in a dark place? If you wish to find apples, you look in a tree, not under a rock. If you wish to find gold, you look in a gold mine, not in a tree. If you wish to breath the perfume of rose, you look for roses bushes, not swamp weeds.

    In a dark cave, what you will find is not God, but demons, some of whom are clever and will trick you into believing they are God, or at least angels of God, but just because they claim it doesn’t make it true.

    Some people laugh at the idea of turning to the sun to experience God’s light. Why, I do not know. We all know that a spiritual thing is usually found in this world in the same location as it’s physical counterpart. Native American’s look to a physical bear to find the spirit of bear, and rightly so. And, if we want to find the greatest concentration of God’s Spiritual Light, it should be obvious that the place to turn is the sun which is the greatest source of physical light, on Earth anyway. But looking at the physical object does not put you in touch with the spiritual (it can also damage your eyes!). You need to be taught by qualified spiritual teachers how to look at the spiritual sun, not the physical one.