Changing Heredity

    The current issue of Time Magazine has an article about how heredity is not the fixed thing most believe it to be.  Our behavior, our thoughts, what we eat, etc can actually change our DNA.  Even more, it can be altered, usually in a negative way, by exposure to radiation such as x-rays and cell phones.
    This idea is not something new to those of us in the International Community of Christ which is a very scientific church.  Our teachings have said for decades that a spiritually developed person will pass some of that on to their offspring genetically making it possible for their children to develop their spiritual facilities faster and more completely than the parents with the ultimate goal that, after a few generations, that will cease to have dense material bodies and will be beings of light.  That, of course, requires that we also change the world we live in to one of light also.


Great Men of Science and Religion: Bacon

    Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626) was primarily a philosopher, but is known for creating the scientific method of learning through experimentation.  He was also a scientist, lawyer and statesman.   He served as Attorney General of England.  Many believe that he was the true author of the plays attributed to Shakespeare since Bacon had the background and education needed for the great knowledge of history, philosophy and languages displayed in Shakespeare’s plays that Shakespeare did not have.  
    His primary goals in life were to: discover truth, serve his country, serve the church.  He completely rejected atheism as a philosophy that lacked depth and, therefore, could not find truth.  He felt that anyone who studied nature deeply and honestly had to conclude that God existed.  He is also known for the phrase: “Knowledge is power” and his book on his idea of utopia called “The New Atlantis”.  In it, he expressed a desire for a land where slavery did not exist, women had more rights and the idea of separation of church and state.  Many today don’t understand how a man of faith could be in favor of separation of church and state, but Bacon understood this to mean that the state would not establish an official state religion and the state would treat all churches, religions and their members equally, which is the correct interpretation, not as it has become today where all mention of religion is banned from public schools and many other state activities.


Random Thoughts

NASA recently detected an exploding star 7.5 billion light years away.

I read recently that scientists doing a study on spiritual healing got a surprise when the checked the brainwave frequencies of the healers.  When a group of Tibetan monks meditated on healing someone, instead of lowering their brainwaves to delta and theta frequencies (5-20HZ) as is common in regular meditation, the monks actually increased their frequencies above beta and into gamma  with frequencies of 25-70 HZ.  When they studied other healers, they found the same.  This doesn’t surprise those of us in the International Community of Christ as we have been taught that higher brainwave frequencies are the goal if we want to achieve Gnosis.  Those are the frequencies of angels and other beings of light.

As a dog lover myself, I was touched by this story about a marine getting a dog from Iraq back home.  My two dogs have given me an interesting week.  Cocoa has started jumping over the 4-foot fence to visit other dogs on the block.  Tuesday, just as I was about ready to leave for work (I’m a lay minister so I have a regular, full-time job), he jumped the fence in front to chase a cat and I had to go get him making me a few minutes late.  Than on Wednesday Nova, my Great Pyrenees, decided if Cocoa could do it she could so she jumped the fence too.  Unfortunately for her, she got caught by the dog catcher and spent the night at the pound.

I can’t believe the Chinese government is blaming the Dalai Lama for the problems in Tibet.  Do they really think anyone outside of China is going to fall for that lame excuse?