The Universal Hologram

“Now that you have a sense about how spherical perception works, let’s add in the second part of the new perceptual geometry—holographic perception. … Remember that any part of a hologram reveals the totality. The microcosm perfectly symbolizes the macrocosm, or to paraphrase an old metaphysical truth: ‘As below, so above.’ As your spherical field of consciousness-and-energy expands and contracts, you learn to see how any focus—any reality—no matter how tiny, acts as a hologram. And you experience how the universe itself is the superhologram. … Your sphere contains the whole of the universal mind and unified field. With spherical-holographic perception you don’t have to go anywhere to know everything; its all enfolded—encoded–in your heart center and in every center in your body.” ~Penney Peirce

holograph-UniverseScientists dream and plan to one day travel at the speed of light, or possibly faster. Some have even speculated about the ability to travel backwards and forwards in time, though few take such ideas seriously. Of course, time travel is a favorite of science fiction writers as it presents such interesting idea of paradox as going back in time, falling in love with a young woman, getting her pregnant, then returning to the present to discover you have become your own grandfather! It isn’t clear if such a thing could actually happen, but writers have a great deal of fun speculating about it (I, myself started writing a time travel novel a few years ago, but never finished it).

Just think about how wonderful it will be when we all can truly function with spherical and holographic perception. We would not have to speculate about when the pyramids were built, by who, and for what purpose; we would simply know. No doubts at all. We would know why the Nazca Lines were made, what Stonehenge was really used for, why ships and planes sometimes disappear in the Bermuda Triangle, etc. We would know if the planet Venus really did enter our solar system as a comet as Velikovsky suggested. We would quickly end all nonsense from von Daniken and similar speculators claiming aliens must have created, or at least influenced, all the great accomplishments of the great civilizations of the past because humans are just too stupid and lazy to have done it. Of course, if everyone knew what really happened, the world of fiction writing and speculative movies would be over, but I can live with that. Continue reading “The Universal Hologram”

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The Illusion of Matter

“There is no trustworthy standard by which we can separate the ‘real’ from the ‘unreal’ aspects of phenomena. Such standards as exist are conventional: and correspond to convenience, not to truth. It is no argument to say that most men see the world in much the same way, and that this ‘way’ is the true standard of reality: though for practical purposes we have agreed that sanity consists in sharing the hallucinations of our neighbors. Those who are hones with themselves know that this ‘sharing’ is at best incomplete. By the voluntary adoption of a new conception of the universe, … we can and do change to a marked extent our way of seeing things: building up new worlds from old sense impressions, and transmuting objects more easily and thoroughly than any magician.” ~Evelyn Underhill

What the vast majority of us consider reality is no more real than a cartoon or a fantasy novel set in some alien world. We think it is real because most of us agree on it. Something very real could be right in front of us, but if most of us have agreed that it is not real, we will not see it. If most of us look into a garden and see nothing but turnips and tomatoes, the person who also see fairies fluttering around is considered mentally ill. In fact, neither of them is truly seeing reality. Continue reading “The Illusion of Matter”


The Hidden Properties in Nature

“The unexplained mysteries of nature are many and of those presumably explained hardly one may be said to have become absolutely intelligible. There is not a plant or mineral which has disclosed the last of its properties to the scientists. What do the naturists know of the intimate nature of the vegetable and mineral kingdoms? How can they feel confident that for every one of the discovered properties there may not be many properties concealed in the inner nature of the plant or stone? And that they are only waiting to be brought in relation with some other plant , mineral, or force of nature to manifest themselves in what is termed a ‘supernatural manner.’ ~H. P. Blavatsky

Quantum2A lot more has been learned since Blavatsky wrote this around a century ago. Not just scientists, but other types of researchers have found previously hidden properties in plants and minerals. Likewise, much has been learned about mineral properties, as well as some new ones being discovered. Yet we still cannot say we know everything about the properties of plants and minerals, and probably never will. Many of these undiscovered properties are those which exist at a level beyond the simple chemical/physical. Continue reading “The Hidden Properties in Nature”


Some Strange Phenomena Explained

This insensibility of the human body to the impact of heavy blows, and resistance to penetration by sharp points and musket-bullets, is a phenomenon sufficiently familiar in the experience of all times and all countries. … The man, who by a few passes over a limb can produce a local paralysis so as to render it insensible to burns, cuts, and the prickings of needles, need be but very little astonished at the phenomena of the Jansenists. … The astral fluid can be compressed about a person so as to form an elastic shell, absolutely nonpenetrable [sic] by any physical physical object.”~ H. P. Blavatsky

These tales of strange powers were more popular in the nineteenth century, but they still happen. We could add to these tales of people seeming to be in two places at once, people levitating, people being buried alive and dug up a week later, or more, who are just fine after. Of course most people, especially skeptics, simply write such things off as trickery, usually without ever bothering to investigate. Of course, it is possible to do many of these things with trickery, as when Houdini was apparently unharmed when shot with musket balls that turned out to be made of wax coated with soot to make them look like iron. But the fact that one person, or even several, have been found to use trickery, does not prove that all such phenomena is trickery.

Blavatsky attempts to explain this ability as due to some knowledge these people have that allows them to manipulate what she calls “the astral fluid”. In essence, she is saying that these people are able to surround themselves with an impenetrable field of energy, and that may indeed be what happens in many cases. Today, we have another explanation that is more scientific and may explain most of these unusual events, as well as many others.

According to the science of quantum physics, our universe is not what it seems to be. It is, according to their findings, nothing more than a complex matrix of beams of light, a hologram. If they are correct, and this theory is gaining a following, then many of our ideas of physical reality are noting more than beliefs not backed up by reality. We believe that a bullet should easily pierce a human body, but if all is light, than the bullet is no harder, no more solid, than the body of a man. And if that man truly believes that he has made his body impervious to the bullet, than it may actually be so simply because he believes it. If all is light, a person might project an image of himself to another place and seem to be in two places at once, or he might be able to instantly transport himself great distances making it seem like he is in two places when he really isn’t. Either way, if he is aware that the universe is just a hologram and truly believes it, there is no reason why he should not be able to do such things.

So why are such events so rare? My theory is that even though some people may believe that they can do such things, the disbelief of the crowd blocks them from doing so. When the person is very strong-minded, or is surrounded mostly by those who believe in his strange abilities, he is far more likely to succeed. And I think that as this new science—and it is a real science—becomes more accepted, we will see much more unusual things like this happening.