guardian of the sun

Guardian of the Sun and the Soul

“The leader of ancient Persian civilization, who was sent by the guardian of the Sun oracle to the people under consideration, maybe designated by the same name ad the historical Zarathustra, or Zoroaster. …

“The impulse which Zoroaster had to give to his people was to show them that the physical world is not merely lifeless material, devoid of spirit, which it appears to a man who gives himself up exclusively to the influence of the Luciferian being. To this being man owes his personal independence and sense of freedom; but it should work within him in harmony with the opposite spiritual being. With the pre-historic Persians it was a question of keeping alive the sense of this last-name spiritual being. Through their inclination toward the physical sense world they ran the risk of complete amalgamation with the Luciferian beings. Now Zoroaster, through the guardian of the Sun oracle, had received an initiation that enabled him to receive the revelations of the great Sun-Spirits. In particular, states of consciousness, brought about by his training, he was able to see the Regent of the Sun-spirits, who had taken under his protection the human etheric body.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Guardian of the Sun Oracle

Who was the guardian of the Sun oracle, and who was the Sun oracle? Steiner doesn’t say, at least not in the section of his book I am quoting above. I can, however, give a general answer to those questions. The Sun oracle is the Spiritual Sun, or more accurately, the presence of a God Consciousness in the Spiritual Sun. The guardian would have been a high priest or leader of a mystery school of the time. This means that there have been a number of sun guardians at different times and in different places.

The Physical World

One of the secrets that the guardian of the Sun oracle protected was that the physical world and the spiritual world are not separate. While they are different dimensions and different levels of consciousness, they also overlap in area. They have portals connecting them. But not only do physical beings in the physical world have a physical body, but they also have a spirit or spiritual body. This is true of all physical beings. The spirit may be weak and suppressed, but it is there. It may be dormant, as it is in nearly all humans, but it can be awakened. Continue reading “Guardian of the Sun and the Soul”

two master

Two Masters, Light and Dark, Good and Evil

“Yeshua said, A person cannot mount two horses or bend two bows, and a servant cannot serve two masters, or the servant will honor one and offend the other. No one who drinks aged wine suddenly wants to drink new wine. New wine is not poured into aged wineskins or they may break, and aged wine is not poured into a new wineskin or it may spoil. An old patch is not sewn onto a new garment or it may tear.

“Yeshua said, If they say to you, “Where have you come from?” say to them, “We have come from the light, from the place where the light came into being by itself, established itself, and appeared in their image.” If they say to you, “Is it you?” say, “We are its children and the chosen of the living father.” If they ask you, “What is the evidence of your father in you?” say to them, “It is motion and rest.”

“Yeshua said, Blessings on the person who has labored and found life.

“Yeshua said, Look to the living one as long as you live or you may die and try to see the living one and you will not be able to see.

“Yeshua said, I am the light over all things. I am all. From me all has come forth, and to me all has reached. Split a piece of wood. I am there. Lift up the stone and you will find me there.” ~The Gospel of Thomas

Two Masters

While some people think it is possible to serve two masters, you clearly cannot ride two horses at once or use two bows at once, so those examples get the point across better. Yes, I know there are circus performers who ride standing on the backs of two horses, but they are moving around a small ring at a very slow speed—not real horse-riding at all.

Yes, one can work for two masters, or work on two different jobs, but in virtually all cases, at least one of those jobs is being done poorly because of it. But such aspects of material life is not what this saying is about. It means that we can’t serve God and Man, we can’t serve the realm of spirit and the realm of matter simultaneously. Unfortunately, the modern world doesn’t permit one to entirely stop serving man and capitalism while developing their spiritual side. So unless you have inherited great wealth, you will probably have to continue with your capitalistic job and accept that it will slow down your spiritual development. Continue reading “Two Masters, Light and Dark, Good and Evil”

man is an island

Man is an Island Only if He Chooses So

“Man is an Island. And its name is Loneliness. Around it is a sea of raging passions. And the waves that beat against its shores, are not they taking away a part of its outer fringe, thereby reducing its very borders? Do not storm winds of gigantic force break the crowns of trees whereon the Bird of Happiness could build its nest? And is not the “flesh” of the island, already withered by the heat, wounded by sharp-edged rocks? Further, the hidden treasures — are not they the eternal target of robbers who live at the expense of their spoils? The island itself is mute, and therefore cannot emit a cry for help, or seal a message in a bottle and consign it to the will of the waves. And there is no cozy haven to attract the gaze of passing ships. Here amidst the stormy waves of life, it is not the island that chooses. Rather, it is chosen by those who wish to set their feet on dry land. Of course, every island dreams of one day seeing Scarlet Sails on the horizon, borne by all the winds directly to its shores. And at the helm will be none other than the one who intended to visit this island in particular. But people often end up on the island as the result of a shipwreck, carried on pieces of wreckage as a “gift” from the sea-waves of life. And while it will accept this unexpected offering of destiny, the Bird of Happiness will not sing its song for them, for it knows that those whom the island rescues will always strive to leave it, using every excuse to press on to other shores. And this will only exacerbate the island’s loneliness, compelling a more vigilant search of the distant horizon in anticipation of beholding a glimpse of the fabled Scarlet Sails.” ~Zinovia Dushkova

Man is an Island

It is debatable whether or not Man can be considered an island. Anyone spiritual knows that all beings are connected together, and that includes man. Even science, in the field of quantum physics, recognizes that things are connected together in ways we don’t yet understand. But I think what Dushkova is saying with his claim that man is an island is that man makes himself an island by treating himself as different from and separate from nature and other beings. We are islands by our own choices, not by our nature.

Man is an Island of Loneliness

Much like the man is an island statement, I think that the loneliness part is exaggerated in the quote also. Not that it isn’t true, at least some of the time, but it isn’t true for everyone all of the time. The point of this claim is that our loneliness is unnecessary. We feel lonely because we are detached from other people and being, or think we are. In fact, we are always connected even if we ignore those connections.

Those of us in Cosolargy wear a sacred thread to remind us that those connections exist. Everyone can do something similar as a reminder. Man is an island only when he refuses to acknowledge and use those connections. Continue reading “Man is an Island Only if He Chooses So”

authors of evil

Authors of Evil and Defeating Them

Authors of Evil

“The greatest authors and instigators of evil are ignorance, self-love and tyranny. Each depends on the other two and is supported by them: from ignorance of God comes self-love, and from self-love comes tyranny over one’s own kind. The devil establishes these in us when we misuse our pwn powers, namely our intelligence, our desire and our incentive power.

“By intelligence we should be stimulated to overcome our ignorance and to seek the one and only God by means of spiritual knowledge; through desire – through a passion of self-love which has been purified – we should be drawn in longing to the one God; and with an incentive power divorced from all tyrannical propensity we should struggle to attain God alone. From these three powers of the Soul we should actualize that divine and blessed love on account of which they exist, that love which joins the devout man to God and reveals him to be a god. …

“We should care for ourselves and each other in the way that Christ Himself, who patiently suffered fro us, has already shown us in His own person.

“For the sake of love all the saints resisted sin, not showing any regard for the present life: and they endured many forms of death, in order to be separated from the world and united with themselves and God, joining together in themselves the broken fragments of human nature.” ~The Philokalia


While it may be true that ignorance, self-love (more on this later), and tyranny are the greatest authors of evil, I think we can safely say that the greatest of these is ignorance, specifically ignorance of God and Spiritual Truth. This is because only one who is ignorant of truth can have the other two traits. So if we want to develop our spiritual self, we need to concentrate on ending our ignorance. The rest will follow automatically.

Ignorance of God doesn’t just mean that someone doesn’t believe in God. It also applies to the many millions who have no first-hand knowledge of God, but rely on the written or spoken word of others to inform them of God. Such written or spoken descriptions are never accurate because God is so much more than human language is capable of expressing. We must know God from personal experience by reaching to the higher levels of being and consciousness where God and the Angels are found.


This is a tricky one. We absolutely do need to love ourselves, but only in a certain way. It can’t be in an arrogant, narcissistic way. It can’t be in a way that we put ourselves above others. Rather we must love ourselves as equal to others, not better. I really believe that one reason many people today can’t believe in God is that their narcissism won’t allow them to accept that another being is superior. In truth, you can’t really love others if you have no love for yourself. Having proper self-love doesn’t mean that you accept everything you do and don’t want to change a thing. You can love yourself and still desire to grow and change. So as far as authors of evil go, self-love is not always one of them.


Tyranny is definitely an author of evil. If you have tyranny in you, you cannot love all beings as God requires. You also must still be in ignorance of God to some degree, or your tyrannical ways would end.

Note that practicing tyranny “over one’s own kind” isn’t limited to tyrannical government leaders. It can be a business manager, a school teacher, or even a parent lording over their children. It isn’t the position, but the behavior that determines a tyrant. But a tyrant who wants to can reform. A tyrant who wants to awaken and develop their spiritual Self MUST reform.

The way to do that is the same for most forms of bad behavior. Before you go to sleep at night, review your day mentally. Were you mean to others? Were you too easy to anger? Did you rule over others with tyranny? If the answer to these, and similar questions is “Yes,” you need to think about how you can do better the next time, and vow to make the effort to do so. It also helps to awaken your spiritual faculties so you will know and love God, and all that He created. You cannot be a tyrant with those you love.

Spiritual Development

The way to defeat all the authors of evil, even ones that were not mentioned in this passage from The Philokalia, is to awaken and develop your spiritual Self. You do that by using the Light of the Spiritual Sun and practicing Spiritual Sun-Gazing. This is not the same as physical sun-gazing, I. e., gazing at the physical sun, though we have to do that as a starting point. Proper sun gazing doesn’t mean staring at the sun. Not only is that concentrating too much on the physical, it can cause serious harm to your eyes. It has to be done in a subtle way that is taught in real spiritual schools such as the school of Cosolargy. When done properly, sun gazing will gradually shift from the physical sun to the Spiritual Sun and a true awakening of the soul will happen. That is the way to defeat the authors of evil.