Wish for Love, Truth, and Wisdom

“The wish of Love is to give life. The wish of Wisdom is to give us light and knowledge. The wish of Truth is to give us freedom. But freedom is the fruit. It is that which will bring meaning to life.

“If you don’t sacrifice yourself for others, others can’t sacrifice themselves for you. If you can’t love; others can’t love you. If you can’t think about others, others cannot think about you. …

“Without love of God, you cannot become good. Until the moment you realize that you have been born and come out of God, and consequently have relations with Him, you cannot become good. You have to realize that that you have come out of God and everything that He has given you, you have to use for God. Then you love Him. God has sent you to Earth and He loves you.

“Firstly, try the Divine thoughts, learn to apply them. Without that, there is no success in life. As much as you perceive the Divine thoughts in yourself, so much your progress will be, and so smart you will be. And all your life will be determined by that situation of the Divine thoughts you have perceived in yourself.” ~Beinsa Douno

Love, Wisdom, and Truth

Many people pray to God and ask for physical health, money, a new car, etc. These are foolish things to ask for because, first, they are not the gifts that come from God, and second, we should let God, who is far wiser then we are, decide what we need at any given time. God has great gifts for us and we should be smart and accept those gifts rather than asking for something else. The gifts God gives us are Love, Wisdom, Knowledge, Truth, and, of course, Life. Continue reading “Wish for Love, Truth, and Wisdom”

Heavenly understanding

Heavenly Understanding of All Things

“Disciple: Ah! How shall I arrive at this Heavenly Understanding, at this Sight of All Things in God, at this pure and naked Knowledge …; at this Light above Nature … For, alas, I am touched every moment by the things which are about me; and overshadowed by the clouds and fumes which rise up out of the Earth?

“Master: Thou desirest that I should teach thee how to attain it; and I will direct thee to our Matter, from whom I have been taught it, that thou may learn it thyself from Him, who alone teaches the heart. Hear thou Him. Would thou arrive at this; would thou remain untouched by sensesibles; would thou behold Light in the very Light of God, and see all things thereby; then consider the words of Christ, who is that Light; and who is the Truth. … Thou shall find that without a total surrender to God, and to the Life of God, thou can never arrive at such a rest as this, the true quiet of the soul wherein no creature can molest thee, or so much as touch thee. Which when thou shall, by Grace, have attained to, then with thy body thou art in the world, as in the properties of outward Nature; and with thy reason, under the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, but with thy Will thou walkest in Heaven.” ~Jacob Boehme

Heavenly Understanding

A Heavenly understanding is certainly a worthy goal. It is the goal that has been sought by mystics and spiritual adepts for ages. This disciple is wise to seek this goal, unlike many modern “spiritual” students, who seek simply to be happy and have few goals or responsibilities.

A heavenly understanding is a universal understanding. Since heaven is the highest of all dimensions, it is the source of knowledge of all dimensions. Therefore, having a heavenly understanding is to have an understanding of all that exists. Of course, this understanding doesn’t come to us all at once, in a rush like water over Niagara Falls. If it did, it would likely kill us just as standing under the falls would. At the very least, it would drive us mad. So that almost never happens. It comes to us a little at a time. It usually starts by contact with lower dimensions, then higher and higher until we reach heaven. Or, if you prefer, it happens by connecting with higher and higher levels of consciousness. It means the same thing. Also, the connection to a higher dimension is generally very brief, just a few seconds at first, then getting longer as you get more accustomed to the unusual things you see and learn there. Continue reading “Heavenly Understanding of All Things”

you are a soul

You Are a Soul So Awaken It

“By learning again that you are a soul, the increase in consciousness gained will begin to clear confusion and altered truths from your mind, while freeing your mind’s ability to think analytically. The ability to think clearly and analytically will help guide you to begin a journey to understand your spiritual self and truths, as a soul. This ability is the result of your increasing consciousness and its reawakening to soul-consciousness. The progression of increasing soul-consciousness and thinking analytically will allow you to start the process of making the mind your friend. Consciousness is a part of your beingness. That consciousness is spiritual, and being spiritual, it has a structural foundation, which is a foundation that is inclusive and quantum in nature. Spirituality is synonymous with quantum thinking, quantum truths, and quantum realities. When we use the word quantum, we are describing the essence of you. As a spiritual being, your ability to know from within is from a foundation of quantum truths. Regaining an understanding of quantum truths is a direct line to knowing yourself, as a soul. When you are regaining the truths of your soul and gaining an understanding of them—with complete knowingness—you will be thinking and living as a spiritual being. This is the early stage of quantum consciousness that is the essence of spirituality, spiritual truths, and the ability to know from within. As your conscious skills sharpen and clarify, they will help you to absorb new information and truths. This will allow you to gain an understanding of these new truths that reach their completeness in the ability to know from within.” ~Teresa Reed Conroy

You Are a Soul

The generally accepted concept by materialists who believe in a soul is that the physical body came first, followed by the mind, and finally the spirit or soul. This concept, if it were true, would make the temporary superior to the permanent, the unintelligent superior to the intelligent. That is because an offshoot of a thing can never be greater than the thing it derives from. Yes, a child can be greater than the parent, but not initially. No child is born bigger, smarter, greater than its parent. That has to happen later through development. So this common belief makes the mind greater than the soul and the body greater than the mind. Some actually believe that is true, but it isn’t. The spirit and soul, being eternal, are greater than the body or mind. Your soul existed long before your body and mind existed. It will still exist long after the physical body is dead. So given that fact, the real us, the permanent Self, is the soul, not the body.

Learn Again That You Are a Soul

Conroy is not the first to say that we are a soul, not a body, and I’m sure she won’t be the last. The statement “You don’t have a soul, you are a soul. You have a body” is generally attributed to C. S. Lewis. In actual fact, the phrase is not found in any of his writings and was used, with variations, long before the time of Lewis. How it originated, or by whom, is not particularly important. What is important is that we learn the simple fact. Since the soul is permanent, eternal, it is our real self, and we must learn that again. Not just through intellectual speculation, by through the real Knowing that the Gnostics called Gnosis.

To truly know for a fact that you are a spirit, a soul, you must first awaken your spiritual self. Some people insist this is not necessary for they were born awake. They lie. No one entering into physical life on Earth is born spiritually awake, they must be awakened by spiritual energy, and a strong desire to awaken. Mystics have known for ages that certain methods of taking in spiritual energy from the spiritual sun is the way to awaken our spiritual self, but materialistic governments kept such teaching limited and often destroyed those schools entirely. Sometimes, they replaced them with false spiritual schools that taught incomplete, and therefore ineffective, methods of awakening such as the very popular schools of meditation so prevalent today. What you should honestly ask yourself is “If these schools were really teaching spiritual growth, which automatically turns us away from materialism, why would materialistic governments be promoting them?”

So learning that you are a soul is basically learning to awaken your soul using the power of the spiritual sun. When the soul becomes awakened and conscious, you will know that you are a soul and the body but a vehicle you are temporarily using.

Consciousness is Spiritual

Yes, indeed, consciousness is spiritual, unlike intellect. What’s more, is that everything that is spirit is a part of consciousness and there are many levels of consciousness. The higher the level or frequency of consciousness, the higher or more advanced are the beings that dwell there. So if you want to communicate with bugs and toads, lower your frequencies as is done with most common forms of meditation. If you want to communicate with angels and other spiritual beings, raise your frequencies with solar energy from the spiritual sun. And beyond even the angels is the highest level of all, the level which is actually all consciousness, and we generally call that level God. You are a soul, but you have to make that soul conscious to truly realize that potential.

spiritual consciousness

Spiritual Consciousness and Mental Intellect

“As man’s Spiritual Consciousness begins to unfold, he begins to have an abiding sense of the reality of the existence of the Supreme Power, and, growing along with it, he finds the sense of Human Brotherhood f human relationship gradually coming into consciousness. He does not get these from his instinctive mind, nor does his intellect make him feel them. Spiritual Mind does not run contrary to intellect – it simply goes beyond intellect. It passes down to the intellect certain truths which it finds in its own regions of the mind, and intellect reasons about them. But they do not originate with intellect. Intellect is cold – Spiritual Consciousness is warm and alive with high feeling.

“Man’s growth towards a better and fuller Idea of the Divine Power does not come from intellect, although the latter reasons upon the impressions received and tried to form them into systems, creeds, cults, etc. Nor does the intellect give us our growing sense of the relationship between man and man – the Brotherhood of Man.” ~William Walker Atkinson

Spiritual Consciousness

The two things we have to get straight to understand this are, (1) consciousness and intellect is not the same thing, and (2) spiritual consciousness is not part of the brain-mind or material mind. Atkinson is not talking about a part of the brain or a part of the Intellect, but something completely separate. The Spiritual Consciousness is very real, but is associated with the spirit rather than the body or mind.

Reality of the Supreme Power

One of the things that we learn through Spiritual Consciousness is that the Supreme Being, or Supreme Power as Atkinson calls Him, is very real. The mind can speculate on it. The mind can even believe in God. But it does so without proof, without evidence. The Spiritual Consciousness goes beyond speculation and links one directly to the Supreme Consciousness which is God. Consciousness is a complicated thing and it’s likely that no one understands it completely. What is known is that consciousness exists at a number of levels and the goal of any real spiritual discipline is to raise ourselves to higher and higher levels until we reach the levels where Angels, and eventually God Himself, dwell and can be connected with. In some of the true tales of near-death experiences, it is clear that some of these people had a brief and temporary connection with those higher levels of Spiritual Consciousness. Those brief connections often change their lives forever. Fortunately, it is not necessary to have a near-death experience to have those connections. It can be done through diligent practice of tried-and-true spiritual disciplines. Continue reading “Spiritual Consciousness and Mental Intellect”