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Higher Consciousness has Practical Value

“Here the practical man, who has been strangely silent during the last stages of our discourse [on spiritual development], shakes himself like a terrier which has achieved dry land again after a bath; and asks … ‘What is the use of all this?’
“’You have introduced me,’ he says further, ‘to some curious states of consciousness, interesting enough in their way; and to a lot of peculiar emotions, many of which are no doubt most valuable to poets and so on. But it is all so remote from daily life. … How… is it all going to help me?’
“Well, put upon the lowest plane, this new way of attending to life—this deepening and widening of outlook—may at least be as helpful to you as many things to which you have unhesitatingly consecrated much time;” ~Evelyn Underhill

The Practical value of Higher Consciousness

What Ms. Underhill wrote some decades ago is even more true today. While there are those who are beginning to recognize the value of spiritual development and achieving higher levels of consciousness, there are a larger number even more completely devoted to materialism who see no value at all in such things. While spiritual schools and spiritual teachers naturally want you to value such development for spiritual purposes, there is considerable value in it to be found in the mundane world of matter and materialism.

A little fact I read some years ago (I don’t remember where) says that while most of us expect business leaders and executives to act based on facts, studies, statistics, and other scientific methods, a large number of them actually rely in making their decisions on intuition. What’s more, those who rely on intuition to help them make their final decisions are more often correct then those who rely entirely on empirical science. And if you are not one of those people who has a strong intuition, you needn’t despair: developing your spiritual side will give you that intuition.

Underhill points out that we are willing to spend considerable time and money on other activities, particularly a formal education, yet we can learn more from spiritual studies and higher consciousness. Here is another part of that; developing our spiritual side and achieving higher states of consciousness can actually help us in those studies by improving memory, concentration, and the ability to distinguish truth from opinions, or complete nonsense. That spiritual development might also help you make better decisions regarding the fields of study you choose to engage in.

You may also find your physical health improving as a result of these studies; not because they improve your physical health directly (though they may to a small degree), but because they make you thing better. In thinking better, you will realize that eating should about supplying your bodies nutritional needs and change your eating habits accordingly. You may also feel a need to start exercising regularly if you hadn’t been doing so. If you think of the great spiritual leaders throughout the ages, you will find that few of them were lazy or significantly overweight (I know Buddha is sometimes depicted as such, but I think the real man was not fat).

In terms of success on the material level, the person who has developed higher consciousness may not be particularly wealthy, but they will rarely be poor. Those studies will intentionally turn you away from materialism, but you don’t need to give up all creature comforts. Psychic Edgar Cayce was known to tell his assistants not to worry about money, God would provide, and in his case, that attitude worked. Whenever he got to a point where his helpers and family were afraid bill payments would be missed, an unexpected check would arrive from someone Cayce had helped in the past.

So yes, development of our spirit, soul, and Higher Consciousness has practical value as well as spiritual.


Mother’s Day 2016

Selected Poems about Mothers

A Mother

by Anonymous

A Mother is one who
understands the things
you say and do

Who always overlooks
your faults and sees the
best in you

A Mother is one whose
special love inspires you
day by day.

Who fills your heart with
gladness in her warm
and thoughtful way.

A Mother is all these things
and more – the greatest
treasure known.

And the dearest Mother in
all of the world is the one I
call my own.

A Mother’s Love

by Michael O. Adesanya

There are times only when a Mother’s love
Can understand our tears,
Can soothe our disappointments
And calm all our fears.

There are times when only a Mother’s Love
Can share the joy we feel
When something we’ve dreamed about
Quite suddenly is real.

There are times when only a Mother’s faith
Can help on life’s way
And inspire in us the confidence
We need from day to day.

For a Mother’s heart and a Mother’s faith
And a Mother’s steadfast love
Were fashioned by the Angels
And sent from God above…

A Rose for Mother

by Cleo M. Shoffstall

Another Mother’s Day is here,
Bringing joy and pleasures new,
On this special day, Mother dear,
I want to remember you.

I cannot give you costly gifts,
And I’ve told you this before,
No matter what I give to you,
You give back much, much more.

I’m giving you a pure, sweet rose,
Gathered in the early morn,
This rose you planted in my heart,
The day that I was born.

In kindly, loving thoughts of you,
And with the faith you still impart,
The rose I give to you today,
Is the love that’s in my heart.

Happy Mother's day
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Caring for the Poor and Downtrodden

Scholar: How then will those subsist in the day of the last judgment, who afflict and vex the poor and distressed, and deprive them of their very sweat, necessitating and constraining them by force to submit to their wills, and trample upon them as their footstools? …
Master: Christ suffereth in the persecution of His members. Therefore all the wrong that such hard executors do to the poor wretches under their control is done to Christ Himself; and falleth under His severe sentence and judgment. And besides that by such oppression of the poor the draw them off from Christ and make them seek unlawful ways to fill their bellies. Nay, they work for and with the Devil himself, doing the very same thing which he doth.” ~Jacob Boehme

The Plight of the Poor and Middle Class

The scholar is smart in asking what punishment awaits those who mistreat, steal from, and suppress the rights of poor people. Today, perhaps even more than when Boehme wrote this, we have an institutionalized enslavement of the masses, not just those considered poor. We see people making millions of dollars a year for playing sports, singing, or acting in movies, but people who work hard every day digging ditches, paving roads, putting roofing on houses, and so on, get paid very little. Yet we have people who have the audacity to say that the poor are simply lazy, which implies that the zillionaire CEO of the corporations actually work 500 times as hard as that low-level employee getting paid very little. Yet the employees can do little about it or they will lose their jobs and get even less. We promote work as a virtue—which indeed it is—but ignore the idea that a worker should be paid a fair percentage of what he is earning for the company he works for and not have most of it going to the top. Continue reading “Caring for the Poor and Downtrodden”

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Random Thoughts: Communicating Minds

communicating mindsI have written on this blog about my belief that human minds communicate with each other regularly, but most of us are not aware of it because it happens on a subconscious level. This article that was recently being shared on Facebook backs up the basic idea of human minds communicating with each other in a scientific study:


In the news this week only two mass shootings. It has nothing to do with guns, we are told, because someone could just as easily drove through a city randomly killing people with rocks. Except, of course, they can’t come up with a single example of when that happened.


Like many others, I don’t agree with the decision of The Huffington Post to change the name of its gay section to “Queer Voices”. Queer has always meant weird, different, and usually not in a good way so I don’t see this as a positive thing. Queer is the bearded lady, the two-headed snake, the guy with backwards feet, not gays. Continue reading “Random Thoughts: Communicating Minds”