Free and Alive

“I raised my arms high to the grace of the lord,
for he cast off my bonds.
My helper had raised me to his grace and salvation.
I discarded darkness
and dressed in the clothing of light.
My soul acquired a body free from sorrow,
free from torture and mutilation.
The lord’s thought restored me.
I fed on his incorruptible fellowship.
In the light he raised me,
I went to him, near him,
praising and shouting his name.
He made my heart flood into my mouth.
He made it shine on my lips.
On my face the exultation of the lord grew.
My praise exploded.”
~The Songs of Solomon, song 21

Chained fistsThis song has a lot to say to those who have sufficient spiritual training and understanding. We are first told that the Lord casts off our bonds. What bonds? I’m not in jail. I’m not wrapped in chains. No, the bonds we are freed from by a spiritual awakening are not that literal. They are the bonds of materialism, the chains of matter, the jails of greed. Sadly, many sit in their cages, bound by chains and think they are in the lap of luxury and as free as a bird. They are tricked into believing that being a slave of Satan is true freedom. It isn’t. Continue reading “Free and Alive”


More Light & More Darkness

They shall learn new ways, living a higher social, moral, and spiritual order under God+. And a great good will come of it. But take heed of the manifesting Darkness and the Evil One who shall seek to lead mankind astray. You will here him speak of unnatural things, and his followers will be known by their desire for spiritual anarchy on earth, which will lead to the extermination of the greater part of the race. And many will take the name of Christ+ in this effort.” ~Jamil, from the book Jamil:Child of Light, Messenger of God by Gene Savoy    

    Hopefully, by know, most of us are aware that this is the period known as The End Times, and there will be great changes in the world over the next few years. Many spiritual people and spiritual schools, though, seem to be ignoring the negative side of the story that, while many will awaken to true religion and spirituality, other will fall into darkness. As the above quote indicates, the agents of darkness are tricky and will even go so far as to use the name of Christ to spread their dark teachings, and we can certainly see plenty of that in the world today if we just open our eyes.

    We see churches that claim to be Christian teaching bigotry in one form or another. Whether it’s white supremacy or bigotry against gays, bigotry is bigotry. We even see churches teaching greed as a virtue instead of a vice! For the most part though, the forces of darkness don’t have to pretend to be teachers of Light, because there are so many who simply don’t believe in anything beyond the material world anyway.

    We are seeing good signs as well. We are seeing some real spiritual schools taking in more students and more people becoming interested, at least in a limited sense. We are seeing it in ways that are not obviously connected with the spiritual awakening, but it is anyways. Things like the end of the USSR, the end of the Berlin Wall, the Arab Spring, and the Occupy Wall Street movement all have been the result of spiritual people working behind the scenes. And this side of the battle will continue and win.

    Unfortunately, the saving of the planet and the human race will come at a great cost as is stated in the above quote as well as many other End Time prophecies, but it is better to save less than half of the people than to save none.


God’s White Light By Cherokee Billie

Another guest author article.  I hope you like it and find it instructive.


God’s White Light

By: Cherokee Billie

Deep within each of us is the Light of God. It was put there by the Creator for us to use and help us as we journey through life. As you practice using this Light you will see changes within you and around you. Always surround yourself in your mind with God’s White Light when you are asking for guidance. This is a form of protection that helps the positive energies of God and His light to assist you. With the many forms of darkness that surround us all in everyday life, such as negativity, anger, fear, and so on, it makes it difficult for the higher positive energy of the Divine to come through.


Surround yourself in God’s White Light each morning before you start your hectic day.

Visualize a Brilliant beautiful beam of white light shining down into the top of your head and moving throughout your body, until you see the White Light shooting out of your fingers and toes. Once the White Light is in your body picture all of the negative energies leaving your body and being dissolved in the White Light. Then visualize this White Light surrounding your entire body and forming a shield of protection around you.

Repeat this action before you go to bed. Spiritual attacks often occur when we are sleeping because we are most vulnerable.

If you have problems regarding people use the Divine White Light to surround them and visualize the negative energy that is within them leaving in God’s perfect White Light.

You Have Spiritual Gifts

It is important to know you have the gifts of insight and spiritual abilities deep inside of you and if you work with them in the Light, they will develop fully. We all need to realize one person’s rate of advancement is different than someone else’s.

We are all given in time, what the Higher Good feels we can handle. As your gifts and abilities develop, you will sense a deep hunger and thirst for knowledge including spiritual knowledge. The Higher Good and God Consciousness will direct you to the material and information that will benefit you when you need it.

Never stop learning. As you learn, share your information with others, become a teacher, but don’t stop being a

student. When you do this, you will also take part in the equilibrium of positive light force and of being student and teacher. We are all students and teachers, helping one another all through life. We are never a student, and then advance completely too all teaching. If we understand this, we will continue to advance spiritually and psychically. The cycle is always changing. No one individual will always be the student or the teacher, it will be both in exchange of the positive light force.

Make Time to Receive Answers

Take the time to pray and meditate correctly. Don’t just do it half way and expect immediate results. Meditate/pray immediately after visualizing the White Light cleansing your spirit in the mornings. The morning is the best time to do this before your mind is cluttered with the events of the day. If you have to wake up 30 minutes earlier it will be worth it for what you will receive. This step is one of the most important steps in your spiritual growth. Without quieting your mind it’s impossible for you to connect and receive messages from the Divine Spirit. Complete trust in your development and abilities as well as complete and total guidance from the light/universe is essential for your spiritual growth and development.

In our world of instant everything you have to learn that the universe works slowly, but surely. Take your time and soon you will start feeling the connection to the God Consciousness.

About The Author:

Native American Psychic Cherokee Billie has been working as a Clairvoyant advisor for over 25 years. She receives messages that will change your life! She helps her clients to connect with their Soul’s Path, bringing peace and joy into their daily lives. Fast – Straightforward Answers and the plain truth!

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Information Please

Most everyone today knows that the physical universe is made up of matter and energy. But what is not so well known is physical objects, regardless of whether they are natural or man-made, are useless without instruction. According to theoretical physicist John Wheeler, who coined the term ‘black hole’ and developed the ‘wave function of the universe’ with Bryce DeWitt, the universe is more appropriately understood as information, with matter and energy as it’s result.” ~Edward Malkowski

    So light is carrying information and it is our interpretation of that information which gives us the universe as we see it. Of course we all know that a little information can be dangerous. Having some information can often cause us to make false assumptions. You see a small Christmas tree shape sticking out of a reef in the ocean and think it is some type of underwater plant when it is actually what we could call the tongue of a tube worm that you can’t see because it is buried in the reef. You see what you think is a wall not realizing you are walking past a large ship. When you only have a small amount of information, you are prone to making false assumptions and when we add up many false assumptions, we have a very distorted picture of the universe.

    This is especially true of the spiritual universe. Our physical senses do a fairly good job of interpreting the information found in physical reality, material light, but for most of us, spiritual Light is totally ignored. It is ignored because we haven’t been taught how to recognize spiritual Light and how to absorb it. If you are not tuned in to the correct frequencies, you won’t absorb that light any more than you could see the show on one TV channel while your set is tuned to a different channel. And that spiritual Light, which comes ultimately from God, but more directly, from the spiritual sun, contains information that is very useful to us. That information awakens our spirit and soul and without it, true spiritual growth is very limited if not impossible. So it behooves all of us to start getting that information by using the spiritual techniques that allow us to take in and understand the Infromation Factors in spiritual Light.