The Hiding of Truth

“For over fifteen centuries, thanks to the blindly-brutal persecutions of those great vandals of early Christian history, Constantine and Justinian, ancient wisdom slowly degenerated until it gradually sank into the deepest mire of monkish superstition and ignorance. The Pythagorian ‘knowledge of things that are’; the profound erudition of the Gnostics; the world and time-honored teachings of the great philosophers; all were rejected as doctrines of Antichrist and Paganism, and committed to the flames. With the last seven wise men of the Orient, … who fled from the fanatic persecutions of Justinian, to Pursia, the reign of wisdom closed. … They were replaced by the light-fleers, the tonsured and hooded monks of Papal Rome, who dread truth, in whatever shape and from whatever quarter it appears, if it but clashes in the least with their dogmas.” ~H. P. Blavatsky



It is really sad how little most Christians know about the history of their church and their faith. I recently say a comment to a post on Facebook where a woman responded to the post by saying that the Catholic church was founded by Jesus Himself. In fact, any real historian knows that the Catholic church was founded by St. Paul, the guy who claims Jesus appeared to him in the desert and told him to take over running the church. If you actually read the Bible, you will find that when Paul approached Peter and James, the actual brother of Jesus, and told them that Jesus wanted him to take over running the church, they laughed at him and told him that if he wanted to run a church, he could start one of his own, and that is just what he did! There are other places in the Bible where you can find comments in the various epistles written by Paul, or one of his assistants, that try to explain away, or justify, differences between what he was teaching and what was being taught by Peter, James, and the other actual apostles hand picked by Jesus, which should tell anyone with the ability to think that Paul did not take over the church Jesus started, but ran a separate church and that the teachings of Paul’s church often conflicted with the teachings of the true church. Continue reading “The Hiding of Truth”


Random Thoughts 2-23-2013

It’s so sad when I hear news reporters referring to rampant materialism as a wonderful success story and a fulfillment of the American Dream. The founders of this country must be spinning in their graves at this warped concept. The original American dream was to find a country where people were not slaves of others, or of the government. Where people could practice their religion, whatever it might be, without fear of being prosecuted, or forced to join a state religion. How far we have fallen from that ideal with people passing laws that will allow a business to refuse certain customers because they consider their behavior wrong based on their religion, or refuse to hire someone for the same reason. And where the wealthy keep getting richer, while the working poor, who are the ones doing all the actual work, keep getting poorer.

The Russian government is saying the Cossack, working as security for the government, filmed hitting members of Pussy Riot with a whip, has been “held responsible”. I’m assuming that means he got a thank you letter and a bonus.

NBC says they haven’t been showing the medal ceremonies in their Olympic coverage because they just don’t have time, yet the seem to have time to televise the same event two or three times. And by selecting to televise only the most popular sports, we have missed seeing most of the wins by Americans. Then they wonder why viewing is down from previous Olympics. Of course, some of it is due to people protesting Russia’s anti-gay laws.

There are rumors that the planned Tesla battery factory will be built in Norther Nevada.

Ted Nugent has said he is sorry for the vile things he recently said about the President. I hope no one is dumb enough to believe that. What he is sorry for is that he went too far and got scolded by his Tea Party friends who probably told them he was making them look even more like idiots than they actually are. Of course, Nugent still hasn’t kept his promise to be either dead or in jail if Obama was reelected.  But then, the Tea Partiy types don’t believe in telling the truth.

A new use of CGI? According to at least one critic, the new movie/special effects fest titled Pompeii not only used CGI to get those cool explosions of the volcano, fireballs flying everywhere, buildings falling on people, etc. but also used CGI to help the cast a little. Some of those shirtless hunks didn’t beef up entirely at the gym. CGI was used to give them bigger and better defined abs than they actually have in real life.

Being free from all distraction, he can undertake his practice wholeheartedly. Non-attachment enriches the nature of his practice. Practice combined with non-attachment helps him to continue his search until he reaches the goal.” ~Swami Rama


The Number of the Beast and the Number of Jesus

    We all know that, according to the Bible, the number of the beast is 666, but what number is associated with Jesus?  That number is 888.  This number is determined using the ancient rules of numerology and gematria.   
    Many ancient alphabets such as the Babylonian, Greek and Hebrew used letters to represent numbers as well.  From this developed the idea that words and names could be converted to a numerical equivalent and that the number could then reveal something about the nature of the person or thing.  The number 888 is a perfect number for Jesus as it encompasses all of creation.  Jesus is therefore the “Alpha and Omega” (the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet).  Some Gnostic Christian writers referred to Jesus as “the Plenitude of Ogdoads” meaning the fullness of eights.  This is also the number of the Spiritual Sun.  Even one of the pre-Christian Sybylline prophesies referred to this number in relation to the coming “Logos of God” (Jesus)  in these words:

Yea, then shall the Son of the great God come to men,
Clothed in flesh, like unto mortals on earth.
Four vowels he has, twofold the consonants in him,
And now will I declare to thee also the whole number:
Eight monads, and to these as many decads,
And eight hundred also his name will show…

In the simplest terms of numerology, eight is a number of wisdom and of an enlightened person.  Six is the number of ego and one who is egotistical and materialistic so those are the traits of the beast.


The Essenes as Chassids

    The religious order known by the Greek name Essenes, were also known as Chassids.  They were mystics who strictly obeyed their scripture, avoided materialistic pursuits, and shared everything they had with their community.  It is interesting that, while some fundamentalist preachers of today make fun of new age types who carry crystals around with them, the very name “Essene” come from the “Essen stones” that they carried in a little bag tied to their waist cord, which they used for healing and divination.  
    The Essenes were prosecuted by the false priests placed in the temple by the Roman governor forcing them to move into the desert.  They kept their teaching secret, revealing them gradually to those accepted into the order.  They were very discriminating about who they would accept into the community, fearing that accepting unrepeated sinners would not change the sinners so much as it would change the order, and not for the better.  That is very similar to the way the early Christian church operated under St. Peter and St. James.  It was only when Paul started his Christian church that virtually anyone was accepted.