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Random Thoughts 1-25-2015

coffeeI was pleased to hear in the news recently that drinking coffee may prevent some forms of skin cancer. Not that I am particularly concerned about cancer (none of my relatives have died from cancer, as far as I know), but anytime I’m given a reason to drink coffee, I’ll take it.


I certainly hope the death of the Saudi king, who was considered a liberal, relatively speaking, won’t result in a return to more conservative practices like not allowing women to be educated.


Some athletes and former students are suing North Carolina U. claiming they were not given a proper education, in other words; because they were athletes others pretty much did the classroom work for them. Actually, no one is getting a good education from these universities because they ignore so much that is really important while emphasizing the trivial. One day, we will all realize this. Continue reading “Random Thoughts 1-25-2015”

New thought, opinions, thought power, impassioned images

Random Thoughts 1-5-2015

2014 was a big year. A lot happened, even though it may not have seemed so at the time:

  • For us gays, great strides were made with a huge increase in the number of state recognizing same-sex marriage.
  • We lost a number of talented people including Robin Williams and Joan Rivers.
  • Three major plane crashes in Eurasia (one shot down) with one still not found.
  • As a result of the killing of some young blacks, the revolution that I think we all knew was coming seems to have started.
  • In midterm elections, Republicans ruled, but only because they were the only ones who bothered to vote. Sadly, this may not get better as more and more see it pointless to vote when the very wealthy get to buy politicians anyway.
  • Also in gay news, a number of celebrities and a few sports figures and politicians came out.
  • North Korea (if they really were the ones responsible) turned what would have probably been a not very successful movie into a hit by hacking Sony Pictures (please stop saying Sony was hacked, it wasn’t. Sony is in Japan, Sony Pictures, a subsidiary, is in America).
  • The radical Islamic terrorist group known by various acronyms including IS, ISIS, and ISIL made headlines by posting videos of helpless captives being beheaded with the result of getting an international coalition of forces to go after them.
  • President Obama makes a move to ending the fifty-year-old failed effort to end the Castro regime in Cuba by isolating the island nation.
  • Ebola became the boogyman of the year as many warned that allowing someone to enter the country with the disease, or if they were exposed to the disease, or even if the visited any part of Africa, would result in millions dying within weeks. Actual death count in the United States: two.


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Thanksgiving 2014

I have much to be thankful for, as do all of us if we think about it and look at the positive rather than the negative:

For starters, of course, I am thankful to be alive at age 66. Many don’t make it that far.

I am thankful that I have made it this far in fairly good health. I do take drugs for high blood pressure (more on that later).

I am thankful that I had the good sense to recognize at the beginning of this year that I was getting dangerously obese. Further, I am thankful that I had the good sense and willpower to do something about it. I joined a fitness center where I work out 3 times a week, stopped eating junk food and switched to a diet of mostly fresh organic fruits and vegetable and lean meat and fish (also organic when I can find it). A few months ago, I added long walks to this lifestyle change. I have lost 70 pounds and feel much better. I stopped taking one of the two blood pressure drugs several months ago and I’m now taking only half a pill of the other each day, yet keeping my pressure down simply because of the weight loss and some breathing exercises that lower blood pressure and also help you lose weight.

I am thankful for good friends and relative. myspace graphic comments
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Random Thoughts 11-09-2014

HawkingI’m sorry, but I do not buy the idea that a young woman of twenty nine is a hero for committing suicide because she had cancer. Many people like Stephen Hawking have debilitating and painful illness, but they fight to do their best to get on with life. People like the vets in those Wounded Warrior commercials, who suffer lose of limbs, sight etc. and keep on going. Those are the real heroes, not someone who wimps out and kills herself as soon as her brain tumor starts giving her headaches and seizures. And while a doctor may have told her that she had only about 6 months to live, that is just an estimate and sometimes, just like a guy who played a slot machine only once and wins a million dollar jackpot when the odds of such a win are one in 150 million, some people beat medical estimates by quite a bit.


The only thing I can say about the election this past week is that we should all remember the old saying, “It’s always darkest before the dawn.”


A woman in California was recently sentenced to sixteen years in prison for running a fake college that was really just a scheme to help people get student visas. It would be nice there were a way to put the phony spiritual schools out of business also. It isn’t just that they teach falsehood, but that they take people who are genuinely interested in spiritual growth, and turn them away from doing so with there nonsense. Continue reading “Random Thoughts 11-09-2014”