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Bodies and Dimensions of Man and the Universe

“According to occultism, each of man’s bodies is a certain magnitude. The physical body is one magnitude, the astral body – a second one, the mental body – a third one, and the causal body – a fourth one. Each of these bodies has its specific energies. You shall understand these energies, to be able to transform them and turn them from one world to another.

“The bodies are three-dimensional, but the soul cannot be three-dimensional. The world of feelings is four-dimensional. The mental world is five-dimensional, and the causal world is six-dimensional. The soul is from the seven-dimensional world.” ~Biensa Douno

I Don’t Got One Body

While we in Cosolargy agree with Mr Douno, we differ in the names and counts of how many bodies we actually have. The important thing, is that we don’t have one body only. We have several. In Cosolargy, we say there are three bodies: the physical, the mental or astral, and the spiritual. We also would say that each body has a different frequency rather than a different magnitude. Or to be more accurate, each body has a different frequency range. That is important to understand because we have the ability to raise the frequencies of those bodies as well as the worlds they live in.

Many Dimensions

There are nine primary dimensions that make up the complete creation. The highest is the Godhead, the lowest is the Great Void where nothing, not even matter can exist. onion dimensionsDimensions five through nine are the spiritual dimensions. Dimensions one through four are material dimensions, with various amounts of spirit in the mix. I think Mr. Douno is incorrectly using the word “dimensional”. The number of a dimension does not correspond with the number of dimensions within it. The second dimension, for example, is three-dimensional just as our third dimension is. There is no reason, therefore, to think that dimension number 7 has seven dimensions. And in the highest dimensions, where time and space don’t exist, there are no dimension at all in the sense that we normally mean them. A spirit has no height, no width, no weight, no age. It is everywhere and every-when. The same is true of the dimensions of pure spirit.

Fourth Dimension

The fourth dimension is the realm of emotions, as Douno indicates. You might think this makes it a good place, but you would be wrong. This is the land of demons and devils. The dwelling place of the dark beings. It is also the realm f brain-mind, the land of intellect and the place where psychic abilities are developed. It is a place we must pass through on our spiritual journey, but we should not stop there for any length of time.

Fifth Dimension

The Fifth dimension is higher than the fourth, and more spiritual. It is the place where angels and other Light Beings live. They reach down to us and try to help us climb out of the pit of materialism and up to their level. Continue reading “Bodies and Dimensions of Man and the Universe”

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The Mystery of Music in Mysticism

Mystery of Music

“Mysticism, the most romantic of adventures, from one point of view the art of arts, their source and also their end, finds naturally enough its closest correspondences in the most purely artistic and most deeply significant of all forms of expression. The mystery of music is seldom realized by those who so easily accept its gifts. Yet of all the arts music alone shares with great mystical literature the power of waking in us a response to the life-movement of the universe. … Beethoven heard the very voice of Reality, and little of it escaped when he translated it for our ears. … Of the music of humanity, one is of the body, another of the soul, another is the connection that is between them. Thus the life of the visible and invisible universe consists in a supernal fugue.” ~Evelyn Underhill

There has always been a connection between music and mysticism, and always will be. Great magic and healing powers have been associated with music. The walls of Jericho were brought down by the sound of trumpets. Angels sang at the birth of Jesus. The pied piper used a flute to control rats. It is not by coincidence that most churches and religions include singing, chanting, or instrumental music in many of their services and ceremonies. Continue reading “The Mystery of Music in Mysticism”


The Power and Energy of Prayer

“Second in importance among the changes which have come over the study of mysticism, I should reckon the work done during the last decade upon the psychology of prayer and contemplation. I cannot comment here upon the highly technical discussion between experts as to the place where the line is to be drawn between ‘natural’ and ‘supernatural’, ‘active’ and ‘infused’ operations of the soul in communion with God; or the exact distinction between ‘ordinary’ and ‘extraordinary’ contemplation. But the fact that these discussions have taken place is itself significant; and requires from religious psychology the acknowledgment of a genuine two-foldness in human nature—the difference in kind between Animus the surface-self and Anima the transcendental self, in touch with supernatural realities.” ~Evelyn Underhill.

prayinghands2What Underhill wrote decades ago is even more true today. Academia and scientists are doing even more serious studies of things that were once considered supernatural and not worthy of consideration by real science. Contrary to what many of those who worship at the order of physical science expected, what they are finding is there there is much that is true in these mystical or religious activities. Continue reading “The Power and Energy of Prayer”


Intuition for Health

“Intuition is perception based on unity and connectedness—on communion. When you intuition is open and you place your attention on a tree, or a problem, or the cells of your lungs, you immediately merge with the object of your attention and know it from inside its own reality. You feel connected through the simplicity of your noticing, and through this you can directly experience—not think about—its life pattern and potentials. Through this communion, you know the consciousness of your body, your cells, your heart, and the life force inside every form and field in your reality.” ~Penney Peirce

IntuitiveHealing2Intuition can be helpful in making business decisions, in choosing a career or a school, in choosing where to live, etc. It can help us avoid disaster when we get an unspoken feeling that we should avoid flying on a certain day, or driving on a certain road. But one area where people rarely think about intuition is in the health of the body. Continue reading “Intuition for Health”