Gems, Light, and Gnosis

“Clement of Alexandria describes a figure of Serapis compounded from the following elements: First, filings of gold, silver, lead, and tin; second, all manner of Egyptian stones, including sapphires, hematites, emeralds, and topazes; … Some of the statues of Serapis must have been formed of extremely hard substances, for when a Christian soldier, carrying out the edict of Theodosius, struck the Alexandrian Serapis with his ax, the instrument was shattered… Occasionally Serapis is depicted with horns or a coronet of seven rays. These evidently represented the seven divine intelligences manifesting through the solar light. … The Egyptian secret school of philosophy was divided into the lesser and the greater mysteries, the former being sacred to Isis and the latter to Serapis and Osiris.” ~Manly P. Hall



I have to admit that I had never heard of the ancient Egyptian god Serapis until I read the section of Hall’s book quoted above. Not a lot seems to be known about him and the teachings of his school, but most experts think he was a solar deity. This makes sense when you read that he was sometimes depicted with a coronet of seven rays which is something often associated with solar deities.


Breastplate of Aaron

I decided to write about him after reading the next part of the quoted text. The full text indicate that statues of this god were common and made of various materials, but the detailed description of the one made of a mixture of metals and gems caught my attention. Some who call themselves Christians these days, even though they rarely follow the teachings of Jesus, laugh at the New Age types who carry crystals, gems and metal objects to help them with spiritual development. Yet, there is ample evidence that this idea, rather than being something invented by the New Age folks, is a belief common among ancient religions and spiritual schools, and not just the so-called pagan faiths. The Bible tells us the Throne of God is made of gold, which generally symbolizes the sun, and an assortment of gems in various colors. The Breastplate of Aaron, the brother of Moses is described as having an assortment of gems and stones attached. This was not for simple decoration, or an indication of wealth as with many modern ministers and priests. The very spiritual sect of Israel known as the Essenes carried various stones and gems for healing and protection from evil. The very name, Essene, comes from the healing stones they carried and used to aid sick people. Continue reading “Gems, Light, and Gnosis”


Gems and Crystals: Petalite

        Petalite is a crystal of lithium sodium aluminum silicate. It’s color can be clear, white, gray, pink or yellow. Petalite aids in connecting with the spiritual worlds. They can carry us to higher realms and open our spiritual eyes to knowledge of the higher dimensions. It can aid in improving psychic powers. Despite it’s spiritual power, it also helps to keep us grounded. It is a stone of peace and tranquility. It uplifts us and expands our awareness. It takes us to the fountain of God’s Light. Petalite aids in forgiveness by improving our understanding of others and other points-of-view. Petalite is said to aid in connecting with and communicating with angels and other Light Beings. It also aids in tracing our connections to ancient civilizations. It opens us to greater spiritual development. For many centuries, it was a stone carried by shaman fro ceremonies and vision quests. Healers also sometimes carry Petalite to aid in channeling spiritual energy. If you are one who tends to be flighty, disorganized, scatter-brained, this stone will help you stay calm and centered for better concentration. 
    On the physical side, Petalite aids in all stress-related disorders as well as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).


Gems and Crystals: Glendonite

    Glendonite is an unusual type of crystal.  The name refers to calcite crystals, but only those that form when ikaite looses it’s water content and converts to calcite.  The glendonite is a pseudomorph, meaning it fills the space and takes the shape of a previous mineral that occupied that space, namely the ikaite.  The form of Glendonite is a spiky ball of crystals.  
    Glendonite is said to stimulate all of the chakras or energy centers and to improve energy flow through the meridians.  Glendonite helps free the mind of fixed, dogmatic ideas and concepts allowing us to learn new things.  It helps us recognize undesirable habits and change them.  It helps us bring the spiritual into our lives.  It can improve psychic abilities and increase visions and prophetic dreams.  It helps to quiet the mind so is useful during meditation and other quite, contemplative activities.  It increases awareness, understanding and awe of spirit and the spiritual worlds.  Glendonite supports learning by helping us process information better and to understand new concepts.   
    On the physical side, it can reduce headaches, relax tense muscles and aid sleep. It is said to aid the healing of bones and to help the bones and teeth get stronger.


Gems and Crystals: Datolite

   Datolite is a calcium borosilicate crystal that is colorless, pale green or pale yellow.  Datolite helps open the third eye, the spiritual eye.  It also energizes the crown chakra.  It helps us connect with our higher self and with higher realms.  It helps one to see auras and other subtle energy fields.  It helps us to see or sense spiritual beings of Light Beings around us.  It increases our vibrations bringing them closer to the higher vibrations of angels and higher dimensions.  It can enhance memory and enhance all mental and intellectual facilities.  It helps expand consciousness and awareness.  Datonite gives us strength and the willingness to surrender to the will of God.  It also make one more generous, not so much in sharing material goods, but in sharing our wisdom and knowledge.  Datolite aids in integrating mind and body and aids concentration.