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Random Thoughts 2-15-2015

Valentines1I know it was yesterday, but I still want to say Happy Valentine’s Day to my followers who don’t see my Facebook page.


I really can’t understand the big stink about Brian Williams reporting and memory issues when we accept complete fantasies delivered as news on Fox.


I’m glad to see that several more states, including very conservative Alaska, are trying tofRANKcORN pass GMO labeling laws. If we can require labels to tell us if there are nuts in the product, ore even if it was made in a factory that processes nuts, there is no reason why we can’t get these labels on GMO junk. I think the real reason the industry is fighting so hard against it is that once we know which products contain GMOs, we will be able to accumulate statistics that will show how much health problems of today are the result of these strange products with scrambled DNA.


While looking at news stories online, I saw an add for clothes that change color to adjust to the weather. I’ve thought for some time that a good idea to help us all save on heating and cooling costs would be roofing tiles that change color: white or light color in hot weather and black or dark gray in cold. Continue reading “Random Thoughts 2-15-2015”


Random Thoughts 3-9-2014

It’s really sad that even during a crisis situation Republican politicians find it necessary to criticize whatever president Obama does. The funny thing is those same politicians can’t say what should be done, just that what Obama is doing is wrong because Obama is doing it.

As I am writing this, the top news story is a missing plane. I do hope they find it and some are alive, but that seems unlikely after so much time. The fact that the plane disappeared with no warnings at all seems to imply something very sudden such as an explosion on board.

The case of the woman who was apparently dead for six years before someone checked on her and found the body is sad on so many levels. Apparently, since she had auto-pay set up for all her bills, the bills continued to be paid and a neighbor continued to mow her lawn. But she obviously had not contacted friends or relatives, yet none seemed to get concerned enough to check on her.

I’m glad to see that California is banning Orcas at Seaworld and similar water zoos.

When I say an article about comfort food, it reminded me of something interesting that will be happening when I go on a cruise next month. Even though the cruise is going to Mexico, the ship is not a Mexican themed ship. So at least once during the cruise to Mexico, I will have a lunch of Bass Ale and English style Fish & Chips in the English Pub on the ship.

A woman won two million dollars in a lottery drawing using the lucky numbers she got in a fortune cookie.

I couldn’t believe the story this week of the gambler who is suing a casino after he lost a half million dollars. He claims they made him too drunk to know what he was doing by giving him many free drinks until he was virtually blacked out on his feet. While I have never gambled at this level, I have been to a number of casinos and I have never seen anyone being handed drinks. What you see is cocktail waitresses asking if you would like a drink, or more commonly just walking around saying, “cocktails! Cocktails!” She only brings you a drink when you ask for one.

I am the Light that is above them all,
I am the All,
the All came forth from Me,
and the All attained to Me.”
~The Gospel of Thomas myspace graphic comments
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The Importance of Trees

A tree that reaches up above twice the height of a man shall not be stricken for burning or to take away its land. But if it be dedicated to the adze and is then used by a craftsman in wood, then it may be stricken and cut. Trees are not things to be lightly dealt with, for they move the winds, which cross the face of the Earth and generate these in great forests of the North and South. The slaughter of a tree is no less wrong than the slaughter of an ox or a sheep, for the same breath of life is in each. Therefore, never bring them low wantonly. … Is it not more reasonable to dedicate a mighty tree or a grove of trees to a god than a mute stone or object cut from wood?” ~The Kolbrin Bible GLN:12:3

The Kolbrin Bible is very old. Some believe it is based on ancient writings that predate the birth of Jesus. So I was pleasantly surprised to come across this message in it that fits so well into the modern environmental movement.

First, we are told that any tree that has grown to double the height of an average man, or taller, should not be cut down simply to burn in a campfire or to clear land for farming or other purposes. This is the very thing that many today complain is happening in much of the world, but especially in South America where thousands of acres of rainforest are plowed down every year to make room for growing cattle, or to build houses for humans. And what do those humans plan on breathing once all the trees are gone?

It may not be true that the treas “move the winds”, but it is true that much of the oxygen we need and most animals need to breathe is generated by trees. Smaller plants contribute, of course, but mostly it is the trees. On the other hand, the trees absorb much of the carbon dioxide in the air which can be dangerous to us if it builds up too much. They also absorb some other unhealthy gases in the air.

The most interesting sentence in the quote is the one that tells us that killing a tree is no less wrong than killing an animal because “the same breath of life is in each”. In other words, life is life, at least on a material level, so the idea that certain species, or types of life must be protected, while others may be safely slaughtered is ridiculous. So if you are a vegetarian or vegan for health reasons, that is fine, but if it is because you think it is mean to kill animals, as this quote says: life is life, it really doesn’t matter what form it currently has. So if it is wrong to take life from one being, it is just as wrong to take life from another being, regardless of it’s shape, size, or color.

The last sentence is another interesting one. While an earlier part of the quote tells us it is acceptable to cut down a tree so a furniture maker, or carpenter can make things with it, we are now told that the gods (or the God, for that matter) would rather we dedicate a grove of living trees to Him rather than carve a statue from the tree or from a rock, and that is very true also. It used to be a common practice in many places and many churches to plant trees in memory of the deceased. We have done that at our Redrock Sanctuary in Reno and it is a practice that other churches and spiritual communities should revive.


Random Thoughts 7-24-2011

The heat wave this week has interfered with getting yard work done. Even at 9 am it’s been too hot to work outside. Fortunately, I haven’t had anything that needed to get done right away.

The International Community of Christ is making a trip to South Africa in October to do some lectures and, hopefully, get some new members.

I hope the end of the space shuttle won’t mean the end of U. S. leadership in space exploration. NASA says it won’t, but that’s based on the assumption that private companies will be able to take over for the next several years until NASA is ready for more long distance space travel.

I’ve noticed while walking my dogs recently, an example of how nature strives to keep balance. Thanks to global warming, poison ivy is growing faster and spreading everywhere around where I live. It’s getting as bad as kudzu. I found some climbing a tree in my yard that went up about ten feet. But now I’m seeing some in the woodsy areas that has wilted leaves with pink zits on them. It looks like nature is giving at least some of the poison ivy some type of blight.

Love is the only freedom in the world because it so elevates the spirit that the laws of humanity and the phenomena of nature do not alter its course.” ~Kahlil Gibran

Another shot of lake Sebec in Maine.