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Random Thoughts 2-22-2015

The real problem with the cartoonists who insist they have to exercise their right to insult certain people is that when the terrorists come after them, the cartoonists escape and it’s innocent bystanders who get killed. And cities like Paris and Copenhagen spend many thousands of dollars repairing the damage or catching the bad guys so these childish cartoonists can moon anyone they choose. Yes, they have the freedom to write or draw what they want, but that doesn’t mean you are not responsible for the damage it does. It’s also curious that these freedom cartoonists never write anything derogatory about atheists or humanists, just the religious.


Bob: “Adam, Your the best mentor ever! When I grow up, I want to be just like you!”

Adam: “Then who would I be?”

Dialog from a recent episode of Lab Rats on Disney XD

Good point, Adam. If someone decides to be just like you, than there would be no need for the real you anymore. Fortunately that can’t really happen because of a simple catch: If Adam is being himself, and Bob tries to be just like him, he automatically fails because Adam is not trying to be just like somebody else, he is being himself. Of course, you can imitate one aspect of another person, such as a business plan they follow to build a successful business, but that is not being “just like” them.


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It’s good to see that Walmart is raising their minimum wage in all states. The publicity on this, however, is exagerating when it claims they are giving employees a twenty percent raise. The truth is that because many states already have a minimum wage higher that the national one, only a few thousand employees will be getting a twenty percent increase but most will get somewhat less. Still, it is a step in the right direction. Continue reading “Random Thoughts 2-22-2015”


Random Thoughts 11-09-2014

HawkingI’m sorry, but I do not buy the idea that a young woman of twenty nine is a hero for committing suicide because she had cancer. Many people like Stephen Hawking have debilitating and painful illness, but they fight to do their best to get on with life. People like the vets in those Wounded Warrior commercials, who suffer lose of limbs, sight etc. and keep on going. Those are the real heroes, not someone who wimps out and kills herself as soon as her brain tumor starts giving her headaches and seizures. And while a doctor may have told her that she had only about 6 months to live, that is just an estimate and sometimes, just like a guy who played a slot machine only once and wins a million dollar jackpot when the odds of such a win are one in 150 million, some people beat medical estimates by quite a bit.


The only thing I can say about the election this past week is that we should all remember the old saying, “It’s always darkest before the dawn.”


A woman in California was recently sentenced to sixteen years in prison for running a fake college that was really just a scheme to help people get student visas. It would be nice there were a way to put the phony spiritual schools out of business also. It isn’t just that they teach falsehood, but that they take people who are genuinely interested in spiritual growth, and turn them away from doing so with there nonsense. Continue reading “Random Thoughts 11-09-2014”


Random Thoughts 10-30-2011

    I feel bad for the young man killed recently by a shark and for his family, yet, while it seems callous of me to say so, it appears that this was one of the most direct cases of karma at work that I have ever seen. The pictures of this guy that appeared on the news made it obvious that he was a sports fisherman, and not the type to engage in catch-and-release. He appears in the photographs always holding up a large fish he has caught, while other dead fish lay around his feet. He killed fish for fun, not food, and a fish killed him. Karma.
Remember you are free to choose your path in life, but you are not free from the consequences of your choice!” ~Mary Anne Potter

    I wonder sometimes if time seems different to different species.  For example, does an hour seem like a long time to a fruit fly that only live a day or two, while it seem like a quick flash to an animal or plant that lives hundreds of years?  After all, I would thing that a kiddie swimming pool would seem like an ocean to a mosquito, but like a drinking bowl to an elephant, so why shouldn’t time work the same way?

Some interesting new posts on the Cosolargy blog.

Here from the heart wordless mysteries!
Understand what can be understood!
In mans stone-dark heart there burns a fire
That burns all veils to their root and foundation.
When the veils are burned away, the heart will understand completely…
Ancient love will unfold ever-fresh forms
In the heart of the Spirit, in the core of the heart.” ~Rumi

My dog, Cocoa, tries out the new comfortor.


What I learned from My Dogs

Take joy in simple pleasures, even when you are sick or in pain.
It can help you heal, or at least forget your problems for a while.

Do the best you can with what you’ve got instead of complaining
about what you don’t have.

Welcome loved ones home, even when they have only been gone for a short time.

Let others know how important they are to you and you will be important to them.

Don’t be embarrassed to seek aid or comfort from others. 
You will make them feel good by helping you.

It’s easier and more rewarding to make a new friend instead of an enemy.

Every living thing has something it can teach us.  We just have to be willing to be students.